People in Wales told to stay home from Friday, with pubs and restaurants ordered to close.

That's Wales bankrupt then.


But there is "light at the end of the tunnel" as a vaccine may be ready early next year, the expert says.

"UK facing 'tough' Christmas, Sage scientist warns"

He would know, he demanded it be, in direct opposition of all the evidence of it being ineffectual, from the majority of scientists.

SAGE aren't even doing research, they aren't listening to the researchers, so why are we listening to SAGE?


The body of a man found on a French beach is confirmed by authorities as that of a migrant.

Who's supplying the boats? Are we just sending them back to france so they can send more?


Facing strong criticism, the royals cut short a trip to Greece they began during a partial lockdown.

Everyone is expected to 'know better' when it comes to making decisions. Normal folk don't even get to have "advisors", and are still responsible for their own actions. Having 'wrong advice' is not an excuse for rich people to get away with it.


Officials are "not blind" to impact a new lockdown would have on Wales, the health minister says.

An admission they are deliberately crippling the economy, while knowing lockdowns don't work.


Convicted murderer Steven Gallant was on day release when he helped stop a knifeman's rampage.

"he turned his life around and reformed"

A convicted murderer acting violent does not constitute reformation.


Forces in England will have access on a "case-by-case basis" to data on whether a person has been told to self-isolate.

Why would you download an app that provides no benefit to you, but could end up costing you thousands.

If you know any who uses it, try getting them a book on 'Game Theory' for christmas. In this case, the only winning outcome would be for no-one in your social circle to use it, but everyone else does, meaning the best social outcome would be for no-one to use it.


The teacher killed in a Paris suburb reportedly showed his pupils cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

French President Emmanuel Macron has called the beheading of a teacher in a north-western suburb of Paris an "Islamist terrorist attack"

I guess he must have strained all five braincells to work that one out.


Where people live and the jobs they do are more likely to explain the differences, research shows.

No-one really claimed it was. More about hygiene, unwillingness to follow basic guidance, and police not intervening when they were flagrantly violating rules.


Boris Johnson urges local leaders to "engage constructively" with the government over tougher rules.

What's the point of "asking" if you're just going to force them to do it if they disagree. Burnham isn't any better, he's just holding out on getting a payoff, doesn't actually care about any economy. Would have been refreshing if he held out on the 'economic suicide' argument, he'd have become a local hero.