Bill and Hillary Clinton both suggested that American democracy is teetering on the edge of existence in a pair of separate interviews this week

With a very weak faux POTUS, the USA as a whole is ALSO viewed as very weak. Every one of the 329 million legal Americans, and the 30 million illegals that rob taxes from the US Armed Forces.

The weak reality seen by the world includes all in the Armed Forces. Especially the Generals that protect and sustain the likes of Biden and all in the corrupt, colluding Uni-Party (Dems & Repubs). Funded by taxes taken to protect we the peasants. Instead, protect the corrupt Uni-Party. TREASON!

The world sees that the USA is now too weak to save the USA from itself, and getting weaker fast. Like a snowball going down a steep hill. It’s that clear and is accurate.

Ragtag bands of Afghan Jihadists defeated mighty Russia and then even mightier USA back to back. Because they did not make themselves (Islam) weak within, divided within.

USA is divided within in every part of our society. Homes, Education, Religion, Healthcare, Business, Type of Government, Taxation, Economy, Law & Order, US History, Marriage, Science, Biology, Pollution, etc.

We will get even weaker and that is very clear to all world leaders, especially our weak, corrupt, colluding, self-enriching, death dabbling politicians. They are the enemy within that Constitution writers warned was the greatest enemy of USA.

We are living that warning, self destructing. With a weak, unfit, incompetent, faux POTUS that is the most dangerous human in the world.

Greater population reduction and nuclear war pollution is ahead soon, being studied now.


Climate activists have hailed Wynn Bruce as a martyr for burning himself alive before the U.S. Supreme Court steps over climate change.

The climate activist didn’t realize that death really is the only way to slow pollution/warming. Instead of killing himself, he should have become the Jim Jones of climate change and convinced the world that 7 of the 8 billion people need to commit suicide to slow pollution/warming. Dead don’t pollute.

Lots of death, say 80% of the world population, is the only thing at this point that will slow pollution. Because nobody is going to revert back to the low polluting lifestyle of the Stone Age.

Dead people don’t pollute. Taxes pollute twice. Once to get taxes from a polluting business and from the paychecks of employees. All businesses pollute a little to a lot. Then, spending the taxes taken creates more pollution.

Janet Yellen said Green New Deal (GND) will require a $150 TRILLION tax grab and spend. That’s $300 TRILLION tax driven pollution. GND tax is a scam. Taxes pollute BIGLY. Dead people don’t.

Collectively viewing all governments of the world and all their branches and agencies as a massive global conglomerate, and it’s fair to think it is the biggest polluter in the world.

Get rid of 7 of the 8 billion to slow pollution/warming. It’s that simple. People are not going back to low polluting Stone Age.

Also know that for the New World Order (NWO) to succeed, it too needs the global population reduced to a billion. One ruler with a gun, 50 million controllers with guns, 250 million enforcers with guns, 700 million slaves WITHOUT guns. United but not “free at last”. But, pollution/warming slowed. And we have one government and one ruler for the world.

GND and NWO need about 7 billion killed off to “really” succeed. All other ways they say GND and NWO can succeed is bullshit.


It’s unknown how long a stay will hold off the execution of Richard Bernard Moore — South Carolina's first-ever inmate to be put to death by a firing squad — as his attorneys pursue legal challenges. In choosing the firing squad, the 57-year-old Moore said he didn’t concede that either method was legal or constitutional but that he more strongly opposed death by electrocution and only opted for the firing squad because he was required to make a choice.

Quote: “ While the inmate will be visible to witnesses, officials said that the shooters and their weapons will not.” Replace inmate with murderer. Replace shooters with law enforcement.

There no longer any reason to have people shooting those that need shot. Considering we have the technology to put a guided missile up an enemy’s butt miles away.

Modify a laser aimed gatling gun (machine gun) with voice command and a timer. The murderer can give the command to fire. If they don’t give the command within 30 seconds, the gun blasts the laser dot on their heart automatically when timer hits 30 second the laser dot on . The dead murderer no longer robs taxes from the deserving poor. Also pollution/global warming is slowed. Dead people don’t pollute.

To make blood cleanup easy. Put the prisoner in a body bag prior to strapping them in a metal chair in a metal tub. The type ammo used is just powerful enough to make an exit through a body and lodge in the bullet proof stop worn on the back of the prisoner. The metal chair and tub can be washed off easily and will last a long time.

Remember the additional benefit of execution. Death slows pollution/global warming, NOT taxes. Taxes pollute twice. Once when taken from polluting business and paychecks of employees. Then again when spending taxes to provide products and services. Products and services for the career criminals.

And remember another additional benefit. Dead prisoners don’t consume taxes that the deserving poor need. End life sentence as a penalty because the crook still harms lives by consuming taxes the deserving poor need. Replace life sentence with death sentence to keep making USA better.


Establishment Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) cheered the Democrats for launching Donald Trump's impeachment trial after January 6, says the NYT.

The clear problem harming ALL lives, regardless of political preference, that has been clear for decades, and more clear now than ever, USA has one corrupt, colluding, self-enriching party, the Uni-Party (Dems & Repubs).

We need a real 2nd political party. All fed-up unite nationally and tell Dems & Repubs to be what they are, one party. To officially unite as The Democratic Republican SOCIALIST Party.

Unite and form a real Constitution and common sense loving 2nd party that will quickly convert the now Leftist Armed Forces, that gets and exists using our money as taxes. Re-establish that they, per the Constitution, exist to protect we the people, not political parties, especially when one political party, like the current Uni-Party (faux Dems & Repubs).

The 300 million guns of all kinds in our homes are no match for our now Leftist Armed Forces. Civil War 2 here would be a greater and faster slaughter than we see Russian Armed Forces doing to Ukraine citizens. Done to officially install Socialism, the historical midpoint to the conversion of a country to full on Communism, done by an enemy within (The current Uni-Party).

One party did not get us here. That has never been more clear to a greater number of people here and around the world, enemies and faux allies. We need a real 2nd party. With so many fed-up with both Dems & Repubs, no better time.


The woman's death on the wall comes amid a surge of migrants crossing the nation's southern border - one expected to get much worse.

Every week hundreds die in the Gangland War. Most often are Blacks. And the Left doesn’t give a crap. Not the Left’s politicians, religions, media, the hundreds of Leftist pro Black get rich scams. How do we know that collectively these groups don’t give a crap? BECAUSE THE GANGLAND WAR GROWS!

The Left makes more NEWS about a once a month unplanned accidental death by illegal invasion than hundreds of planned intentional Gangland War deaths weekly.

If the Left United like the Left did to install an unelectable person as POTUS, they can unite to end the Gangland War. To end the illegal invasion. To make US better. But the Left’s agenda is to make US a shithole. And they are winning BIGLY!

The entire length of the 1954 mile Southern border should be converted to a federal military base. Battlefield style outposts every 5 miles manned by a platoon of 30 solders, with guns, drones, attack dogs. 24/7 the soldiers continuously patrol between the outposts. 3 months patrolling and 3 months as patrol support, 30 day leave annually.

At end of each day, all illegals caught crossing, put in transport copter and discharge them on the lawn of Mexican president. Deduct $50,000 from the foreign aid given Mexico for each illegal returned that Mexico failed to stop.

Close advanced combat training on bases, and the laughable and costly mock battlefields. Use a real ready made battlefield for training, the Southern border.

All stationed at the 1954 mile long base get added hazardous duty pay. The drug cartel and it’s enablers will not want to lose what they win, control of the Southern border. Will become more deadly dangerous than it is, until they are forced to use our other 3 unprotected borders more than they also use, too.

Mexico is NOT our friend. Canada is NOT our friend. Illegals pour in via Canadian border now. But not on the NEWS. Reduce invasion via Southern border and illegals will invade using Northern border. Canada is NOT our friend.


By Jennie Taer Daily Caller News Foundation Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s effort to bus migrants to the nation’s capital has brought just around 70 migrants to Washington, D.C. in three separate bus loads. The first bus, which arrived in D.C. on Wednesday morning, had 24 migrants from Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, and, the second…

Abbott sent them to guard the wall around the money maker for the deceiving, corrupt, colluding, self-enriching, death dabbling Uni-Party (Dems & Repubs).

9 of the 20 richest counties in the US are in the Washington DC suburbs. Money and the possessions of the richest attracts crooks of all kinds. Democrats yield the most crooks on a percentage basis. But Republicans have never slowed the growth.

Yes we have had too long a corrupt colluding Uni-Party for the USA to become this bad so broadly and deeply, with a $30 TRILLION debt and growing. Plus Medicare and Social Security are unfunded by $200 TRILLION and growing. So $230 TRILLION growing debt. Plus many shithole cities are preparing to get in the front of the line to get TRILLIONS in bailouts. Like there was no $230 TRILLION debt.

Yep, there is just one party, the Uni-Party, to create such broad deep harm to the whole of USA. Government, the Uni-Party, is united. Americans are not. The Uni-Party did that.


Reports of White House press secretary Jen Psaki's hire at MSNBC has her potential colleagues worried about the appearance of impropriety

Why hire anyone that’s profession and enjoyment is lying. Could it be to lie? LOL.

NBC lies about Psaki having other talents as the reason they hired her. NBC hired Psaki because she qualified herself, for the world to see, as a superior liar.

Superior lying, known as pathological lying, mythomania and pseudologia fantastica, is the chronic behavior of compulsive or habitual lying.

Psaki easily and daily made the pathological liars she defends, and all those in main stream media (MSM) look like amateurs. Psaki earned a huge salary for lying by being the best at it. The opinion by NBC employees fear brand integrity of NBC is laughable.


Steady rapid growth in obesity is a big reason for food shortage, high health insurance, high taxes, decrease in heterosexual sex, unfit law enforcement and military, increase in anger, depression, suicide, a drop in hygiene, increase in broken things, increase in fat jokes, increase in LGBTQ.

All the while the Left lies, selling obesity as a good thing. It ain’t. No matter how many jinormous women in bikinis the Left uses to sell obesity as a good thing to be proud of. Again, it ain’t. Talking obese or on their way to obesity, with the broad and deep help of the Left.


Church copies insane Democrat agenda. Where there is harm being done, grab more taxes to make it even worse. One of too many Examples: Democrats use taxes to give addicts free drugs and paraphernalia to stop drug addiction. Knowing they want them to remain tax consumers.

Tax exempt pedo religion uses racism to cure racism. Knowing that grows racism. And knowing that racism is a foundational piece of the Democrat platform, that has a racist Supreme Court justice that favors pedophiles. And also she proudly supports the Democrat Party that promotes legalizing beastiality. Like they easily legalized other crimes and made crime the most logical career choice for several generations.

All done to grow government, that grows taxes. Couldn’t be done without the equally corrupt, colluding, deceiving, self-enriching, death dabbling Republican Party. Republicans blame themselves as being weak. Keep whining, calling themselves weak. Saying angrily LOL, “enough is enough” repeatedly for decades.

They don’t think we know that weakness is collusion. Just like the in our face collusion and covert collusion between the 2 parties. F the Uni-Party, the enemy within that writers of Constitution warned, is our greatest enemy. Added the 2nd Amendment to help quickly defeat an enemy within. We didn’t.

Now we still have the name USA, the USA flag, Constitution, the 2nd Amendment AND about 300 million guns of all kinds in our homes, BUT we do not have a Constitutional Republic. We have one corrupt self-enriching Socialist Democrat Republican political party (government), often called the Uni-Party or the establishment.

So what is the fix? Buy 300 million more guns to store in our homes? Knowing that will be the guns they target to confiscate. Forcing all to then get guns illegally. Like those that should not have guns, then get released if caught by their mistake. Not caught because government is going after illegal guns. Government waits for them to screw up. Then we hear same ole BS fix. Kill 2A. Take guns away from those that legally own them. Making gun smugglers rich. F the Uni-Party, the enemy within. Sing that hymn churches.


A 17-year-old Georgia boy was shot and killed Saturday afternoon outside of a barbershop he co-owned with his mother, his family says.

17 years old as a part owner in Barber business and owner of a specialty juice bar. Would like to know the ins and outs of that. Something we will never know unless someone in the know reveals the truth. Going to go out on a limb and say it was not because a bank approved the loan, or a loan from family or friends that are not involved in a crime. Smells of money laundering. Or a loan to a preferred tax recipient based on the right race and vote buying bullshit from start to finish of an unsecured loan, as in no collateral, no property or cost sharing required.

The greatest reason for small business failure is the Small Business Administration and it’s co-conspirators. When all of the other many resources for getting a small business loan see the clear risk in a borrower, the potential for losing their money on a bad loan, it is insane for SBA to take the risk. IT IS ANOTHER CLEAR EXAMPLE OF TAXATION WITHOUT “PROPER” REPRESENTATION.