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Lol this got a Washington Post hitpiece... Let's break it down... https://archive.is/VMW0E

This is a straw man. There are some who suggest that police broadly are racist. The focus of the protests, though, isn’t that police are inherently racist, it’s that the system of law enforcement in the country is racially imbalanced, leading to harsher and more frequent punishments for black people than for whites. Carlson intentionally conflates this question of racism in the system — systemic racism — with assertions that police officers themselves are racist.

There is not one set of policies that the protesters want, and generalizing it in an argument for when you want to use it is deceitful. They are not unified and your generalization without any reason for it is propaganda. There is no major spokesperson for the people protesting or trying to use their large platform to speak for the protesters.

No serious criticism of police interactions with suspects alleges that every unarmed person killed by law enforcement was black. Kerik’s assertion is a lie — but it’s not an assertion being made.

Have you seen the rhetoric and propaganda on the left? You'd be able to think that. He's breaking that perception that people are getting down, which is not something wrongful to do.

The distinguishing factor here, though, gets to the heart of the protests. The complaint isn’t that every person killed by police is black, it’s that black people are disproportionately shot and killed by police. And The Post’s data reflect that. As a function of population, the people shot by police are much more likely to be black than white. Year after year, that’s the case.

If you they have a gun there are many more individual case-based scenarios determining why you would shoot, and that are justified. Furthermore, blacks are more involved in gun crime, so this makes sense. No reason to protest.

What The Post’s data doesn’t capture is how many incidents there might have been in which police encountered an armed individual but didn’t use fatal force. We don’t know, in other words, how often police encountered armed white suspects and armed black suspects and the suspects didn’t end up dead. We can’t effectively evaluate how evenhanded the police response has been without that data, of course. If every encounter with an armed white person leads to that suspect’s death but only 1 in 100 encounters with a black person does, that suggests something very different from what the above numbers show. The same holds if those proportions are reversed.


They're both holding a gun. They're both at a crime scene. Even if they shot more black people as a percentage of total times blacks were stopped, why were the police unjustified in their use of a gun? These large statistics don't discuss policing, they discuss an end result.

Again controlling for population, blacks were much more likely to be arrested than whites in each year since 2012 for which data are available.

In each of the metrics Kerik cited, the rates at which blacks are affected is about twice as high per capita as the rate for whites.

Well after you control for the population on crime, you realize that it's justified.

Status Coup's Jordan Chariton and Jenn Dize report on an alarming segment on CNN that brought on a random Democratic "strategist" to endorse Elizabeth Warren...

CNN is hilarious. No actual facts, just a random guy rambling about enthusiasm and feelings, as this guy says, like an ad. lol.


In a landmark decision, an Oklahoma judge on Monday ruled in favor of the state, ordering pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson to pay for playing a role in the state's opioid crisis.

I just watched that video. Is CNN that bad? They didn't explain why they were fined, what exactly went wrong. What was so abusive about their marketing?


The German economy shrank in the second quarter and may be headed toward recession. Growth of Chinese factories was the slowest in 17 years.

Oh, blaming Trumps Tarriffs for Germany and Europe, NYT? Lol. What's really happening is China, which is rightfully is being tariffed, is starting to compete more with Germany to satisfy the ever shrinking markets of Italy, Spain, and Greece, as China cannot sell to the US. In addition, Italy and Greece already joined the Belt and Road, so even if China didn't devalue their goods, Germany would have had to compete more with China anyway. Furthermore, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Germany all have population decline and are screwed for any growth in the future, and a recessions for Germany and the rest of the eurozone would've happened anyway sometime or another.

'There's absolutely no excuse for this,' Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani tells 'America's Newsroom' after the death of Jeffrey Epstein in his New York jail cell...

The substitute is supposed to be for the conspiracy.


Taiwan's Foxconn is exploring the sale of its new $8.8 billion display panel factory in China, people familiar with the matter told Reuters, as demand for the product wanes amid an intensifying U.S.-China trade war.

So is this the LCD plant that Foxconn refused to make in Wisconsin? Lol.


Complains against censorship, gets censored, in turn censors the "enemy agents" on his channel. You shouldn't have been censored, but let us speak instead of doing the same to us. We have dissenter anyway.

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Complains against censorship, gets censored, in turn censors the "enemy agents" on his channel. You shouldn't have been censored, but let us speak. We have dissenter anyway.


Caleb Cain was a college dropout looking for direction. He turned to YouTube, where he was pulled into a world filled with conspiracy theories, misogyny and racism.

Ahh yes. Milton Freedman. In these times, you cannot hear an expert and think for yourself without being judged by elites looking down on you in their rosy new york skyscrapers.


That the Smoot-Hawley Tariff caused the Depression of the 1930s is a New Deal myth in which America's schoolchildren have been indoctrinated for decades. The Depression began with the crash of the stock market in 1929, nine months before Smoot-Hawley became law. The real villain: The Federal Reserve... As his limo carried him to work…

No one is being taught that the Smoot-Hawley Tariffs caused the Depression of the 1930s. If you were, you were seriously were cheated in your education. The tariffs were a failure in the RESPONSE to the depression.