A huge crowd of migrants storm a fence into Melilla in North Africa, with 23 killed and many injured.

Time for a fucking big wall.


Demonstrators are on the streets in the US again after the landmark ruling to end the right to abortion.

"These are medical decisions,” Kernahan says. “This isn’t for the Supreme Court to get their nose into.”

That's literally what the US Supreme Court is saying you dumb cunt. They agree with you. If you're the state of a "recent graduate[s] of St. Andrews University" there's something wrong with the education system.


Sir Roger Gale says Boris Johnson has "trashed the reputation of the Conservative Party".

Holy shit, see a doctor.


States can decide to ban abortion after the Supreme Court overrules the landmark Roe v Wade case.

The ruling doesn't affect abortion rights, liars. It just makes it a state decision.


It follows the French president accusing Australia's ex-PM of lying to him over a submarine deal.

France's political-class are unreliable allies. They were already fucking around with their agreement with Australia before AUKUS was even considered. Australia were already planning to abandon it.

The Anglosphere needs to stick together given the current state of the planet, maybe when New Zealand and Canada get rid of their China-loving WEF-led "leaders" they can be considered reliable again, too. They're the reason AUKUS was needed outside of existing agreements and alliances.


A record number of Nicaraguans are heading to the US as conditions worsen at home.

Illegally entering a country should automatically disqualify someone from gaining any kind of legal status within said country.

It's sad that some countries are fucked up, but it's up to them to fix their own countries and leave a better place for their descendants as ours did for us and as we're supposed to do for ours.

We're not here to cater to outsiders. Go home.


The major decision by the highest court is expected to allow more people to carry guns legally.

"It expands gun rights amid a fierce national debate over the issue."

FAKE NEWS, as you explain yourselves three paragraphs down:

"The court found that a New York law requiring residents to prove "proper cause" to carry concealed firearms in public violates the US Constitution."

So it doesn't "expand gun rights," it removes an illegitimate restriction on gun rights.


The Welsh government is deciding whether to introduce a similar rule to the one in England.

Tough shit, eh?


As the UK presses on with its asylum deal, refugees sent from Israel to Rwanda describe their experiences.

""The risks of expelling people seeking asylum [citation needed]… to countries they do not know and may have no connections with are especially acute," Steve Symonds, of Amnesty International, told the BBC."

So instead we have to leave them in the UK, "a place they do not know and may have no connections with"?

Not to mention the fact that we shouldn't be rewarding their criminal behaviour, it just encourages more people to do it.


Joe Lycett says an audience member complained to the police about a joke in a recent show.

"Lycett [...] said he was asked to explain the context of the joke in a statement and the case was now closed."

Wait, so context does matter now? I'm so confused...