They really don't see it do they.


Low-income families face shrinking budgets for other essentials, like food

They ain't seen nothing yet.


The World Health Organization lashed out Thursday at what it claims was the slow initial response to its warnings about coronavirus.

The CCP will be proud of their proxies rewriting of history.


Look, gay people are cool as shit and a lot of fun to hang out with, but Yahoo News is for fags.


Joe Biden will have the chance to nominate a replacement for Stephen Breyer. Democrats could confirm the nominee on party lines.


Why block it?

Let him put a commie on the court. It changes zero in terms of the power balance, and it will further expose their insanity for years to come.

Not to mention, to the normies it will look like Republicans are being reasonable and extending an olive branch.

I think R's should support the most extreme psycho the Dems put forward. Get the craziest bitch they nominate and support HER. Let's make people stare their insanity in the face for the next 40 years.


"I caught a gleam in the woman’s eye I didn’t like. Was there some flirtation with insurrection being suggested here?"

I find it extremely ironic that all of these articles by these people who are supposedly not extremists, and are portraying themselves as champions of all and inclusive to a fault, are always, almost without fail, on platforms with comments disabled.

They just push their propaganda without challenge, and then are surprised that people are organizing outside of their "safe spaces" so that they can be heard and have power.

Like, you shut these people out. You shut out anything that you didn't like even slightly. You gave them no avenue to debate or have recourse, and expected...what?

You are the bad guys in this story, not the other way around.


During these troubled times, with Asian Americans continuing to endure physical and verbal attacks across the nation, racist comments by a conservative YouTube host targeting KPIX 5 reporter Betty Yu garnered outrage from a community pushed to the edge.

Interesting thing lacking from that entire "story":

What Crowder said that is in dispute.


Joseph Farah on potential Feast of Trumpets return: 'We just don't know the year'

I believe it will be January 18th, in the year 4237, on the third Mars colony at 4:42AM Mars Standard Time.

You're welcome.


Sue Bird and the rest of the WNBA have been at the forefront of social justice protests and during the 2021 season, most players have left the court before the national anthem has played.

Let the useful idiot for communism get smoked.

And shame on every single one of their parents.


Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn attended a pedophilia-themed party, according to photographs surfacing on line.

This is old news come on Breitbart.

Wait until you discover the video of him in his home talking about his own kids.

This was already known years ago, he got canceled, and now he is uncancelled.

He is a POS but running old news as if it is new news is BS.

Don't do it.