Meghan, wife of Britain's Prince Harry, has revealed she suffered a miscarriage in an opinion article, where she discusses grief and healing.

Yeah, that's because shes practically 40 fucking years old. By 40, her youngest children should be older than 10, at the very least. Ideally 13 to 15.

Everyone here already fucking knows this, but there is this thing called biology. Its real and you cannot simply ignore it because it doesn't line up with the pattern of life the Jewish media has laid out for you.


A group of black voters in Detroit announced they are suing President Donald Trump and his campaign.

Hey look! The race card we all knew they were going to play by deliberately doing most of their fraud in areas with high concentrations of pavement apes.


Systemic racism will not be undone with a new president. But progress is possible. Here’s what it could look like.

And the Democratic Party’s success in national politics is now very much tied to the work of Black Americans in advancing and exercising their own voting rights, as made clear by Trump’s and other Republicans’ recent attacks on election returns in major cities dense with Black voters.

The humour here is twofold.

First, the fact that major cities typically have larger numbers of pavement apes is part of the reason the Democrats did so much of their cheating there. That way, when the obviously fraudulent results are called into question the Dem's can play the race card and many people will reflexively support them despite being fully aware of what's going on, simply because they have been so very carefully trained by media and academia on how to respond when someone says 'racism.'

Second, there's a ton of focus on 'black' this and 'black' that right now. What black people are too stupid to realise is that they are being tricked into committing suicide in exactly the same way that whites were back in the 60s. They have 10 or 15 years, 20 at the most before the Democrats drop them completely in favour of the soon to be demographic majority here in the land of the Cucked and the home of the Jewish money laundering operation.

Mexicans don't like blacks. They aren't going to put up with Democrats pandering to them. All that Soros cash as well as the 'legal coverage' being thrown at shit like Black Lives Matter will be going to La Raza.


On Wednesday's broadcast of MSNBC's "Rachel Maddow Show," former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams stated that President Donald Trump should | Clips

Did she ever actually concede/admit that she lost?

Cause if she has... I've never heard of it. Far as I know she and people on the left are still pretending she 'won' that race.


Rapper and Hollywood actor LL Cool J is playing the race and gender cards, claiming that some politicians are challenging the media's anointment of Joe Biden as president because it means that Kamala Harris will be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

I'd say that yes, that's definitely a major portion of it if, A, Biden and The Whore were legitimately elected, and, B, if Kamala Harris was actually black...

But they weren't and she isn't.

So, fuck back off to that hilariously lame cop show thing you do.


ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

They aren't going to do shit about Hunter or Joe.

And we all know it, too.


‘The Mandalorian’ star Gina Carano has caused a full-blown Twitter meltdown after sharing a meme claiming that the Democratic Party is trying to swindle Americans, causing #FireGinaCarano to trend on the platform.

Yeah... lets all go rush to the defense of some random female juicer compromised enough to be allowed to work in hollywood in the first place.


There may soon be a social media manager opening at the Vatican after the Pope’s Instagram account was caught ‘liking’ a photo of a Brazilian bikini model in a sexy schoolgirl outfit.

Funny as this is, you'd have to be pretty stupid to actually think that Pope Communist is managing his own instagram account.


Stacey Abrams said "more than 600,000 Georgians have requested their mail ballots" for the Senate runoff elections on January 5.

I think the reason this sack of shit (way to large to just be a piece, if we are being honest) gets so much attention and airtime is because the globalists and the Jews basically want to see how much they can get away with. How blatantly obvious they can be and still cow the normies into accepting their bullshit.

Now, I realise that Breitbart chose that image on purpose to make her look worse, but just look at that face. It looks like a villain from an 80's B-grade adventure fantasy flick.


More than two dozen CEOs of major companies took part in a video conference organized by Yale's Jeff Sonnenfeld (inset) to discuss what to do if Trump refuses to leave office after losing.

Yes. CEOs. The people who actually run the country talking about what they will try and to if things don't go their way.

The sad part is, it doesn't matter how brazen and obvious they are, most people won't pick up on it.