This is the kind of garbage search result that search engines put at the top as "most relevant" for tech support searches.

"This app isn't allowed by the device owner" was the exact error I was getting, but the thread was "locked" by admins.

Not only that, but the star contributor who responded gave a stupid, unhelpful response to what must be a common issue.

No thread should ever be locked, anyone could contribute new info at any time, if you don't want to see alerts on a thread; un-watch it. Any site or service that does that is an enemy of free speech, and you can use services like Gab Dissenter to get around it.


Typical Government page... they title it "How to Calculate Heat Index" but don't provide the actual formulas to calculate it - just a tool they control.

With a little more digging though, I found it here:


A woman at a birthday party drew her pistol and left the gunman with multiple wounds, police say.

The cure to Government "catch & release" is people like you and me doing what the "professional heroes" are afraid to do.

#2a #rkba #defensive #GoodShoot #JustPowers


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NASA needs to stop building solar powered Mars landers that don't have a leaf blower and Swiffer attachment.

So many of these missions are ended by dust and cold. 🤦‍♂️


Did you ever try Windows Mojave back in the day?

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"If you don’t keep up with the news, you might not have heard of the 3G shutdown. This year, all nationwide wireless providers are sunsetting their 3G networks. Any phones that run exclusively on these networks will no longer be able to make or receive calls, or use other data services, including emergency services. Basically, any phone exclusively running on a 3G network will turn into a door stop."


The section on the bottom talks about Professor Robert Fenton.

I had Fenton for a class once and during a lecture he asked a question of the class. A student raised his hand and answered. Professor Fenton listened and asked the class "Does anyone else agree that his answer is correct?"

About 85% of the students in the large lecture hall raised their hands.

He paused, shook his head, and said "Well, then I'm afraid you're all going to fail." Then he turned around and went back to writing on the chalkboard.


A crash involving a dump truck and an Ohio Department of Transportation vehicle caused an explosion Thursday morning.

Wow, that dump truck driver just headed right for the ODOT truck on the side of the road. Good to see so many good Samaritans pull off and try to help.

Since full-time, highly trained, Government funded, and well-equipped professionals call themselves "first responders" (even though the good Samaritans were really first), what does that make them? The 0th responders? The 0st responders?

Takes more bravery for them to respond to a horrific scene than it does for someone who signed-up for it.


Well, for starters, paper face diapers don't do jack shit to stop aerosols.

Mask policies haven't reduced COVID spread anywhere they've been tried. Most often, the mask mandates have been followed by a huge spike.