More facts on the incident come out but complete context is still lacking. I wonder who was the senior officer on the scene, who should have been running the stop and how to handle it. At a minimum the 3 person team didn't work well together to subdue one individual. How an officer mistakes a taser and a 9mm points to both lack of training and temperament inconsistent for a position which requires cool thinking under stress.

Diversity did not make this team stronger. But slogans appear to trump effective policies in so many areas today. I really doubt the leadership will draw the correct lessons from this incident. For instance, someone should ask Biden how his gun control bill would have stopped this.


How do you tell a temper tantrum from social unrest?

One happens when you are ten years old and younger. One happens after you turn eighteen but really never made it past ten.

For twelve years schools avoid teaching internal discipline. External discipline is applied in vast quantities, from metal detectors, guards in the hallway, how to line up and follow orders when the school is attacked. But internal discipline, how to react with others in a civilized fashion, to take personal responsibility for ones actions, that's missing. At home, school or church, personal responsibility remains a foreign concept. Victumhood is the heritage of many and reparations are in order which are only delivered if one acts out. The emotional response of the under ten is the only tool in the toolbox for far too many here.

An adult response, and eighteen is probably too low a cutoff point, would be to gather the facts, analyze the situation and form an appropriate action. Add a mob mentality to emotion driven response and Lord of the Flies is reborn again and again. The rush to judgement and execution is swift and cathartic. But justified? Well, that would have had to wait until the fact were out.

So the mob ran with the facts of traffic stop, officer shoots, someone dies. Those facts were probably delivered by the under ten method of 'telephone' and the story grew taller as it went down the line.

Relying on police presence to restore order, allow emotions to cool, for rational thought to have a chance, to a mob with no individual internal discipline only offers up new targets for the rage. So the city leaders will try bribing the misbehaving citizens (older children really) and rewarding misbehavior only breeds more of the same. So the cycle repeats in Dim strongholds and descends into the ruined cities of burned out buildings and unsafe streets. All this underwritten by the magic cookie jar of unlimited funds which Uncle Sam has to pay the bribes. And when that cookie jar runs dry there will be one more spasm of tantrums with the mob traveling to civilized areas with something left to plunder. How that turns out depends on if the civilized areas recognize the danger or not.

The bill for decades of leftest policies will be high. Correcting childish behavior in millions of adults probably is beyond the ability of the civilized citizen. That leaves punishment as the only effective tool and frontier justice as the delivery mechanism.


ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

If the NYPost's figures are correct, the $60 million per week for 'immigrant' child care works out to $3600 per week per kid. What kind of care is being given that costs that much? Based on the photo's of the holding areas it sure doesn't look like luxury accommodations. Even renting out 7 motels doesn't justify those kinds of costs.

The skim on this operation has to be enormous.


By Greg Hunter’s 4.8.21 (This replaces WNW 4/9/21 & Saturday Night Post 4/10/21 – Yes, I think it’s that good!!) There is no one working harder on the massive 2020 election and voter fraud than My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. The voter and election fraud has been documented in many ways, and it was […]

An impassioned interview with Mike Lindell of MyPillow on the election steal, broad outlines of how it is going to be challenged and what we citizens can expect to come out very publicly starting April 19 for the world to see.

Bottom line: The steal won't stand, the corruption will be cleaned out and America will be restored. Evidence, mountains of evidence, real evidence of the steal on a state by state basis where perps are called out by name is coming. Expect Lady Justice not only to use the scales to weigh those responsible but the sword to come out and deliver punishment.

The scale of cleansing to come is rarely seen in history. One might even call it Biblical.


This was a really great panel that you need to listen to today. So much is happening in Africa and around the world: -Dr. Sherri Tenpenny with... -Shabnam Palesa Mohamed. -Dr. Faiez Kirsten -Dr. Fahri

An hour and forty minutes where Dr. Tenpenny, the interviewer, and the panelists discuss the mechanism the jabs use to work, the body's reaction, ethics of it all, a whole host of aspects of this so called vaccine program. The most critical aspect, IMHO, occurs between the 40 and 43 minute mark. The question asked is what about the hundreds of millions of people who have taken these jabs and now want to undo them? The answer is how do you undo the toasting of bread? You can't. If you have taken the jab, you are toast. This is mass murder on a global basis it's just that the people jabbed have not all lain down and died just yet. But they will and the casualty count will be evident over the next year.

So if you are on the fence and have not taken the jab then get off the fence and come down on the side of not taking it. Remember this for the next year. As the backlash against this grows, join that group to hold the monsters who ran this program accountable.

It that clear enough?


Problems on the home front? Just pull a page, tried and true, out of the ole handbook and start a war somewhere. Rallies the people, so we're told, behind whatever administration is in power and needs a boost/distraction.

Really boosts the profits of the arms makers who can now boost their lobbying funds.


Former President Trump fired back at his onetime coronavirus adviser, Dr. Deborah Birx, after she told CNN that the previous administration could have prevented hundreds of thousands of deaths from the coronavirus and that she had a "very uncomfortable" conversation with Trump.

Remind me again who was in charge and responsible for her appointment? Hint: the name was not Biden.


This is the kind of thing that gives all police a bad name. Not only did the police not have the law on their side, most importantly a certain law of the land called the Constitution, but they stretched the meaning of a local law in Rhode Island, the wellness check, all out of shape as to scope and intent. Then they proceeded to lie about their intentions, refuse to correct the error (the gun seizure) when confronted on it, and only acquiesced when threatened with a lawsuit.

Police that do not uphold the law, other police that look the other way, the upper brass and political structure supposedly in charge of seeing things are proper, all tarnish the image and feed contempt for the law and law enforcement. Worse, now it has resulted in being the case being taken to the Supreme Court, a body so without a backbone that enough can be persuaded to sell out their country when threatened. A tactic that worked once will work again and again so guess how the ruling is going to go.

All for an easy collar versus actually doing police work and trying to catch real criminals doing real crimes where violence is a possibility. A whole lot of citizens will think of you oh Brave Rhode Island men in blue when they get the knock on the door, or the door just gets busted down.

This sort of thing happens far too often. The Code says you don't rat out a fellow officer, right or wrong. The practical side is you may need the support in tough spot and a snitch doesn't deserve trust. That kind of playground logic has no place in a force whose calling is supposed to be to Justice.

But in a time where the moral code is thin and flexible the lines get blurred. So those who shouldn't have the badge and gun creep in. And the Code keeps them protected while putting the good ones and the citizenry as risk.

A typical human dilemma.


This is a total failure of government. The Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches at the Federal level have abdicated their duties. From the stolen 2020 election the first 2 branches are outright illegitimate. The third abdicated their duties to hear the evidence and let the steal stand. And the Chaos of an unrestricted invasion will gather steam and spread.

Stolen elections have consequences and the Rule of Law for the time being is dead. The military has a short time to fix this. After that it will fall the free citizenry.


For those of you following, or should be following, Dr. Tenpenny's work, this is a shorter version of what these experimental vaccines are about. In particular, the 3 major jabs: Astra Zennica, J&J, and Moderna, are discussed with their compositions, what happens in the body after injection, and how this methodology is experimental and only authorized due to an emergency use authorization from the CDC. Dr. Tenpenny has given longer discussions on this issue recently and this 25 minute segment is designed to inform quickly and assist in your evaluation if the jabs are for you.