People with conditions that mean the vaccine does not work fear the removal of self-isolation rules.

An interesting headline, advocating for a tiny number of people that would face the same problem every flu season.

The BBC has not stopped and actively encouraged talking heads advocating making millions of people second class citizens because they could not or prefer not to be experimented on.


The spectacle includes a waterfall of lights, illuminated trees and projections on a Victorian glasshouse.

ABC this might be a shock but it is called Christmas! OK! you head will not explode when you say Christmas.


brake a country up in to regions it is no longer a country. who is funding you the eu! this is classic globalist tactic


you do know CO2 is plant food and is 0.04% of the air?

"appalling air quality problems" er any one remember the 70s when every one had coal fire, we had steel mills and heavy industry? the air quality is the best we have had for hundreds of years! go look at a proper manifesto

a political party that is nation wide and reached major political party status in one year.


Amnesty International claims the real death toll may be higher, with some reports suggesting as many as 200 have been killed.

it is not just about gas prices Prince Reza Pahlavi says the ongoing protest movement in Iran recognizes and decries the social, political and economic injustices of life under the Islamic Republic.

why are you missing out the most important part of the news? are you trying to misdirect people?


Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley says his party is "ready to remain and transform everything" and called its green New Deal the most "ambitious in the world". In this graph we can clearly see that increases of the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide always follow drops in sea level. Since the drops in sea level are caused by oceans cooling, the load of carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere is much smaller than the load released to the atmosphere when oceans are warming.

Something else worth considering in this comparison is that the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide has decreased as the oceans have cooled over geological time. The correlation between both phenomena —decrease of the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide and lowering of the sea level— is supporting evidence that the oceans are the secondary driver of the Earth’s climate. Certainly, the Sun is the primary driver of climate on our planet.

At the moment, the area of continental flood is almost 7%; according to climatic succession, we expect the area of continental flood to increase to almost 10%, but never so massive that it will put human populations in danger, as the IPCC has taken to suggesting almost every day. Allow me to clarify that most of the claims regarding catastrophic climate change filling the newspapers are overblown and based on data that is being arbitrarily exaggerated to blame humanity for climatic changes which are absolutely natural.


Green Party Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley says his party will look at decarbonising "every sector" of the economy to "transform" the UK by 2030.

we are all made of carbon!

or are they talking about the production of plant food CO2?


Penalising young people entering politics for ill-thought-out posts is bad for democracy, says the former NUS black students’ officer Ilyas Nagdee

"We all say things we regret. Trawling young activists’ tweets denies them a chance"

the guardian that do next to nothing but go back decades to try and find something a MP or activist once said that can now be use against them. often miss quoted and totally out of context.

the same guardian that thinks 16 year old s should vote "Looking back, I can laugh at how stupid and misguided many of those opinions were"

"That’s why I am concerned by the growth of a sinister trend: that of the press publishing screenshots of old social media statuses and tweets from young people running for political office. Screenshot leaks don’t exclusively affect young people, but I have seen many that date back to the teenage years of those running for student union roles and parliamentary positions."

so are the guardian going to stop doing it? or only for people guilty of not agreeing with the guardian.


so the Romanian town that moved to Rotherham virtually over night and live in housing benefit paid privet rented housing and claiming unemployment but working cash in hand jobs or just begging in street gangs. their kids are in school and they are making full use of the NHS are paying in more than my mum and dad that paid in all their life and have to still pay tax? pull the other one.


please define far right? you use it a lot and never do! did you get the prise for fitting in facist and nazi in to this, cough, propergander the most number of times this year?

who exactly are the facist some pepole going to a confrence affecting 0 people outside the event or the people chasing them about making threats and being abusive to prevent a peaceful conference? stand up to racism is organised and run by momentum the bully boys and enforcers of the labour / communist party. they have attacked numbers of people in the past using violence to prevent peaceful gatherings.