Cat's like, "This better be the last take, buddy."



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"They have more casualties than any comic book villain, so bad guys is fitting"

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Cat's like, "This better be the last take, buddy."


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I'm not very happy with the new interface. First, it doesn't seem to want to tell me I'm logged in when I actually am. Second, all my notifications disappeared, and third, all groups functionality has vanished and I can no longer navigate the site at all. At the moment, I would describe it as a catastrophe. Please restore the old one until it has more functionality!


Okay, so this video isn't trash like some that seem to indicate the corium is still just as nasty as the day it was made. This video is tremendously out of date on the NSC or New Safe Confinement. Back in 1986-87, the original "shelter object" (what the Russians actually call what's known as the "sarcophagus" in English) was built largely by hand using a dose-racing technique demonstrated very impressively in HBO's Chernobyl 1x4 by the guys shoveling crap off #3 hall's roof back into what was left of #4 hall. The downside with this technique is that it doesn't allow for much skilled labour: even with skilled tradesmen, they're going to be in such a mad rush to do things (having mere minutes to work at a time and not being able to return for a year), that they can't be very careful or precise. You're also going to run out of skilled tradesmen in a quick hurry and have to use rookie volunteers (conscripts in this case because no one particularly liked working for the USSR except for its top brass.) The jobs need to be kept very simple, resulting in very coarse methods of construction, and this affected the shelter object's quality to such a degree that its 30 year endurance was quite impressive.

The NSC took a different approach: they only built a few hydraulic jack support rails next to the old shelter object and then conventionally built the structure a few hundred metres west, and then pushed it over the old shelter object when it was mostly done. It reminds me of the two methods of processing orbital rockets being combined: a) you build a mobile service tower (MST) that stacks the rocket on the pad, and once ready, it rolls away from the booster for launch (seen more often at WR, especially SLC-6 designed for, but never actually launching, the Space Shuttle. ) b) you build a massive vehicle assembly building (VAB) to process the vehicles, which are then rolled out to the pad fully stacked, often complete with their launch pads, by a big vehicle which puts them down and backs away. The quintessential VAB is the huge building on Merritt Island which dominates the skyline for about thirty miles, and the NSC isn't much smaller! The NSC also features the advantage of having a bunch of room and equipment allowing it to dismantle the shelter object and actually work on the reactor debris.

The biggest problem with the elephant's foot is not that it is still hot (it's less than a thousandth as radioactive as when it was discovered and only a fraction of a degree warmer than its environment), it's that its own radiation has corroded it into a loose pile of dust and gravel and, should it fall or have something fall on it, you'll get a really nasty dust cloud of mostly strontium-90, cesium-137, and ugly actinides that have mercury-like toxic effects in addition to their radioactivity. Fortunately, none of that stuff can form nasty radioactive gases, but strontium-90 is chemically similar to calcium and goes straight into your bones if you're exposed to it. Bones have marrow, and bone marrow cancer is leukemia, one of the most common chronic radiation sicknesses seen after Hiroshima and Nagasaki for this exact reason.


About five thousand Dissenter comments ago, this happened to me:


My habits have not changed since, so you can check out my Gabs and Dissents and see how accurate that is. The world is moving back towards Genesis 6 just like Matthew 24 said it would. Jesus is coming soon, so it might be worth learning more about Him.


Everybody knows America is number one, which is why, even among the hating class of Americans, no one ever leaves. Ta-Nehisi Coates and Spike Lee haven’t moved to France. Gavin Newsom isn’t moving to Mexico. Colin Kaepernick isn’t moving to Cuba.

"Nike supported him by withdrawing the Betsy Ross-flagged sneaker. That’s right, the American flag, in any form, is now apparently a toxic symbol."

Do you prefer the swatstika? Hammer and sickle? Bundle of sticks? You trashtards obviously prefer totalitarianism to freedom, so go to hell, and fly whatever flag you damn well please once you get there.


The 8-year-old child actor who went viral for impersonating Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, is no longer going to make videos due to death threats and harassment she and her family have received.

Leftards harrassing an 8 year old girl is actually believable. I have noticed a lot of accusations of leftards being harrassed by- ...well, I'll call them "conservatives" instead of all the labels I see from the backwards on the left. But based on actual outbreaks of violence, I'm pretty sure almost all of the leftards claims of regular harrassment and death threats are bullshit, and the claims of this little girl are real.

Whoever is doing this can drop dead as far as I'm concerned.


Social media platform Twitter has begun adding labels to tweets from certain verified accounts that break the site's rules rather than deleting or removing them, which will affect tweets by President Donald Trump that Twitter decides are inappropriate for its platform. The site will also "deprioritize" labeled tweets, so fewer people will see them. 

Why don't populist conservative politicians just switch over to Gab? Is @a asking them not to because he knows it'll crash us for days?


Palmetto State Armory responded to Nike's decision to pull its Betsy Ross Flag shoes by releasing gun parts with the flag etched on them.

Suck it, Nike!!!


"...the dumbest thing I've read in- ...minutes."


ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

"I dindu nuffin ossifer" - the fire