All students at the secondary school must wear trousers in a uniform shake-up.

better cover up those ankles, ladies!


Alvin Kennard was sentenced to life without parole in 1983 for robbing a bakery with a knife.

He didn't get life for 'stealing $50'. He got life for committing 3 felonies in a row, including armed robbery. They make it sound like he accidentally found some money on a sidewalk and then suddenly got jailed for no reason.


Adut Akech says she has been deeply affected by the error in WHO Magazine.

Somebody looked at that pic and thought 'that can't be the model'. I don't blame them. It literally looks like someone tried to dress up a cabbage patch kid in haute couture. The replacement looks better.

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Somebody looked at that cabbage patch face and thought 'that's not a model'. Then they pulled up a picture of the prettier girl and were like 'that must be the model!'. They don't all look alike, she's flattering herself. The one they printed was way more attractive. The agency probably did it on purpose for publicity.


International brands accused of 'exploiting' workers in Japan

More Chinese government propaganda on the BBC. Are they getting money from China too?


Michael Drejka had claimed self-defence when shooting an unarmed man in a parking dispute.

That was obviously self defense. It's not racist to defend yourself from somebody attacking you. The interviewee said 'he did nothing wrong', lol. yeah, nothing except attack a random stranger. Glad the guy is dead, he was a worthless violent scumbag. I really hope the dude gets a really light sentence. He shouldn't have even gone to trial.


Migrant families crossing the southern border of the US illegally could now be detained indefinitely.

I once heard that clandestinely dragging your infant through multiple countries illegally might compromise their health.... who woulda thunk it?!


The rule change will make it more difficult for poorer migrants to enter or remain in the US legally.

I have an unpopular opinion. Legal immigration should be made easier, and illegal should be stopped all together. If you make legal too hard to do, then more illegal will happen.

I've legally switched countries 3 times now, and the first 2 years are extremely difficult as you're starting from scratch. I took 2 years benefits when I first arrived in England via my EU citizenship, I immediately took up a fast food job at the start. I now run a business and I have paid that back now approximately 10 fold by my calculations, still paying in insanely high taxes now, and will continue doing so for the foreseeable future.

I would say give people 3 years to get their shit together, and give them a fair shot. Starting from scratch takes time. If they can't start paying in by then, that's when you boot them out.

Only allowing rich people off the bat is unfair and unreasonable. Lots of middle class and upper class people had to start from the bottom, and it does take a little time to settle in and adjust. Help at that time can accelerate that process, as it did with me.

There is a BIG difference between legals, who want to contribute and stay above board and just need a hand up, and illegals who just want to take advantage, break the law, and take a hand out.


A committee of MPs says there is a "misleading impression" the devices are completely safe.

So they're just going to ban talking to passengers in your car next. Overbearing nanny state.


Man who came to the US as a child was deported over criminal convictions amid a crackdown.

BBC: violent criminals are beacons of morality for whom we need to provide for and cherish, and deporting someone is wrong because what if they get hit by a car.

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BBC: violent criminals are beacons of morality for whom we need to provide for and cherish


Parkinson's UK trustee David Allan says the delay to his flight meant he ran out of medication.

And the airline is responsible for his illness how?