Image via TMZ A Black Lives Matter activist lost one of his testicles after getting shot in the balls by rubber bullets during George Floyd riots in Los Angeles. Bradley Steyn says he plans on suing the LAPD after law enforcement officials shot him in the scrotum on May 30 during a ‘protest.’ TMZ reported:…

Still funny.


The decision by the US comedy show follows years of criticism over a white actor playing an Indian.



The change in strategy for the BBC Today programme will likely please Number 10, who boycotted the programme earlier this year over its supposed anti-Tory bias.

Didn't Boris defund those cocksuckers yet?

UK can't get fucking anything done.


Anne Barton has thrown her support to remove the statue of Sir Edmund Barton placed at an Indigenous burial site in Port Macquarie on the mid-north coast of NSW.

Fucking cunt.


Crowder actually went to the Chaz?

I figured he was just going to dress up like skyler turden and spaz out like a goddamned retard for an hour like he usually does.


President Donald Trump on Friday announced that he had signed an executive order to protect American monuments.

Can we run over rioters yet?

Wake me up when it's legal to run over rioters.

I'll call my cowcatcher guy.


While it's unclear who asked for it, Disney is reportedly developing a new female-fronted "Pirates of the Caribbean" that will be written by screenwriter Christina Hodson and will star actress Margot Robbie. 


Everyone knows that purple-haired chicks who can't open a jar with both hands and a fucking wrench make the best pirates... or ninjas... or boxers... or what the fuck ever they want to pass them off as this week. .



The Latino Coalition of L.A. held a press conference Friday to demand justice and law enforcement cooperation in the killing of Daniel Hernandez.


He's hispanic.

I have it on good authority that only black lives matter.

Tell the latinos to get in line before BLM burns their fucking houses down.


Former Vice President Dick Cheney trended on Twitter Friday after his daughter, Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney, tweeted a photo of him wearing a face mask.

He doesn't have N95 inserts for his Darth Vader mask?


President Donald Trump offered to address crime in Chicago in a letter to Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker Friday after the city had its most violent day in 60 years.

Tactical nukes?