The family's demand comes after the US refused to extradite the suspect involved in Mr Dunn's death.

The Dunn family have become unhinged (understandable given their grief), and the media do nothing to help.

Assange is not a pawn for their political games.


Paul Golding was charged after refusing to give police access to his phone after returning from Russia.

An absolute abuse of power.


Germany's government is facing calls to do more to combat far-right extremism following the attack.

"The German government is meanwhile facing calls to do more to combat the threat of far-right extremism"

If only they did more to combat islamic extremism, there wouldn't be a 'far right'.


Ammonia, the key ingredient of fertiliser, can be burned in ships’ engines in place of polluting diesel.

When ammonia burns it releases NO gas, and water.

NO gas is unstable and easily combines with atmospheric oxygen (O2), to form NO2 gas.

NO2 gas in the atmosphere causes acid rain.


The chief negotiator says the UK's "particular proximity" to the bloc rules out a similar agreement.

The EU would collapse without a deal. It really needs the UK's funding.

There are many countries in the EU that already have a high anti-EU population. They're mostly "net receivers" of EU money, and when asked to fill the void of the UK's funding, rising anti-EU sentiment will push them over the edge and they will leave the EU too.

As other countries leave, the funding situation would continue to worsen, and the EU would inevitably collapse.


An offensive word has been spray painted over the street artist's latest work in Bristol.

How can vandalism be vandalised?


Kate Scottow (bottom right) was found guilty of sending offensive tweets in 2018-19 as she 'misgendered' transgender woman Stephanie Hayden (top right) and called her a 'pig in a wig'.

Two different headlines on the same day, from the same country.

"Police probe into 'transphobic' tweets unlawful"


Mohammed Yasin Mulla falsely claimed his car had been hit by a piece of flying debris.

Commiting a crime while being a police officer, surely must be a dismissible offence? So why the "The officer remains on restricted duties"


There were 241 female homicide victims in England and Wales in the year to the end of March 2019.

I would have thought feminists would be pleased that they are closer to achieving equality here.


The World Health Organization says it is "not seeing a dramatic increase" in cases outside China.

WTF is "broader definition". You either have it or not. BBC fails so often at explaining the most important points.