The SNP leader tells her party's conference that Westminster has 'no right' to block a Scottish independence referendum.

this bell end stands there and insults Boris and will then come cap in hand begging him for a once in a lifetime referendum, this woman is dragging Scotland in to the shitter.

I dont care if Scotland leave the UK if they vote for it but isnt it funny that we have had our referendum and she doesnt accept the result of it, I think we should let them have a referendum and they say nah you didnt know what you were voting for.

Scotland will never vote to leave the union anyway, when we leave the EU and they see how we prosper and how Europe is on its knees they will never ever want to go, I go to Scotland all the time and chat with lots of folks, passions are really really really high on both sides over this, they will never vote to leave from my observation.


The ex-cabinet minister says Downing Street's words "legitimise" aggression, a claim it denies.

This woman has a known track record of telling lies, now we are all supposed to believe this shite when everyone knows the Anger is coming from people who can clearly see that 2/3 of parliament are blocking Brexit and it has nothing to do with Boris using the word Surrender.

We are leaving on October the 31st and as long as we leave with no strings attached there will be no problems, but if Remainers derail it then I foresee politicians being murdered, maybe then they might realise how it is they who are destroying the country with their attempts to block Brexit, thats how angry people are about their inaction.


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Fucking Shelagh Fogarty couldnt be more stupid and ignorant, I wont take advice from someone who cant control the amount of cake they put down their top hatch, have some self respect you fat fuck.


He says judges were "wrong" to rule Parliament's suspension unlawful and accuses opposition MPs of trying to block Brexit.

Left wing court bias in full effect.


Canada's PM says he deeply regrets wearing skin-darkening make-up at an Arabian Nights-themed gala.

BBC again trying to bury this story on their main website, you have to actually hunt for it, could you imagine if this were a photo of Boris or Farage?

I Dont think the Black face is a creepy as his spread black hand looking like hes using all of his will power not to just grab her tits.

This is quite unbelievable considering his stance and his Left Wing progressive position on everything.

The Left will wash this away and the women in the picture will support him, every time this cunt spouts progressive nonsense at folks they should simply utter, Black Face, Black Face, Black Face.

I couldnt stand this prick before this and now the rampant hypocrisy on show here is hilarious.

BBC wont mention this at all, Just like they didnt cover Tommy leaving prison, because they know most people think hes still in there.

BBC wonder why thousands of people wont pay the TV licence fee.


Labour wants MPs to return to Parliament to scrutinise the government's plans for no deal.

Top level logistical people from the ports have already said, incoming goods have 6 months time to send papers to the customs officials, yes 6 months and all exporters have to do is fill out a declaration form, this is all a load of shit.

When asked the logistical manager said the only delay will be in Calais and the only food shortages will be in Europe because they havent got their act together.

This is a load of balls and the supreme court will find as they have already found that Boris proroguing was legal, the Scottish courts was an anti English and anti Brexit ruling that means fuck all.


Up to 90% of government effort is on no-deal, with no evidence of any formal negotiations to get an EU deal, she says.

Shes a remainer, good riddance and why the fuck is this still the lead story on the BBC app and main page when France have said they will veto any extension? so what are the BBC just putting their fiNgers in their ears and pretending that this isnt happening, Fuck face Amber Crud is old news, get her ugly old trout off your pages and START FUCKING WRITING THE ACTUAL NEWS YOU MASSIVE CUNTS.


Edward Vines pleads not guilty to sending the Newsnight presenter a letter via her mother.

Holy fuck is he blind? ive heard he also has a thing for Dianne Abbot, someone please tell Emily to stop showing the tops of her legs on newsnight when she crosses her legs, im sure its a deliberate act by the BBC to try and draw desperate mens attention away from the bias and bullshit that spews out of this womans mouth like a river of sick.


Boris Johnson launched into a political speech while flanked by 35 West Yorkshire police officers.

Oh please, another example of lets stitch up Boris from the Left wing police, so he gives them 20,000 more officers and they act like this.

20,000 more police in real terms equals about 500 old school coppers because all the new ones will be midgets, over weight, not fit, etc etc, you only have to watch youtube to see people whos physical stature would be more suited in a nursery getting the shit kicked out of them by 14 year old kids, female officers with massive fat arses waddling down the streets trying to chase and arrest people for riding electric scooters.

Reset the requirements we had in place 20 years ago and get 20,000 real police in to the force, weed out all the university educated Left wing coppers, stop being political and posing with trans and other ethnic groups, be fucking neutral and do your fucking jobs, seeing images of rainbows painted on the side of police cars to promote pride weeks just shows you how far this has sunk.

I am so fucking sick of the BBC and their left wing bias, please please please dont pay your TV licence .


Labour and other parties vow to block mid-October election, as Lords pass anti-no-deal Brexit bill.

Knowing they would lose a snap election these fuckpigs are now moving the goalpoasts and want Boris to get the article 50 date moved before they allow another election.

Boris should have simply prorogued parliament from opening day until the 1st of November, there is still time though, there is nothing stopping him bringing it forward to today, I have a feeling the queen would be down with that, so when they send Boris off to see the Queen with their new no deal law he should simply not pass it to the queen for ascension but ask for Parliament to be suspended immediately because they wont let him have his election and he is essentially governing with no mandate to govern, they are playing hardball, its time for Boris to do the same.

They simply cant be allowed to keep pushing Brexit down the road, I dont think the anti democratic fuckers in government realise that the public are getting very close to snapping and they are literally putting their lives on the line, there will be blood on the streets because of their inaction and it will be their blood.