according to styx this is not what people think, but we see.

either way yes get off youtube. if it this FCC garbage that YOUTUBE is supposed to comply with, they are going after political and non corporate controlled media,

this is about control and the dying media want the control that owning youtube will bring them. that means ALL of it has to go, talk against disney? tisk tisk hillary? shame.

yes get off.


Hillary Clinton suffered a lengthy coughing spell in an interview with Sirius/XM radio talk show host Howard Stern.

hale and healthy tho at her spy 76? after she nearly died in 2016 and took weeks off at a time during the "campaign" she tried to buy.


thank god that that fisa court and that patriot act are being used to good purpose to spy on americans , nm one working for your president.

Re: Virginias Unconstitutional Anti-Gun Bills: Deploy Jury Nullification! (Bitchute Exclusive)



First “Jessica” was on a mission to force female estheticians to wax his balls, now he’s furious that a gynecologist refused to treat him because he’s a biological male. Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv is a biological male so he does not have female reproductive organs, but he took to Twitter to express how “shocked, confused and …

i ocnvinced this guy is not crazy at all not a pedo just a troll of the highest order taking a piss out of this whole trans thing.

and her skated for awhile now hes getting called out.

he just so blatant with EVERYTHING he does, it cannot be accidental or legit he is over the top and goes for the most insane shit and does so openly to get a rise out people. and boy does he succeed.

if hes really nuts then by all means but i bet in a few years he writes a book about this.



meat is good vegan is dumb.


President Trump took aim at fellow NATO leader President Emmanuel Macron of France ahead of a summit here on Tuesday, branding the French president’s comments 'nasty'.

macron and merkel leaders of the 4th reich, and they want and are getting an army.


Climate activist Greta Thunberg is telling cheering supporters that her three-week voyage across the Atlantic Ocean has “energized” her for the fight against climate change

so important a grade schooler arrives to a climate summet she has no degrees, he parents are not experts or academics, she has NO qualifications.

But because she has ties to soros, and PR firms and money, this is promoted like it should matter to anyone.

oh those grade school choldren these marxists are trying to brainwash and convince she is their patron saint. she is their touchstone and they plan to keep her out there even though most of the world sees right through this bullshit.

she does not even have a brain interview her off script she hasnt a clue about anything nm climate change.


The new site costing £20.7million will be a web version of the Great Russian Encyclopaedia and show 'reliable information in a good, modern way'.

cant be any more propaganda than communist reedit has devolved into.

have at it vlad.

maybe the CIA can start their own could be hilarious.

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italy beware.