Officer Solomon Nhiwatiwa, 34, drove up to the minor last Friday in Euclid, Ohio and first tried to kidnap her, asking if she’d like a ride to school, according to

Who the FUCK allowed this IQ-60 ape to become a cop?!


Crime-ridden San Francisco has introduced new sanitized language for criminals, getting rid of words such as “offender” and “addict” while changing “convicted felon” to “justice-involved person.”

This is what happens when they stop making people read "1984."

Won't be long before California liberals erase the word "bad" and replace it with "double plus ungood."


A Christopher Newport University professor who accurately predicted that Democrats would flip 40 House seats in 2018 midterm elections believes that President Donald Trump will lose the 2020 election because the Democrat challenging him will begin the race with 278 Electoral College votes. | 2020 Election

TRANSLATION: Liberal "prof" who "predicted" the massive democrat voter fraud last november predicts even more voter fraud in 2020.

I keep saying...the Republicans should have made noise...a LOT of fucking noise...over the Blue Crime Wave. From Coward County to Orange County there was fraud EVERYWHERE.


Attorney General William Barr said the medical examiner's verdict that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide stands, with no evidence that undercuts the finding

Oh for god's sake...seriously? We finally have one issue that both left AND right agree on...that Epstein was murdered...and AG Barr says "nothing to see here."

I smell swamp gas.


Perhaps it is time for humans to rethink the “ultimate taboo” against eating human flesh, Newsweek proposes in an article Wednesday.

Now why would they be promoting something as monstrous as this? Could it be because they've imported so many subhuman Africans that this is already happening, here in America?


Since the Rohingya crisis erupted in 2012, some Muslims in Myanmar say they face more discrimination.

Yeah and we know how that works out. You act and live like you come from a desert shithole, you refuse to assimilate and become part of the culture you are squatting in.

It takes a special kind of asshole to make even Buddhists hate you.


The number of migrant-background residents in Germany has reached a new all-time high of 25.5 percent, and 42 per cent of children are of migrant backgrounds.

Have they learned German culture? Have they learned to speak German? Have they abandoned the shitty cultures they come from and embraced German culture?

No? Then they aren't Germans.


Politicians and media outlets seem happy to fuel the hate-filled ideologies of a tiny minority, says Guardian columnist Owen Jones

More Alinksy bullshit as they continue to ignore the rise of Pantyfa violence.

Where's the outrage on that, Guardian? Oh mockingbirds got your fucking talking points STRAIGHT from the DNC.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

The crime statistics in Chicago alone prove you a liar, CNN.


On Tuesday, failing Senate candidate and presidential hopeful Robert “Beto” O’Rourke used Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro to try to score a little fundraising cash. “Team Beto” sent out an email with the subject line: “Trump, the NRA, Ben Shapiro, and Brit Hume.” “Beto’s running a new kind of campaign,” the email assures Democrats. “One […]

I'm amazed no one has drawn a Snidely Whiplash moustache on Taco O'Rourke's stupid mural.