The Scottish government u-turn follows an outcry over the downgrading of 125,000 results.

Could've delayed exams for 6 months. Instead they chose the "grades are meaningless" way out.


People could be without water to drink if usage is not curbed this weekend, a water firm warns.

Surely it would be that same water companies responsibility to ensure there is adequate services for all of its customers, or like broadband they just oversubscribe and hope no-one notices?


New York's attorney general announces a lawsuit aimed at dissolving the powerful gun lobbying group.

So, lets say, a hypothetical bank manager funnels funds into his personal account, to give themselves obscene salaries, and receiving performance bonuses despite loss-making performance, it is the correct course of action to abolish that bank. Interesting.

Time to get busy then.


The exam body says it lowered 125,000 grades that had been estimated by teachers to "maintain credibility".

Option A) Delay exams by 6 months and have everyone sit them at the times when it is usually those resitting an exam. Implication: Grades are meaningful.

Option B) Make everything up. Implication: Grades are worthless.

For the young: Get an apprenticeship, and your real education will begin.


Dr Andrea Charles Fidelis says she was accused of being a car thief while jogging in Kent.

The findings of Kent Police's inquiry, shared with Dr Charles Fidelis, said there was no evidence of "discrimination or incivility"

So basically shes working for the MoJ and thinks shes too good to be questioned by police, and makes baseless accusations against the officer. If she honestly thinks being black makes her immune from suspicion, she ought to be fired by the MoJ.


Documents on UK-US trade negotiations were leaked in the run-up to the 2019 general election.

The Russians. It's always the russians.

They wanted to influence the election in Labour's favour? After they supposedly influence the Brexit referendum in Leave's favour, which Labour would have scuppered. Am I seriously expected to believe this? They wanted right-leaning policians leading the US, but far-left politicians for the UK. Where is any consistency. I don't know, blame the Russians.

By the way, my phone has a new crack on it. I blame the Russians for that too, and will be billing Putin personally.


Office for National Statistics analysis shows how countries compared in the first six months of the year

It's all in the asterisk*

*Statistics massaged in such a way to give a result we would publish


The system will apply nationwide from September, as the new PM cracks down on "every day violence".

"concerns about drug-related violence"

"particularly targeting cannabis"

Does not compute.


Despite global criticism, Sweden has seen a drop in serious Covid cases without ever having a lockdown.

No lockdown, yet their death curve is strikingly similar to other countries who did lockdown. Proof that lockdown had zero effect.


Retail staff returning to work are being asked to take on new duties - and they have mixed feelings about it.

I presume she had an employment contract. It outlines your duties. It is within your rights to refuse to do anything not mentioned in your employment contract, and not have to quit your job. She could have her contract terminated, but then she's able to seek other work while continuing to do her previous work. They'd also need to give severance pay, and you would be immediately eligible for jobseekers allowance. If you quit, you get none of the above.