CTV News has confirmed Quebec resident Pascale Ferrier is the suspect alleged to have sent letters containing the poisonous substance ricin to U.S. President Donald Trump and different locations in Texas, including a police department.

A "woman?"

Where is Austin Powers when we need him?


Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) supports a Senate vote on President Trump's forthcoming Supreme Court nominee, he announced on Tuesday.

Now, Mr. McConnell and mister Lindsey Graham, do the right thing:

Bypass the Judicial Committee hearings and go straight to a floor vote.



Some on the Left have already attacked Amy Coney Barrett, the favorite for Trump's Supreme Court nomination, for her "Kingdom of God" comment.

Well, yeah, when I was in second grade, she tried to touch my Kingdom of God...


In a US election special of the ABC's flagship talk show on Monday night, audience member Eleanore Wells asked the panel whether Trump had shown a 'smarter autocrat how it's done'.

If you're afraid of being shot by police if you return to the US, WHAT DID YOU DO?

If you're such a gangsta that they're going to shoot you, maybe you better stay on that penal colony that Britain established so many centuries ago.

That is all.


Actor Mark Ruffalo, who won his first Emmy Award Sunday for HBO's I Know This Much Is True, urged people to cast their ballots in November for "love and compassion and kindness" during his impassioned acceptance speech.

Of course, Mr. Ruffalo! I always vote for love and compassion and kindness. That's why I'm voting for Trump. He LOVES his country. He's been nothing but kind to racial minorities, giving them the lowest unemployment rate in history.

I haven't voted for division and hatred since 1976, which was the last time I ever voted for a Democrat.


Susan Collins released a statement on Saturday saying she believes any appointment to the Supreme Court should be decided by whomever wins the election.

Shut up, bitch.

The seat WILL be filled by the election winner.


Pro-life leaders and abortion rights advocates see the Supreme Court vacancy as a crucial moment for the nation and for the question of life.

The pro-Lifers are masturbating.

Roe v. Wade has been settled law for nearly fifty years. It isn't going anywhere.

There is only ONE way to overturn Roe, and no one is doing anything to move in that direction. NO. ONE.

The pro-lifers have NO strategy, NO actual plan, not even a concept of just how they would get Roe overturned. NONE. All they are doing is sitting around griping.

And the Left is likewise using a dildo. They continue fundraising and scaring women into voting for more Socialism, more control over their lives, with a bogeyman that doesn't exist.

Abortion WILL remain legal in the US for a long, long time.

Deal with it.


No, Mr. Durbin, we are NOT going to wait until 2025 to replace Justice Ginsburg.

Deal with it.


Two lawyers have been caught – and sentenced – for trying to extort $200 million from a company that was to be paid as "consulting" fees, according to federal prosecutors.

So. Lawyers doing... what lawyers do.

In other news, the neighbor's cat has been caught mutilating and killing yet another innocent songbird.

Good thing they got caught though.


Laura Hollis laments a culture 'that celebrates the sexualization of everything'

First question: who the hell is Laura Hollis?

No, Laura, the "problem" isn't "us."

I have no problem with people being outraged over this movie (though I haven't seen it and don't plan to do so). The problem is Collectivists such as you trying to make all of "us" responsible for the actions of film makers who aren't even American.