Race equality campaigners say votes from BAME communities shouldn’t be underestimated.

couse there all in jaill


Palestinian journalist Muath Amarneh lost his eye covering a protest near the West Bank town of Surif. Israel denies shooting Amarneh, but the freelance cameraman told RT Arabic that his colleagues are being deliberately targeted.

moral of the story don't defend Muslims terrorists by trying to interview /film them when they are committing acts secondly but just with the IDF as a journalist and follow all IDF instructions and you should be safe it is not particularly difficult hopefully with your remained eye you can with the IDF website on helpful journalists who wish to cover a war zone


Councillors in Glasgow voted unanimously to allow boys to study at Notre Dame High School from 2021.

I attended a private all boys school everybody constantly moaned how there was no girls we would have loved girls there

I can fully understand why the management of the school did it


The Labour leader says racism is a "poison" and he wants to work with all communities to eliminate it.

the Labour Party hates Jews just take their leader he refuses to condemn terrorist groups that entire purpose is to kill Jews

The party is full of Muslims a Muslims are famous for hating Jews


The actress Bella Thorne opens up about sexuality, pornography, depression and feminism.

stupid cow if you take the nude photos don't get upset if they leak if you want to be a celebrity and have some form of decency don't take nude photos or deny it you just claim their fake it's noot difficult


The rapper and director tells Radio 1 Newsbeat why everyone from kids to politicians should watch his debut film.

I do not need to hear some sob story about black kids claiming society pushed them into being scumbags


They will be the first UK citizens to be repatriated from an area formerly under the control of IS.

face Syrian justice we dont want them


Prosecutors drop a rape inquiry into Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who is in custody in the UK.

I cannot believe the BBC can keep a straight face

One moment he's an evil rapist next is no evideence to drop the case

This is demonstrates how politically motivated it is


US President Donald Trump may testify in impeachment hearings after all, he tweeted, calling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bluff after she broached the idea - though he also deemed the proceedings a “no due process hoax.”

this will be a big win for trump


The 17-year-old was stabbed in the back as she sat with friends in a case of mistaken identity.

Hang the both of them after months of beatings and hhave them both gang raped by a bear

This murder is unacceptable