The Klan-affiliated group was confined to the courthouse square, and the members were separated from protestors by a fence.

Its like the Witch hysteria of a few centuries ago. Everything bad that happened was because of Wiltches everywhere. Now everything bad that happens is because there are Nazies everywhere. The Left actually want and need this to show how virtuous they are when they oppose them.


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Hypercritical Owen Jones claiming that Brexit is right wing....but just a few years ago he wrote this article.

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2019-25-Sa 12:25:09 pm

Hypercritical Owen Jones claiming that Brexit is right wing....

I believe there has been an earthquake in Great Britain with the epicenter being Westminster.

6:15 "What's wrong with compromise, something that will bring both sides together" When you elect a party to govern and it wins a majority you expect it to form a government. If the opposition says "Lets compromise and let us share government" it means the looser always ends up in government. voting would be pointless.


A primary school at the centre of ongoing protests against LGBT+ equality lessons will be forced to close early on Friday over safety fears. Anderton Park school in Birmingham, which has been the scene of daily protests for several weeks, will shut its doors at lunchtime for the half-term break.  

Oh dear, the Islamophobic Independent calling Muslims "unpleasant" eat away, far left, eat away. btw not one mention of the ideology behind the protests - if they were Christians, the word would have been plastered all over the page.


The long read: In 2017, I started getting regular messages from an anonymous Twitter user telling me my religion was ‘evil’. Eventually I responded – and he agreed to meet face to face

What a coincidence that this person just disappeared from the face of the earth when the story ended. lol Lies.

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2019-39-Th 09:39:52 am

What a coincidence that this person just disappeared from the face of the earth when the story ended. lol


REMAINER MP Joan Ryan, who left the Labour Party and defected to Change UK earlier this year, has been compared to fictional character David Brent after making an “embarrassing” for votes.

"Look at your hands, please. If they are smooth and soft you've never done a day's work in your fucking life Welcome to change UK the party for European bureaucrats

Stephen, noooooo! It's a hate symbol now! People of obviously sound mental health have said so! Follow me on Bitchute:

What if someone started a rumour that clicking fingers (instead of clapping hands) has been adopted by white supremacists. See how fast the SJWs stop that stupid finger clicking!


Despite 60 years of union there are no real cross-border parties. But times are changing

Extremely retarded article.

"These laws are massive obstacles to a European democracy. They need to be harmonised." Ah, if only we had such modern-day euphamistic terminology when the Third Reich was 'harmonising' its way across Europe.

"..there’s no doubt people feel the cross-border fears, hopes and challenges are the same all over [Europe],” said Volt’s Venzon. “Jobs, the environment.." people feel the same all over the world 'cross-border' as the article puts it (as if borders mean nothing).


As we prepare to elect a new European parliament, the far right is riding high and threatening to reset the power balance

The "great divide" is apparently the "far right" versus "liberals", according to the Guardian. The term "Far right" is mentioned 6 times in the article but its logical opposite, the "far left" is not mentioned at all! This is because the Guardian, the mouthpiece of the far left, thinks that everyone else has drifted to the right and that the far left are, in fact cuddly fluffy "liberals" like antifa and Owen Jones and Jeremy Corbyn.