For years, the process of degrading Julian Assange to sub-human level was based on repeating a bunch of lies so often they become truth...

So making journalism is now to be classified as a state crime. I must have missed that plank in the MAGA/KAGA platform the President is running on. Certainly fake journalism and censorship by social media sites, the broadcast media and major newspapers is being allowed with any push back on these travesties going at a pace that makes a glacier look speedy. Nor are any candidates, Republican or Democrat running on a platform to correct the current situation.

Almost makes one believe in the One Party being in charge. For those with a few working brain cells left that is.


As ancient Rome declined, one emperor got his horse elected to the Senate.

This is the US version.


Giving any money, at all, to state and local governments that encourage the burning and looting of their cities is a bad idea. Parents never should reward bad behavior. Neither should politicians.

You always get more of what you subsidize.


Build a narrative by any means necessary. When the election results come in, either: -a win for the Dims, in which case 'We told you' will be the refrain, or -a loss and the Republicans obviously stole the election

This is known as the heads I win, tails you lose strategy. It will also justify the BLM/Antifa crowd to go wild in the streets if the election is 'stolen'. President Trump will be able to use his law and order platform to come down hard on the rioting masses.

A cynic might wonder if the One Party views this as a win/win scenario. As usual.


DiMezzo is already beating the odds, winning the GOP nomination in the sheriff's race despite her libertarian leanings, her title of "High Priestess of the Reformed Satanic Church, and her decidedly non-law-and-order campaign slogan: "F--k the Police

Leaving aside, for now, the people's lack of IQ, how is it that the state Republican Party let this go through? And the national party isn't watching either? Perhaps the President's policy of keeping enemies close needs to be re-examined too. Or, and this is the darkest thought of all, perhaps there still is only one party and all of us are being played?


The list of wrong doing by high government officials, many of whom happen to be Democrats, continues to grow. This list of senior officials and the associated crimes grows and grows yet none seem to make it to the courtroom for trial. Some mid-level officials make deals for testimony, some resign their position, some retire early but the sounds of cuffs going on and cell doors closing is absent.

To the pols who might read this: Justice delayed is Justice denied. It's also why most Americans think the government is corrupt. As to if it will matter, consider what has happened in history with similar conditions. Hint: it doesn't end well for the corrupt.


WikiLeaks legal team says it must be assumed the lawyer had the virus & "COVID will be in the courtroom."

At what point will the Plan reconcile the torture of Assange with the goals of returning to the US to Constitutional rule? The tactic of the means justifies the end is used by the opposing team, not the Good Guys. Bad optics, bad tactics, just plain wrong. If the Good Guys can't recognize this then they aren't the Good Guys. This flows right to the top as these people work for President Trump. The buck is on your desk, sir, and you have to own this.


2nd lockdowns are going to be hell to pay, for governments, for their citizens, for their economies. And they don’t have to be.

First, the article is spot on. Second, that President Trump is leaving Fauci in charge (and the rest of the clowns), not pushing back with facts on the tyrannical governors and mayors, not suspending the licenses of the propaganda outlets means one of two things:

Either he is in on it or he is not in charge. Notwithstanding the Plan and the promises that might accrue from it, actually doing something to better the peoples lot now sure appears to be a strong winning strategy. The Deep State actors are already committed and known so cut their funding and start rounding them up. If he's not in charge, well many of suspected we were on our own anyway.

That's a Plan I can get behind.


“I know there are a number of investigations right now, some very big ones, in states,”

Using an argument with 'a matter of logic' where logic has been carefully scrubbed from the educational process for decades is almost like speaking a foreign language to make the point. Now filter the argument through the corporate press spin machine, feed into blank slates for brains of tens of millions and one has the conditions seen in the country today.

Either this does not end well, the Plan has accounted for this or a miracle happens and Justice prevails. Perhaps the odds makers could give us the over/under on each?


So in the category of being mean and past withholding of assistance to NY we have: -Sailing the Comfort into NY harbor to handle overflow cases for China virus treatment. Beds which were unused as the virus built and peaked. -Likewise, converting the Javitz Center into a hospital bed facility which was also unused. -Rushing ventilators to NY, which although the exact wrong treatment for the virus, also went largely unused.

But the biggest failing of the President was not accepting blame for the crisis or heaping praise on Cuomo and deBlasio for their cool, level headed and effective response to the virus.

The Dims game of 'I win, you lose' isn't going to plan. Still to come is the implosion of NY City as the people who were the milk cows for taxation flee for greener pastures over the state line. This will, of course, also be the President's fault. It will be quite a surprise when NY learns that the rest of the country can get along quite well without NY City.

Rather like Buildings 1,2 and 7, this looks like a planned implosion event but upped to a city level. How many Dim cities are planned for implosion? Where will the refugees from this go? How many will the Deplorables take into their relatively peaceful areas, because humanity requires it? And finally, how long will tolerance to bringing their big city ways last in flyover country?

Stay tuned as the chaos spreads. Fourth Turnings can be a bitch.