It’s time for another Deplorable Spotlight! I love featuring the “Deplorables” doing amazing things. Sometimes it’s creating something awesome, or recording a great song, writing a great book….so many different things. Sometimes it’s like this lady below, who showed up to her local school board armed with RESEARCH. She knew her stuff and she was...

They won’t read it. Never read it when pushed through. Too afraid of those that pushed through all that this female citizen presented to them. Their fear makes it clear that to minimize their personal fear is to give them a bigger personal fear, no matter if they finally read what she presented or not.

Because, whether they do or don’t read it, isn’t a fear factor for them. Personal loss is their fear factor. Their fear comes from those that drove a fearless citizen to speak out. They don’t fear this citizen.

In towns across the US they don’t fear any 1 like her that comes forward as 1. Because they see those coming forward individually are not brave enough to unite nationally and come forward together with a greater personal personal fear.

Local leaders are fearful of the wrong side. The tens of millions fed up with that are brave as one, but afraid to quit work and unite nationally by the tens of millions to fight fear with fear.

A greater fear factor. With tens of millions not working, the money (taxes, profits, union dues) stops. We the working people have the “power of the purse”! Not deceiving, death dabbling politicians.

Call it Occupy Our Homes (OOH). Works for unions every time. A few thousand union folks stay home from work to get what unions want, affecting tens of millions.

Now Imagine 50 million staying home from work in every profession. That is the greater fear needed to undo the fear that prevents the undoing of the damage. The fear the Constitution prescribes. Until then, the current fear, instilled by a horridly cruel enemy within the Constitution warns us about, controls fearful leaders.


Infowars: There's a War on for your Mind!

There is only one real reason the 2 colluding political parties, the enemy within our Constitutional Republic that the authors of the Constitution warned citizens about, don’t want US citizens working to supply the Armed Forces. Because we the people cannot weaken the Armed Forces by walking off the job, cutting off supplies.

Generals show they now align with and protect the enemy within, the 2 deceiving, death dabbling, colluding political parties.

To defeat the enemy within, all in the military that love the USA and the Constitution, and all US citizens employed to supply the Left loving Armed Forces must together walk away from the Armed Forces and their jobs supplying the Armed Forces and the 2 colluding parties. Then join State Militias and go after the enemy within, corrupt politicians and Generals.

Search how many times I said after Trump was elected that his most important job was to install leaders in the Armed Forces that wanted nothing more than to repeat 4/9/1865, defeat the enemy within that wants to divide and weaken USA. We now have the opposite. Generals now protect the enemy within dividing the USA.

A month ago Biden threatened the use of drones and smart bombs if citizens are dumb enough to start Civil War 2. Said arrogantly with horrid Left loving, Communist, Jihad believing countries supplying treasonous politicians and Generals. WAKE UP! Only one reason for that. So US citizens cannot cut off supplies to the enemy within.

It is very clear that US lovers no longer have a US Armed Forces. What the authors of the Constitution warned us about, then added 2nd Amendment to succeed, has happened WITH the Constitution and 2nd Amendment in place. The enemy within has taken over the US. Now they work on making it official by changing names, definitions, laws and PUNISHMENT. Oh the punishment. 😢 💀


(THE COLLEGE FIX) – A group of 154 economists, many of whom are professors, recently submitted an amicus brief to the Supreme Court ahead of a December 1 hearing on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health. The brief states that the court should strike down a Mississippi law that prohibits abortions after 15 weeks because abortion…

“Economics professors argue abortion is beneficial because it reduces black birth rates.”

BLM loving students to Leftist professors: Hmmmmm? OK, We get it. It’s better that Blacks kill their own race at a higher rate before they are born, than they do after they are born? Makes sense now. You think I’ll pass BLM economics chapter? Professor: You can bet your life on it. BLM! BLM! Next chapter, Blacks excel in slowing pollution in support of Green New Deal. Abortion, gang war, drug od, pandemic, pandemic jab, etc slows pollution. Dead don’t pollute. Everybody will pass. Bet your life on it. BLM! BLM!


The White House indicated Wednesday that governments across the globe should not walk back green energy commitments.

Deceiving death dabbling politicians and their propagandist never say that governments of the world as a collective conglomerate are the greatest polluters.

Taking some taxes from employers and some from the paychecks of employees can’t be done without pollution being created. Every business pollutes, from a little to a lot.

After governments take taxes, then they create more pollution spending taxes taken. Think of all the pollution created for the tax grabbing scam called New Green Deal. The deceiving death dabblers estimate $90 trillion over 20 years. Think of all the pollution created to grab $90 trillion and all that is then created spending $90 trillion. Pollution kills. Dead don’t pollute. Governments the greatest polluters, grabbing taxes pollutes and spending taxes pollutes.

Abortion, Covid, illegal drugs, Gangland War, wars abroad, Cop removal, $30 trillion debt that grows exponentially and the coming economic depression, pollution; all of these and more cause death.

The death dabbling leaders sustain all these death makers. Dead don’t pollute. The deceiving death dabblers, the greatest polluters, know this.

Consider that all water is polluted in the world and is more polluted by the second. The trillions in taxes grabbed and then spent by government since 1948 Clean Water Act passed gave us global bad water. Bad water kills. Dead don’t pollute.

The government now wants to ok a crony to drill deep in the ice of North and South Poles, mining ice that yields the purest most expensive bottled water in the world. Politicians will vote to get it for them, paid for with higher taxes. Too expensive for most as other water gets more polluted by the second. What does taxation do? It pollutes. What does pollution do? It kills. Dead don’t pollute.


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been uncharacteristically quiet over congested ports across the U.S., and his critics say if he ever wants to see whether a future presidential campaign could float, he'd better start addressing the problem before shipping delays worsen ahead of the holidays.

Hmmmmm...will we ever know how many dead and live criminal invaders are inside those containers?

Only a fool thinks there are none in containers discharged at ports in California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Louisiana, any Democrat enabled criminal sanctuary port city that sustains the illegal invasion.

The Left creates focus on the Southern border by sustaining an illegal criminal invasion there. The Right’s MSM screams about it, and the Left replies. With that endless war of words, designed to keep the focus on the southern border, millions of illegals enter via our eastern, western. and northern borders in every way possible, under, on and above US soil.


Regarding the increase in Gangland murders caused by Democrats, dead don’t pollute! Covid dead, aborted, overdosed dead don’t pollute! Death slows Global warming, not taxes. Grabbing taxes pollutes as does spending taxes grabbed. Governments of the world as a collective conglomerate is the greatest polluter.

Green New Deal a scam! Think of all the pollution created to grab $90 trillion USD in taxes for GND. Now add all the pollution created spending that $90 trillion.

How much of the $90 trillion taken from us will be spent with US based companies with legal citizens as employees? Green New Deal is more than a pollution reduction scam.


Florida's Everglades National Park, the largest wetland in the United States, is under threat from climate change and has become a battleground for one of the most sweeping ecological conservation efforts on Earth.

Governments of the world as a collective conglomerate is the biggest polluter. Government threatens Global Warming while pointing fingers at others, and while increasing the pollution they endlessly create. It’s not that hard to understand when you never forget that every politician must be a deceiving death dabbler to succeed in their profession.

Governments need taxes. They take some taxes from polluting employers and from the paychecks of employees. They also print money and borrow money from heavy polluters like China. China that they say is our enemy and our friend multiple times weekly, endlessly.

All employers pollute from a little to a lot. And governments sustain that pollution to get taxes from employers and their employees.

After they grab trillions in taxes each year, sustaining pollution, they spend those taxes. What does spending taxes do? Yep, it creates pollution.

What does pollution do? It causes death. What does Covid do? It causes death. What does abortion do? Causes death? What does the Gangland War do? Causes death. Realize that dead don’t pollute.

Death is the real way to slow pollution. Not the tax grabbing and spending by the greatest polluters, governments. They sustain pollution.

Our government gives aid (taxes) to 3rd world countries to help them build their economy. So they can live in excess like Americans. Helps grow pollution with taxes.

Taking taxes pollutes and then spending taxes taken creates more pollution.

Know that if all humans died instantly that pollution would continue for centuries as all that has been put under, on and above earth degrades and leaches out into the soil.

Green New Deal is a scam. The massive $90 trillion tax grab for it pollutes. Undeniable and easily understood, but oddly too many don’t understand governments can’t exist without sustaining pollution. Taking taxes yields pollution, then spending taxes taken adds more pollution. Simple, true. But the deceiving death dabblers don’t tell that simple truth.


The FBI’s latest annual report on hate crimes seemed to deliver more grim news about race relations in America, announcing a nearly 40% rise in anti-black hate crimes in 2020. Major news outlets

The logical reason for a 40% rise in anti-Black hate crime, the Leftist FBI changed the rules, changed what qualifies as an anti-Black hate crime.

Since murder is hate driven, when a Black murders another Black that rightfully is an anti-Black hate crime. Recording all Black on Black murders is the only way that anti-Black hate crime could increase 40%.

Hmmmmmm. Profiling Blacks target Asians and Hispanics that they know are more likely to carry cash. Think it because it is true. Common knowledge that 10 million illegals function financially with cash.

And profiling Blacks attack Asians because Blacks think Asians spread Covid. Blacks prey on Hispanics and Asians way more than we know. Not reported to police. If reported the Democrats media never broadcasts it.

At some point Asians and Hispanics will tire of harm dealt them by callous racist profiling Blacks. That justified retaliation by Asians and Blacks will be called anti-Black hate crime by BLM clowns. A better correct word is retaliation, payback via self policing. With Blacks pushing hard to get rid of police, self-policing should be a bloody skirmish that doesn’t end well for Blacks vs Hispanics that tire of anti-Hispanic hate crime by Blacks

There are now way more Hispanics in US than Blacks and guns Hispanics need will come across the border as easily as all that comes across the border illegally. Doubt Hispanics will need Asian help in a retaliatory war against Blacks.


A 30-year-old woman named Terresha Lucas was recently charged with making terroristic threats in a subdivision of Douglasville, Georgia. | Crime

She will be employed by BLM or CNN instead of going to jail. A sculpted bust placed next to Floyd’s by BLM.

Here’s a conspiracy that is more believable than most. Blacks are really working for the KKK.

Blacks murder more Blacks in a month than KKK murdered since the KKK was created by Democrats.

For generations KKK defended by longtime and still arrogantly racist Biden, beloved by Blacks. Raising the idea that Blacks are now taking KKK money to murder Blacks.

All considered, suddenly it seems (epiphany) not so much a conspiracy that Blacks will murder Blacks for KKK for the right price. Why else if not for money?

If KKK (Democrats) not funding the Black on Black genocide, then it must be self destructive Blacks, protected by Blacks. And the Democrats media keeps it hushed. But not when a White kills a Black, which rarely happens.

All races know it rarely happens because when a White kills a Black, it is global NEWS for weeks. While in that same 2 weeks 200 more Blacks are killed by Blacks, that is never broadcast by Democrats.

It’s as if the Democrat’s KKK also pays the Democrat media to keep Black on Black murders out of the NEWS. Pays Blacks to kill Blacks, and pays the Democrat media to keep it hush.

Has the racist Democrats eternal racist shadow, the KKK, evolved stealthily and deceitfully? So to have Blacks killing Blacks at a genocide level with Black politicians the genocide generals. Hmmmmmm?


Chuck Norris notes the consequences of millennials seeking meaning by working more

Yes the dream of institutionalized loathsomeness (Socialism) is eluding self defeating parasitic dumbed down lawless young people. So ignorant they wonder what happened, as their heroes continue the same blame game, as their heroes grow the $28 trillion US debt exponentially. 😂 Their golden goose gravely ill, near death. A good thing in that it ends their elusive self defeating ignorantly sick delusion of endless loathsome living via destructive Socialism.