(THE COLLEGE FIX) – An Emily Carr University professor who made a career as an indigenous artist and scholar has resigned after it was discovered she is white. “Gina Adams was among a group of faculty hired in a cluster in 2019 as part of a ‘commitment to reconciliation, Indigenization and decolonization,'” the Vancouver Sun…

How does one "de-colonize" a country that is itself a colony, without abandoning it? Usually, I have to use for fraud and deceit, but as Adams was using it to bypass her university's anti-white discrimination, I have no objection to what she did, at all.

Affirmative Action has been going on for so long that those who were small children when it began are elderly, now. At what point do we get to call government mandated institutionalized racism what it is? Deceit is to be condemned, usually, because it denies those deceived of the freedom to make informed choices, but when those choices aren't ones that a person should be free to make, then does that argument still apply?

Why should white people accept the idea of being relegated to second class citizenship in their own countries?


San Carlos, California – A young mother of two was beheaded in front of horrified witnesses Thursday morning. The suspect, identified as Jose Landaeta Solano, severed his ex’s head with what was described as a “samurai sword.” Solano has a violent criminal past, NBC Bay Area reported. The victim, who has not been identified, had…

"Solano has a violent criminal past, NBC Bay Area reported."

Does anybody still want to argue that life imprisonment for serial offenders is too harsh?


A group that fights against sexual exploitation is applauding Instagram for removing PornHub from its platform after advocating for its removal for nearly three years.

Some of you, on seeing that title, might have had the same instant reaction I did - the thought that however repulsive porn might be, that it couldn't be said to be "exploitive" if those making it were of sound mine and freely agreed to take part. But keep reading, because the news would seem to be that the situation was not so simple as that. Pornhub was hosting kiddie porn, we're told.

Adults can make their own mistakes, but children are a different story. I just checked, and at this time, Pornhub is still online. It has merely lost its pages on a few social networks. I hope that it loses far more than that, but getting such sites shut down can be surprisingly difficult.

If you have been frequenting that site, we needn't discuss that, but I will give you some friendly advice which you'd probably be well advised to take. Possession of child pornography is an absolute liability offense, that criminal liability still existing in cases in which the child is nearly an adult and could be mistaken for one by a reasonable man. Therefore, if you have been to that site, clear your cache and history, because even temporary files can qualify as prohibited content. Delete all downloads that might have been from that site, because if PH was letting porn with small children on its site and was taking part in their grooming, one can be fairly sure that the site and its users didn't shy away from using teens.

The key fact about an absolute liability offense is that one's lack of knowledge that one was committing the crime in question (not to be confused with a lack of knowledge of the law) in no way reduces the penalty for violating it. Thus the expression "jail bait." It applies in this case, so don't think that your intent to stay within the bounds of the law will get you off the hook. It won't, as any lawyer will tell you.

There are three of those in my family, so I'm not just guessing about this. I asked. Just get rid of that trash, now, for your own good, if you have it. And then sin no more? 😇

Aside from trying to make sure that nobody reading this ends up in prison by tripping across the law, I'm not trying to tell anybody how to live, but I would invite those who do watch those videos to ask themselves why they do so. What can those images up on the screen give you that a real girlfriend (or, better) wife can not? Is this not a (as we have just seen) potentially dangerous and unsatisfying substitute for something you'd be far likelier to find, were you not putting yourself in the mood for that which you're not likely to have on a first date, anyway? Is the viewing of such content not a self-defeating practice that aggravates the problem it is meant to address? If so, then why do that to yourself, at all?

Pornhub wasn't the first site to sink to this.. It won't be the last. Why risk it?


There is no compelling evidence linking bats to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Israeli scientists have said

This is driving me crazy. Evidence gets found that none other than Fauci himself was personally responsible for the creation of Covid-19, funded using money extracted from taxpayers in the US, through gain of function research and ... and ...

It all gets forgotten. The Coronavirus drama has been following something that looks more like the logic of a dream than it should anything taking place in real life, with plot points just fading away and being forgotten, as if they had never happened.


At least 11 mass shootings have occurred across mostly Democrat-run cities nationwide during Labor Day weekend so far, killing at least 15 people, according to Gun Violence Archive.

"Mass shootings have occurred in cities including Saint Paul, Minnesota, Charleston, South Carolina, Chicago, Philadelphia and Cleveland, killing at least 15 people during Labor Day weekend so far, according to the Gun Violence Archive. Most of the cities are run by Democratic mayors."

But, hey, at least some of us are sort of safe - the gang members carrying out the mass shootings. Because our woke landlords have been happy to act as government agents, forbidding their law abiding residents to have guns of their own, turning our second amendment rights into a technicality. The policies that the city had to back off on, because the courts made them do so, are now written into our leases, almost everywhere we go.

This means that the mass shooters seldom have to worry that anybody will return fire, as long as they avoid victims who look rich enough to afford new homes. As the rest of us are running around in hand-me-downs in order to cut expenses, the numerous poor can generally be distinguished between from the potentially armed rich, and the life expectancy of the city's mass shooters is thus increased.

Our government at work, God bless its soul.


Higher education institutions have implemented diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives to vet students and faculty rather than evaluating them on their merits.

Wondering whether they've thought of the natural consequence of such a policy - patients refusing to see qualified Black doctors, our of a reasonable concern that those doctors couldn't live up to the same standards as other physicians.

Diversity initiatives are a boon to the incompetent, but a curse for everybody else. Which perhaps is why the Left loves them so.


Would somebody please tell him that his fifteen minutes are over?


Fun fact: Asthma is a disability, too, and until activists created drama about the fact in 2020, the CDC itself listed any condition that led to impaired breathing in its list of conditions that made masking inappropriate.

I'm pleased to say that Prof. Jahred Adelman has protected his tweets. At least in my experience, there haven't a lot of deranged leftists in Physics, but there's one of them. May he never live it down. Normally, I'm opposed to things like dogpiling, but in a case like this, it sounds like good clean fun.


Joe Biden made a bizarre and passive aggressive comment targeting “brave right-wing Americans” Tuesday, during an political rally in Pennsylvania touting his…

From the article:

"'And for those brave right-wing Americans who say it’s all about keeping Americans independent and safe, you want to fight against the country? You need an F-15, you need something a little more than a gun,' Biden told the smallish crowd in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. 'No, I’m not joking,' he added, even though no one was laughing. 'Think about this. Think about the rationale we use.'"

Think about the fact that the current, supposed president of the United States has no understanding of the concept of asymmetric warfare, even after the debacle in Afghanistan, which reached its conclusion on his watch. Either that, or he's being dishonest with the American people, as he argues for the dismantling of an amendment designed to ensure that the people will be able to defend themselves from tyranny. This, after he engaged in some tyranny of his own, and when the Supreme Court did right and said "no" to him, openly floated the idea of packing the Court, undermining the independence of the Judiciary.

Given the severity of the man's dementia and the size of his ego, either possibility is believable, but neither is compatible with the idea that he is at all fit to hold office. Not that Kamala would be an improvement.

We need them both gone after the next election. But as long as the votes go on being counted in corrupt urban offices, good luck getting that to happen.


Higher education may be the most damning domestic institution our country must battle against, as student loans crush college-educated workers and colleges seek…

"So, why are IQ tests de facto illegal for employers wishing to screen applicants?"

Speaking as somebody who both went to graduate school, and scored well on his IQ test, I think I can answer that. What one does in school as one earns a real degree is a real accomplishment. That 200+ score I got on my IQ test was an inherently meaningless parlor trick.

I've met some blithering idiots during my on-again, off-again membership in Mensa, the sort of people who inspired the now traditional cry of "retest," and I have yet to meet even one person at one of those meetings (myself included) who, to date, has revolutionized Physics. Einstein (supposedly IQ 160) did just that.

I would have to have real concerns about a system that would put maybe half of my classmates ahead of the man who developed Special and General Relativity in line for research jobs. I'm not saying that my classmates aren't bright guys. They demonstrably are, but come on.

Einstein? I guarantee that if Einstein were to come back to life and show up at one of our departmental teas, that he would not be one of the slow guys in the room. But thank you to whoever wrote this piece for thinking that he would be, I guess.

A test is one afternoon's worth of barely noticeable stress. A serious degree is years worth of hard work, commitment and sacrifice, yes, even for people with high IQ scores. It is not a royal road to anything, and it's certainly not the easy way of doing anything, which might be why some people would like to get rid of that option, but there is no real substitute for doing the work, if one's going to try to demonstrate one's ability to do that work.

This seems like such an obvious truth that I'm dismayed that I even have to say it. But, hey, if somebody wants to hire me and pay me, what, a seven figure salary because of where I fell on that Bell Curve because of that parlor trick I did a few years ago, cool. I can't promise you that I'll know what I'm doing, because there's so vastly more that I don't know than there is that I do know, but I wouldn't mind the raise in pay.

Which would be more than enough to let me move out of Chicago, for keeps.

Hmmm ... forget what I said, earlier. This is a great idea, and everybody should run with it. So send those job offers in, now, and give no thought whatsoever to the fact that my ex-girlfriend would beat me at Chess, nine games out of ten. That test is everything. Honest.