Some 10% of the UK population is showing signs of recent infection, a doubling since October, says ONS.

So an average of 10% of people were afforded the opportunity to generate their own antibodies while the rest of us were just helplessly locked up.


Technology to help our mental wellbeing has grown in popularity during the coronavirus lockdowns.

Can it flash red when the employee is remotely terminated?


The new president will repeal Trump travel bans and re-join the Paris climate accord after being sworn in.

Your dead relatives voted for this.


Members of the extreme right initially called for armed protests ahead of inauguration, before changing their message and calling the planned events 'a trap'.

"Capitol riots: What are far-right Trump supporters saying?"

Do they identify as far-right, BBC? This is not journalism, it's taxpayer funded polemic.


The queens of season two discuss coronavirus shutting production down, and how life changed for their drag.

In other news: BBC licence fee is 'least worst' option, says new chairman.


The government is urging us to stay at home during the lockdown but are we?

Apple and Google mobility reports. Feeling protected, 6079 Smith W?


The judge orders a mental competency hearing to be held - just hours before the scheduled execution.

"mentally incompetent to be executed"

Doesn't she just have to lie down? I'm sorry I can't express any sympathy having read the charge sheet.


The father of a Reading terror attack victim asks why the killer was not considered a danger.

"We must learn the lessons from what has happened..."

For 20 years we've heard this line to excuse incompetence. What the hell happened to common sense and responsibility?


Law enforcement officials warn of plans to hold armed protests before Joe Biden's inauguration.

"Deadly violence last week"

The media gaslighting is relentless.


Top Democrats call for the president to be removed as he commits to an "orderly" transition of power.

"Armed insurrection".

Oh no! Who got shot?