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In the world of fake news, we no longer have to worry about hoaxes. We now have to deal with "hoax hoaxes."

More defamation. I'd like to see a court shut down CNN for multiple willful false stories intended to incite chaos. When Obama was in office had Foxnews published things like "Obama says he will execute all rich people", there would have been a DOJ investigation and probably a court shutdown of Fox.


The Los Angeles County district attorney apologized Monday for her husband for allegedly pointing a gun at about 50 Black Lives Matter demonstrators and threatening to shoot them for showing up to his Los Angeles home before dawn.

if this guy had been white the house would be already burned to the ground along with half the neighborhood


How Trump is destroying the civil service and bending the government to his will

"They also failed to appreciate the advanced decay of the Republican Party, which by 2016 was far gone in a nihilistic pursuit of power at all costs. "

Let me help you:

  1. Getting wise to Leftist infiltration and inflation of bureaucratic incompetence is not "decay". It's getting "woke" to the parasitic infestation of commie cunts into govt to build a crime syndicate of jackbooted overregulators committed to extorting or destroying every private trading institution it can find.
  2. It isnt nihilistic to want to rid our society of able-bodied parasites who seek every possible way to shake down every industry and free citizen for money and/or coerced behavior including demanding political worship of their almighty righteous woke high priests or face identitarian-hate smear torture chambers.
  3. Power is precisely what needs to be taken from parasites, so it isnt surprising that you parasites characterize it as pursuing it at "all costs." The cost is to applied to YOU, THE PARASITES, which is exactly where effective reform costs need to be levied... on the criminal and unconstitutionally legal takers that are fucking up the greatest nation on Earth because you're lazy, stupid, spoiled, miserable, ungrateful, and often criminally aggressive pieces of disease-infected rat shit. Competition and merit will always rise back to the top of the survival merit imperative, despite Leftist attempts to redefine merit as simply existing and whining and wanting shit.

Other than that, you're completely correct about who should hold political power. Ya fuckin useless mope...go sell your sugar coated commie puke to somebody who believes your lies about how nutritious it is. You fuckers are headed to mass graves if you keep this totalitarian commie civil war drum beat going. We'll end you shitbags quick if it comes to that.


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is coming off a disastrous week filled with gaffes, controversial moments and was accused of sexist behavior by a former network contributor – but a reporter who has covered allegations against the “Hardball” for years host thinks criticism is finally coming because the timing is convenient for liberals.

Woke cannibalism is a joy to behold.


James Lipton, the revered creator and host of "Inside the Actors Studio" has died on Monday, according to reports. 

Great career. Was a lot older than he looked or acted.


The pundit frequently demeans women guests, with objectifying and belittling comments, both on and off air.

im no matthews fan, but this is harmless, non-vulgar flirting. you're obviously a humorless nag who is only looking for political attention because you're a fame whore. I'm sure if the flirter was handsomer you'd have flirted back and it'd be a story you wouldnt tell in public because that would be hypocritical. it's this kinda shit that's causing dudes to ignore woke cunts like you in dating. whenever attention whores like you say woke shit, it's now a red flag for any dude. go feed your cats you dried up old scag.


As coronavirus concerns sweep the nation and make news across the globe, liberal CNN has managed to blame President Trump and politicize the alarming illness. 

CNN has as much credibility on the Trump admin's disease control process as they do on Jeffrey Epstein's "suicide".


Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw joked Friday that "Saturday Night Live” cast member Pete Davidson cannot get him out of his head after Davidson said he was forced to apologize for mocking Crenshaw for wearing an eye patch during a November 2018 skit. 

Comedians make people laugh, that's their job, and one of the hazards is that your little bits of ignorance can come out if you try and "stream of conscious" your comedy instead of curate it better to make it clear when youre in character and when not.

Everybody knows not all comedians are geniuses.

Everybody can see Davidson is very SUB-genius.

But he's getting criticized only because he broke character and everyone believed he was saying ignorant shit as himself.

Maybe relying on airheaded artists to carry their message is a decision Dems should strategize a little better.

They have an artist community that leans hard left because they were raised with a patronage ethic.

They love to be spoiled and patronized because it builds their artist ego and confidence.

Most artists who arent patronized are starving or working a day job they hate.

The more talented they are, the more patronized they are... they rely on public assistance and generosity while theyre building their portfolios, and then if they make money it's usually a lot of money, so they feel guilty.

Really a pathetic subculture to rely on to communicate your party's political vision and ambitions.


Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday tore into Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor for a widely noticed dissent in which she blasted her colleagues for lifting injunctions on controversial Trump administration policies. 

which is why Trump is going to win again and appoint hundreds more judges to push out the woke cranks from continuing to poison jurisprudence nationwide