It's like an abortion to whack out 5-11 year olds! Neat

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2022-34-Tu 05:34:01 pm

It's like an abortion for 5-11 year olds! Neat




Actress Rosanna Arquette believes that abortion is such an incredibly sacred right that "millions of women" are now looking to flee the country now that Roe v. Wade stands on the cusp of being potentially overturned.

IF this ever were to happen we need to attach one condition to it. You (and your family) are NEVER allowed back, even for a "visit".

Johnny Depp tried it in France, then he saw his fortune eroding away so he came back.


Newly released documents showed the CDC planned to use phone location data to monitor schools and churches, and wanted to use the data for many non-COVID-19 purposes, too.


If you think this is extreme and "my life is so boring that hiding my private info is stupid" then YOU are part of the problem. We are being tracked (Stalked) by perverts who know more about us than we do. And they want more!


As foreign outrage mounts over evidence of possible executions and other atrocities by Russian forces in Ukraine, Germany’s defense minister says Europe must consider stepping up penalties for Moscow by boycotting its gas exports, an economically painful step European leaders previously avoided.

Is that picture/video from another video game or a hollywood movie?


American voters in strong majorities reject Joe Biden’s climate change agenda and want reliable and affordable domestic energy.

American voters rejected Biden in 2020 also, how did that work out?


If the Democrats are losing it means they're going to get walloped. Last time in 2010. Republicans had a two point advantage that translated to 63 seats.

LOL, they never count on the fraud factor.

In 2020, Traitor Joe made up 700,000 votes after election day in Pennsylvania alone. Pennsylvania had at least 700,000 more votes than registered voters. No investigations are allowed despite calls from citizens to do so, and Pennsylvania will destroy all of the ballots in September 2022, to "make room" in their warehouses or wherever this crap is stored.


A Justice Department investigation into Hunter Biden's business activities has gained steam in recent months, with a flurry of witnesses providing testimony to federal investigators and more expected to provide interviews in the coming weeks, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.

I hope they throw the book at him, like they did Hillary. $8,000 fine! I don't know how she will survive that!


DEGOOGLE! LineageOS, CalyxOS, Brax2... many more. Educate yourself on how it works because the trackers are everywhere.

...And you don't need one of those really expecnsive "Freedom Phones" they are hawking on Conservative media. These other options are the same but lower cost.


“I think it's hard for people to get their arms around the fact that we have the fastest growing economy in 40 years,” said Biden

Even if his brain wasn't resembling a block of swiss cheese he would believe this because he is, quite possibly, the stupidest man to ever hold the office of the president. IT DOESN'T COUNT IF THE ECONOMY WAS SHUT DOWN BY LEFTURDS, THEN SLOWLY REOPENED. Economic growth was STOPPED in it's tracks. Give me a fucking break, fastest growing economy in 40 years. Whoever came up with this narrative needs to lay off the hard drugs. A joint or even heavy use can't cause this level of stupidity. This requires heavy meth, crack or mushrooms to be this out of touch.

Furthermore, by shutting off the economy like they did, they caused many small businesses to falter, and also caused supply chain issues which Traiter Joe also thinks he fixed. What a fucking mess

Elections have consequences, unchecked STOLEN elections have even worse consequences. Putting a traitor in the office of the presidency, well, I guess we'll see.