Some of the images colourised by an Irish artist appear to have been edited to show them smiling.

In the section "Who were the Khmer Rouge?", not a single mention of Communism.


The tool is being tested by Google's Android operating system, reports suggest.

Just a few years back, this would have been unfunny satire.


Petrol bombs and fireworks have been thrown at police near a peaceline in Northern Ireland.

I don't know enough about Ulster politics, but I'm deeply suspicious of why the BBC will not state the alleged reasons for the unrest.
What is Al Beeb omitting, and why?


Qari Abdul Rauf is spotted in Rochdale, where he groomed young girls more than a decade ago.

The higher-ups at the BBC must be on a nice Easter break.
How else did this story get into their "Most Read"?


The liberal elite’s failure to defend the Batley Grammar schoolteacher is a black mark against this nation.

Brendan O'Neill doing the Lord's work in calling out the so-called liberal elite's cowardice and moral empitiness, and of the Islamists' weaponisation of the liberal elite's language.

Brendan is pointing out that which Macron has called "Islamo-Lefism".


The pilot project aims to see if mass Covid testing will allow the return of big events.

Is this satire?
All tested negative the same day, but still had to wear masks. All had to carry a phone showing their results. All to see a band called "Love of Lesbian". Every single participant is complicit in prolonging this nightmare either in time or in what the "new normal" will be.


Siobhan Reddy of Media Molecule wins a BAFTA Games award in recognition of "pioneering work on advocacy for diversity, inclusion and creative and collaborative working culture".
So it's the "SJW Award". GamerGate continues.

"Media Molecule itself has yet to learn whether or not the development team itself will also secure a golden mask." So the actual Artists and Developers seem to come second (or not at all).


Alexander Price said pupils dressed "like Eastern European prostitutes and Kardashian clones".

Based teacher. NEVER apologise.
I hope he reconsiders being a teacher again.


Tracey Davies says supermarket staff are exhausted at abuse from customers over social distancing.

No sympathy. She's getting what she deserves.
Multiple times a day this busy-body gets up in people's faces and lords it over them with Karen-like officiousness.
You can imagine this type of person from the USSR, bossing people around in the food lines, checking their papers, making people wait, telling them where to stand.


Affluent parents, terrified of running afoul of the new orthodoxy in their children’s private schools, organize in secret.

"This ideology isn’t speaking truth to power. It is the power." - a brilliant line by Bari Weiss about CRT.