Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey revealed that Ukraine was among the foreign countries investigating the Trump campaign connected to the Russia probe during the 2016 election.

Ukrainian officials ... provided information that generated the investigation of Mr. Manafort—acts that one Ukrainian court has said violated Ukrainian law and “led to interference in the electoral processes of the United States in 2016 and harmed the interests of Ukraine as a state.”

It looks like they did this under pressure from Biden, Soros connected ngos, and Victoria Nuland acting for Hillary Clinton, that US pressure and bribery was applied by multiple people to create a pretext to spy on Trump and on people in his campaign.

Supposing this to be so, and supposing that Trump has the goods on them, an impeachment hearing in the Senate would be a great place for the big reveal.


Trump drains the swamp, Democrats squeal.

"Bring the jobs back": Done "Build the wall": Started "Drain the swamp": Starting.


Notice how women generally complain about sexual harassment after they hit the wall - implying that they complain when it stops.


U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu has recommended moving forward with charges against Andrew McCabe, Fox News has learned, as the Justice Department rejects a last-ditch appeal from the former top FBI official and current CNN contributor.

Draining the swamp begins.

Three big promises: Bring the jobs back, build the wall, and drain the swamp.

Remember "those jobs are gone and they are not coming back"? In the first hundred days of the Trump presidency, the US became an energy exporter, thanks to abruptly reversing a bunch of Obama executive orders.

The wall has finally begun, two years later than we had hoped and expected, but it looks like the wall we were promised.

And now, the swamp. As FBI agents get prosecuted, they will rat out each other, Obama, and the Clintons.


Trump tells the courts to butt out of politics.

If they continue to butt into politics, will push come to shove?

DiGenova & Toensing's Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova discuss whether or not former FBI Director James Comey should be prosecuted. FOX Business Network (F...

Prosecuting Comey before a DC Jury has the same problem as prosecuting illegal immigrants who randomly murder white people before a San Francisco jury.

So Nunes launches a Rico case in a more favorable jurisdiction.


Former FBI Director James Comey received heavy criticism from the Justice Department’s inspector general in a blistering report released Thursday about his infamous memos documenting his discussions with President Trump.  

The strong horse


France and the United Nations on Tuesday stepped up warnings to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump about the risks of quitting a 2015 global plan to combat climate change, saying a historic shift from fossil fuels is unstoppable.

Action to shake down energy companies and disrupt the electricity grid is indeed unstoppable, but the actual effect of all these measures on CO2 emissions has been zero or negative

The climate scam movement is a movement to destroy western civilization in order to steal a few bucks from the energy companies.


Supreme Court of British Columbia dismisses Dr Michael Mann's defamation lawsuit versus Canadian skeptic climatologist, Dr Tim Ball.

Leftists want to burn down the supermarket to steal a case of beer.

Warmists want to destroy western civilization so that they can shake down the electricity industry for a few bucks.


Up to twenty employees at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Facility (MMC) where Jeffrey Epstein died have been subpoenaed in connection with the wealthy pedophile’s unbelievable suicide. Federal investigators obtained the grand jury subpoenaes while trying to understand what exactly happened leading up to Epstein’s suicide in what CNN reports to be “a new and significant phase in what…

Attorney General William Barr is on the job

Low level deep state operatives are starting to turn on their superiors.

The CEO of overstock has turned. Chances are there will be many more.

Trump has made progress on draining the swamp - the purge of the FBI was a start. Criminal prosecutions of low level operatives who no longer have FBI protection are likely to lead to criminal prosecutions of the people who really matter.

Hillary for prison!