Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has taken a narrow lead over Joe Biden (D), a Reuters/Ipsos national poll released Thursday revealed.

Remember, boys and girls --


Zero, zip, nada.

In the United States, the people do not elect the President. The States elect the President. And the Presidential races are state-to-state contests. Not national.

What matters at this juncture are: New Hampshire and North Carolina. Iowa has no Primary and doesn't matter: no delegates will be chosen in Iowa until the end of April.

There are no winner-take-all Democrat primaries any more; delegates are apportioned. So: Sanders, Biden, Warren and Buttigieg will each get approximately six delegates each from New Hampshire.

In the next Primary, Biden will get about half of the delegates. Warren and Sanders will split the other half.

That is how things work in The Real World. But the media keeps focusing on things that literally do not matter.


Michael Tracey says it is a "major political liability" for Bernie Sanders to be "percieved" of as endorsing an open borders agenda.

Gotta laugh at all those political consultants who think that there is ANYTHING that Bernie Sanders can say, or do, that will make one iota of difference.

There isn't. The DNC will never let Bernie get the nomination, nowhere, nohow.

They were willing to have someone killed in 2016 to prevent it, and they'll sure as Hell be willing to do the same in 2020.


Elizabeth Warren is accusing Bernie Sanders of sexism, but according to one metric the Vermont senator is stronger on empowering women.

I don't care about that. What I do care about is --

Why is Bernie paying Warren ANYTHING?


Mike Quigley vowed Democrats will continue to investigate President Trump over possible ties to Russia after the Senate impeachment trial.

Well... yeah. The only thing that will stop it is the swearing-in of the new, Republican-controlled Congress in January 2021.

This IS the hill the 'Crats have chosen to die on.


Author and Trump hater Stephen King is feeling the heat from fellow liberals following his tweets about the Academy Award nominations, in which he said that quality is more important than diversity when it comes to creating works of art.

LOVE it when they turn and attack their own!

Like pit bulls...


Undercover video shows a campaign field organizer for Bernie Sanders lamenting that Elizabeth Warren's supporters are "hung up on vaginas" 

Well, he's right about one thing:

They really ARE hung up on vaginas.

We had all that in 2016 too. As if a vulva has Magical Powers or something.


President Donald Trump mocked Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Monday in response to her criticism of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The President is, of course, shitposting.

With $25 million in the bank, her campaign is far from dead.


Every cent he has is going toward ousting President Trump, billionaire Michael Bloomberg (D) said Saturday in Texas. 

Well, I guess that's one way to "spread the wealth!"


A bill to legalize adult prostitution in Vermont was recently introduced by female lawmakers in the state's legislature. 

An excellent idea: Vermont is a long way from Nevada. This might help reduce greenhouse emissions.

It will, of course, be vehemently opposed by the Usual Suspects: people with corncobs up their butts who think that everyone else's sex life is their business.


President Donald Trump said Friday his 2021 plans to welcome more foreign workers will not flood the labor market for U.S. college graduates.

Will Breitbart ever admit that they've been getting one of the fundamentals of the immigration issue wrong all these years?

Probably not.

Econ 101 (well, to make it fair, this is probably in the 102 course): In an expanding economy, in which the birth rate < the replacement rate, you're going to have to import some people.

The "jobs that Americans just won't do" has always been PARTIALLY true: there is a certain percentage of Americans that will never be convinced that construction work, mechanical work, etc. isn't beneath their dignity. And frankly, a great number of today's college graduates cannot even think. Skilled labor requires people who THINK.