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The liberal newspaper the Observer has prodded YouTube into re-suspending “the most successful and toxic British far-right” anonymous channel and has unmasked the individual running it.

Shit i like The Iconoclast Fuck youtube


James Furlong, one of three people to die, was described as "beautiful, intelligent, honest and fun".

don't forget immigration( invasion) is our strength diversity is our strength just look how strong the attacker was a loan poor innocent refugee fighting for refugee rights by stabbing evil evil racist people

How dare they stand in his way installing ( rning Britain into a SHIT whole like the country came from)

every person who didn't line up to be stabbed and ran away screaming is a racist how dare they not allow these poor migrant to enrich them and who suggested my good shouldn't be allowed to carry swords is a racist and how dare you choose to stop and search and arrest any migrant who happens to have a sword covered in blood that is just being racist against his cultural practices of stabbing unbelievers


Three people were killed in a stabbing attack at Forbury Gardens, a park in the southern city of Reading, UK. Police have launched a murder investigation into the incident, which took place several hours after a BLM rally.

this is impossible have a new heard the BBC have said they all peaceful ignoring the fact that 60 police officers have been severely hurt

They severely peaceful peaceful protest just happened to have people Die but never forget this is very very very peaceful


The police chief accused the officer of "blindly" firing into Breonna Taylor's apartment.

this was a legitimate shooting

They was being fired upon and carrying out a lawful entry they were shot upon by the occupants the occupants claimed they did not know they were police officers the police officers identified themselves and then the occupants shot at them they fired back and the person who died was the person who was unarmed while her boyfriend with the gun survived


Marvin Henderson (pictured), 34, Jordan Thomas, 20, and Paul Kabemba, 33, from Hackney, East London, appeared at Thames Magistrates Court on Friday.

so scared to allow people to comment daily mail are scumbags

These savages who attacked his police officer I would recommend for public hanging


Patrick Hutchinson was pictured carrying a man to safety following a clash between demonstrators.

this is the most clear example of BBC bias I have read in a long time

I'm bookmarking this page and I'll be using to show my lefty friends how biased the BBC's is

OOne moment that they declaring peaceful protesters next somebody is being severely attacked

Make up your mind and then there employing the Patriots were the one doing all the violence


Hundreds of football hooligans from across the country are making plans to descend on London next Saturday to confront anti-racist demonstrators attending the next Black...

this website is scum


Scum trying to hid from comments


Any day now two men may be executed in Europe's only country that still has the death penalty.

the death penalty is a moderate and fair punishment

They have confessed therefore society should not pay to keep them in prison at our expense

Just hang them and be done with it and then sell their organs at least get some use out of their miserable lives