Democrats are contemplating the secession of the West Coast and potential civil war as they play "war games" for a closely contested election.

Dunno, a second "March to the Sea" could be helpful. Cleanse a lot of filth out right away, then install military governors for awhile to clean out the diseased parts of those States.


Remember, this guy is NOT racist. Noticing this story IS racist.


They are already 'soft outlawing' good crypto. You don't believe me, do you. Lemme back up such a bold statement.

Email. Even in this dark age when most use a web based (i.e. readable by a megacorp) email client, a fair number are still using real mail user agents. Imagine if you will, what would happen if ONE of those clients, in the decades PGP/GPG has been legal, had built in support for it out of the box. Seamless, transparent. During install it looks for an existing keyring and uses that or prompts to create one. It registers the key on several keyservers automatically. Then it begins signing every outbound message and attaching the public key. If it sees such a message come in it automatically harvests the key and checks it against the keyservers. At which point it encrypts any future messages to that address. Seeing those keys would encourage users of other mail clients to want that feature. Soon a good portion of all mail traffic would be end to end encrypted.

Sounds easy, because it would be easy to implement. Yet the number of mail clients doing so is exactly zero. Not even EMACS Mail from the FSF does it, and GNUPG is another FSF Project. Nothing does. Zero is a magic number, it tells us somebody is applying pressure to keep the number at zero. Across a lot of countries. You can have all the plugins to do crypto you want, because that assures only cryptoweenies will bother. But you can't have it as the default.


Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the state's red flag bill into law on Tuesday, but many sheriffs are still vowing to oppose it.

Of course her saying something so ineffectual confirms she has no actual authority to remove a local sheriff. This is the future, both sides simply ignoring the laws it doesn't like in areas it can control.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) decried U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell's appointment as Acting Director of National Intelligence.

So? That makes him better qualified than 90% of the other appointed people in this administration.

Between the Senate sitting on a confirming nominees and so many refusing to submit their lives to lawfare, Trump is having a really hard time with staffing.

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So? That make him better qualified than 90% of the other appointed people in this administration.

Between the Senate sitting on a confirming nominees and so many refusing to submit their lives to lawfare, Trump is having a really hard time with staffing.


The business-friendly proposal is being pushed amid a stalled effort to more broadly overhaul immigration laws.

So this is a policy Politico and all of the establishment wants and they break a leak about it to try to stir up Trump's base about a "betrayal."

Theory 1, they hate Trump so very, very much they will act against their deepest self interest just for a chance to hurt him.

Theory 2, a total lie intended to sow discord and hurt Trump.

Apply Occam's Razor and don't even give them the click. When NumbersUSA or someone else reputable puts up a story we might need to worry.


Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg responded Sunday to Rush Limbaugh's recent homophobic remarks, saying he doesn't take "lectures on family values" from the conservative radio host and Medal of Freedom recipient.

Rush didn't actually say any of that stuff CNN is accusing him of, unfortunately. Rush refuses to call out the degenerate freak because he would be deplatformed.

Amazing how fast the Right surrendered on "gay marriage" isn't it? Sorry, the word "marriage" does not encompass such a perversion. Neither does the word for the same idea in every other human tongue. There are marriages where one male has multiple wives. Somebody once pointed me to an obscure example where one high caste woman could have multiple men. No example exists of a word for a "marriage" like social custom extending to men marrying men or women marrying women. Only in Clown World can such a thing exist.


Investigative reporter Sarah Carter said Friday it will be hard to defend against flimsy investigations and violations of civil liberties if Connecticut federal prosecutor John Durham's probe into the origins of the Russia investigation doesn't result in strong indictments.

Spoiler alert: No indictments. How many times have people got all worked and thought "this time, people are going down." and then nothing? The Swamp won't allow it, President Trump would have to initiate a self coup and make himself President in fact instead of merely holding the title. He would of course have survive the attempt, something JFK failed at.


A gold trader and noted cryptocurrency critic took to Twitter to complain he “just lost all the #bitcoin I have ever owned” after his wallet ‘forgot’ the password, drawing derision and cries of ‘OK, Boomer’ on social media.

Something for crypto fans to ponder. This sort of thing will happen more and more. BTC is a finite resource and an unknown but known to be increasing amount of it will be lost this way. No existing monetary theory exists to predict how this will impact the crypto economy because it is such a new phenomenon, Cash lost to fire and such happens but is such a small part of the money supply it is generally ignored. Gold is rarely lost, even if it is melted in a fire it is valuable enough it is typically recovered and reminted.


Maybe the guy had a point? Maybe registered Democrats should be barred the keeping and bearing of arms? They ain't Americans so the Constitution should not be a problem here.