A mum was left in tears when she was told that she would be “escorted off the plane” – all allegedly because she wanted to sit with her family.

There's a 0% change of this story being accurate. It always turns out that whoever played the "victim card" was in the wrong.

Funny how the husband never considered swapping seats with the wife. Too busy virtual-signalling on twitter to even consider his own spouse. Typical selfish obnoxious "blue-checkmark" behaviour.


Melbourne woman Gee McCracken was at the top of her game running a string of successful businesses when she “lost everything” at the hands of “a few nasty people”.

Those aren't troll comments. They're negative reviews. What other lies are you telling? Let me guess... you're going to dismiss this legitimate point and question as trolling too.


A mothers group who called for the term “anti-vaxxer” to be scrapped, calling it “highly-offensive” have received heavy criticism online.

Shouldn't we be calling them vaxaphobic, vaxist or vacine-deniers in [current year]? Anti-vaxxer doesn't seem dismissive and inflammatory enough for today's rhetoric.

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2019-34-Sa 03:34:25 am

Should we be calling the vaxaphobic, vaxist or vacine-deniers in [current year]? Anti-vaxxer doesn't seem dismissive and inflammatory enough for today's rhetoric.


Sir Elton John launched a foul-mouthed tirade at a couple of “moron” security guards during his concert in Perth on Sunday night.

Everyone knows that people who virtue-signal are ALWAYS hiding guilt of the exact crime they accuse everyone else of.



She treated for the same reason that anyone who has ever cheated did it. Coz they're trash.


Black Friday is here again, with Aussies tipped to spend a record amount of cash on the mega sale today.

Australia's most disgusting and soulless retailers are naming some shitty sale after the 1939 Black Friday fires that killed 71 people, are they? This seems to be part of the bid to erase past bush fires so we can pretend global-warming causes all modern fires.

I can't believe how low these companies have stooped. What's next? The Hoddle Street Massacre Sale?


Scarlett Johansson has responded to the backlash she received this summer after saying she believes any actor should be able to play “any person, or any tree, or any animal”.

It won't help, Scarlett. The mindless SJW attacks will just get worse, now they know they can intimidate you. Never apologise to the perpetually offended.


Prince Charles is gearing up for a showdown with his younger brother, Prince Andrew, as the Duke of York faces yet another humiliating blow.

Oh yes, it's totally believable that the Royal Family previously had no idea about this. And that naked boy who was videoed climbing out of the window at Buckingham Palace in 2015 was totally a hoax. And the hot mic recording of Amy Robach at the ABC, complaining about not be allowed to air the 2015 interview with Virginia Roberts Giuffre that implicated both Epstein and Prince Andrew... that ummm... Look, just stop asking difficult questions, ok? Just pretend that never happened.


Some of your favourite brands — including Big M and Dare iced coffee — have a new home after a whopping $600 million takeover of one of Australia’s biggest dairy operations.

Treason! Bring back the death penalty for people who sell aussie companies to foreign interests.


UK Countdown star Rachel Riley has defended her photoshopped Jeremy Corbyn T-shirt — and said she is “proud to highlight his racism”.

Rachel Riley is a legend, and anyone who doesn't like her is an idiot. No exceptions. They're just scared of intelligent, attractive women who have a sense of humour and political opinions.