The party takes action after the Guardian newspaper hands it a dossier of allegations.

in a tweet Labour accused the party of "showing their true colours"

That's a funny way of Labour admitting they really are antisemitic. They've just been showing their true colours after all.


The former Democratic nominee refuses to rule it out, telling the BBC: "Never say never."

Someone needs to tell her that the voices in her head are not real.


Debt charities concerned about the rising popularity of interest-free shopping online.

It's always someone else's fault.

People with that attitude always have low credit scores.


The Chinese company says it will invest £1.2bn in British Steel following rescue agreement.

the government will help in the form of loan guarantees and other financial support

Then you may as well nationalise it. Instead of throwing money at the Chinese.


It is their first public event together since Harry said he and William were on "different paths".

"It will be their first appearance as a group since .."

.. two weeks ago. And it gets called a 'Reunion'.


East Germany's last communist leader talks about the fall of communism and his love of Russia.

I used to find it strange that the BBC would post communist-sympathasing articles. But it's to be expected.

I do find it strange that they sympathise with soviet era communism, while portraying Russia and sniding at them as if they were still soviets.


The ex-New York mayor files paperwork to take part in the Democratic primary election in Alabama.

I wonder if all the democrats that were concerned by a wealthy president's potential to be corrupt will be even more concerned with this guy's 15x wealth. Oh, right, the double standards, of course not.


After the PM says NI firms can "bin" customs forms, Labour accuses him of not understanding his deal.

Seeing that he backs this deal, and this deal is garbage there's only two possibilities here:

  • He knows the deal is crap, but is lying to support it because he's a closet remainer.
  • He does not know the deal is crap, and is therefore an idiot.

It matters not though, because it's a crap deal and he supports it, no self-respecting leave voter can support him.


Jacob Rees-Mogg said it would be "common sense" to ignore fire brigade advice to stay in a burning building.

I heard there were people who did leave the tower despite what the fire brigade told them. The BBC could interview them and ask them why they chose to evacuate, but don't hold your breath.


The Lib Dem leader says a government led by her would "stop Brexit and build a brighter future".

So, basically, the same economy we've been in already, and have struggled up until now. Yet Jo can magically find £50B down the back of the sofa.