Emily Jones Bolton stabbing inquest: 7 year old girl killed by random woman while riding scooter at Queen's Park in Heaton. Court opens case in girl's death

"Stabbing" is also news-speak for beheading, Does anyone know what really happened?


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was aghast Thursday night after receiving a letter in which President Trump accused him of being a “bad” senator and asserted that Schumer was vulnerable to a primary challenge from within his own party.

The psychopaths' guide to media manipulation:

  1. Lie about the target.
  2. When the target calls you out, explode in hystrionic fury.
  3. Rub your hands and cackle as sniveling sycophant in the media gather to your side.

A day-by-day, month-by-month breakdown of China's coronavirus coverup and the irreparable damage it has caused around the globe.

Can we add the Democrats' impeachment lies to the timeline? Schiff lied people died.


Cities across the United States are releasing hundreds of criminals amid the coronavirus outbreak, prompting gun owners to stock up on guns and ammo. And over the weekend, "Monty Python" star and British actor John Cleese mocked those Americans preparing to defend themselves. 

smignorant [ ˈsmig-n(ə-)rənt ]; adjective. lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about a particular thing while being condescending towards those who do have knowledge, information, or awareness about it.

"John Cleese, a smignorant British actor, mocks Americans for buying guns."

Etymology: from English ignorant: destitute of knowledge; and smarmy: smug or ingratiating.


A concealed carry permit holder shot and killed an alleged attacker in Tulsa, Oklahoma, thwarting a mass shooting in the process.

Alleged Concealed Permit Holder Allegedly Kills Alleged Atacker, Allegedly Thwarts Mass Alleged Shooting


Andrew Cuomo shot down having any thoughts of running for president during an interview with his brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

"grilled" Yeah, sure


The death toll from the coronavirus is predicted to rise to 2,271 on April 15 alone, the model analysis by the University of Washington School of Medicine shows.

I've been tracking #wuhanvirus data pretty closely for a couple of weeks now. My forecasts have been lower and more accurate for a couple of days now. Others' forecasts are based on last 7 days data. Mine go back to March 13 (first day over 2000 cases). I expect the actual number to be near their lower bound of uncertainty. In other words, it will stay under 1500. https://twitter.com/pjparkjd/status/1244633687456649217


President Trump on Wednesday directed the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to suspend evictions and foreclosures through April as Americans grapple with the fallout of the coronavirus.

Luckily, this is fake news. Trump doesn't have that power as Secretary Carson clarified today. Foreclosures are being suspended because people are doing the right thing. Let's not screw it up by passing laws based on the assumption that they won't. #wuhanvirus


The use of the existing drugs against the new virus is unproven, and some shortages have already been reported.

If Gender Studies taught me anything, it's that we shouldn't waste our time studying unproven things. #wuhanvirus


The number of confirmed U.S. COVID-19 cases surpassed 10,000, doubling over two days as states ramp up testing and the coronavirus sweeps across the country.

Not true. The #wuhanvirus case growth has been about 30% per day for the past week. I don't have Thursday data (Thursday isn't over yet); however, there were 7834 cases on Wednesday so one would expect there to be around total 10,184 cases by the end of today -- an increase of about 60% over the last two days. If it doubled in two days the number of cases would be over 15,000, not 10,000.