ADL says something is 'hate' or offensive, and the idiot left actually believes it.

Did you also know that white nationalist drink water? They also breath air. Seriously. I bet you had no idea by you drinking water and breathing air, you are promoting white nationalism.

Please, stop doing these things.


The Anti-Defamation League just added 36 new entries to its online “Hate on Display” database of hate symbols, including, a cartoon moon man wearing sunglasses from an old McDonald’s commercial. Also,the bowl haircut. Yes, the bowl haircut.

Did you know that breathing air is something white nationalist do? Yeah, seriously. They breath air.

So, unless you want to not be called a white nationalist, you must stop breathing.

Also, us white people also drink water...


In a news cycle full of clownish characters and outrageous rhetoric, it’s no wonder satire isn’t fully registering with a lot of readers.

Note sure I completely understand the problem here. Snopes pretends to be a 'fact-checker' yet they are going out of their way to ridicule people who BRING THEM WORK!

I think I says a lot about Snopes - to see them spend so much time attacking satire - while they turn a blind eye to real fake news pumped out by the 6 big media corporations.

Face it Snopes. You now belong on the same shelf of the Bee and the Onion.


The State Department confirmed to INSIDER that the man is an employee but would not say whether the allegations affected his status.

Basically, if you are white, especially a white male, and you walk with a group of other whites, you are a white nationalist. Every white person is a white nationalist to these fucking Marxists.

Everyone but white people can comment on the good done by 'their people'. if/when a white person does it... Guilty of being white.


The news media organization reportedly invested in mechanical assistance to help their journalists and news anchors spin the news before publication.

What... the... FUCK? Snopes was never worth the bits they take on the net but maybe they too are getting into satire?

Oh, wait... leftist have no humor. It might be offensive to someone, somewhere on this planet or, even a different planet.


Created by Aaron Martin. With Katee Sackhoff, Blu Hunt, Samuel Anderson, A.J. Rivera. Astronaut Niko Breckenridge and her young crew face unimaginable danger as they go on a high-risk mission to explore the genesis of an alien artifact.

From what I have read so far, this is the show that woke up a bunch of leftists and broke their wokeness meter. This show has hit the limit on a lot of these people and it is turning them all away from the Marxist propaganda.

FINALLY! Something is working... although, not quite like the producers of this show thought it would. It;s turning everyone away from the movement.



ON a forum I have been apart of for about 18 years, there was a thread created about this show and how it alone has broke this person 'wokeness' meter. A few others also chimed in to discuss the insane SJW shitfest this show apparently is.

These guys are all lefties, voted for Obama and Shillary, yet this is the show that broke them.

now that they have met their limit, they will see it in everything. We NEED this to happen to more and more people. these studios MUST fail.


A list of people associated with the Clintons who have died originated in the mid-1990s with an organization that made a name for itself in the conspiracy theory world.

You spin me right round, baby Right round like a record, baby Right round round round


Bella Thorne revealed she identifies as pansexual in a new interview, but the concept remains unfamiliar for many.

Totally rooting for a giant meteor to hit the planet soon. We had a good run; time we passed it on to a different species.


The president’s attorney apparently forgot that one of Epstein’s closest pals was Donald Trump, himself.

(((every. fricken. time)))