It will amount to an average rise of up to £69 per home, the County Councils Network says.

well if one in 3 in schools non UK born

Why you think charges are rising


The anti-Islam AfD is accused of fuelling racist violence, amid German shock at the Hanau killings.

AHH the EUSSRBBC acting as Luggenpresse for Mutti Merkal et al


A vote in the state of Thuringia has caused outrage and shame in Germany, Jenny Hill reports.

Who claims the AFD is far right the EUSSRBBC and Mutti Merkal also Guy V

Say;s it all dont it


The White House defence that no crime means no impeachment ignores history, says legal scholar Jonathan Turley.

This fuckwit uses as his basis that all previous impeachments ALSO included non criminal charges

He aint been imepached for any fucking crimes

2 out of 10 effort EUSSRBBC


Labour peer Lord Dubs wants to restore a protection to reunite child migrants with their families.

Fuck of with the economic migrants

If they are in the EUSSR then the "refugee" is safe no need for the economic migrants to enter the UK Fuck off remoaner cunts


We're at a pivotal point in efforts to tackle climate change, the naturalist and broadcaster warns.

Conveniently ignores artic sea ice aint at minimum currently Check out Tony Heller

Also convenient to use data from 1950 to 2000 in their 'fixed graph' seems like a variant of the debunked hockey stick graph does it not.....

No mention of the Holocene apogee when global temperatures was much higher and only a few million humans if that lived on the planet


Donald Trump will become only the third US president to face trial in the US upper chamber.

It IS the senates purview not Congress

Fuck of with the propaganda EUSSRBBC


Accept reality

The 4th is effectively dead

The G-Men are the DE FACTO Stasi

And they want they 2nd and 1st gone


Hannah Bardell says she considers comments made about her to the press to be a "hate crime".

There is no such thing as 'hate speech' you filthy queer


Boris Johnson is promising a big trade deal in 2020 but the EU Commission chief had a warning for him.

Fuck the EUSSRBBC and fuck the EUSSR

No deal get and the fuck out of British waters if you want to 'close markets' UK can do that also to say French wines....

Remember Trade imbalance is in the UK's favour