Swiss nationals who do not explicitly ‘opt out’ during their lifetimes will now be assumed to have consented to become organ donors

I think we can now expect a lot of "mistakes" to occur, followed by nothing more than insincere apologies from the offending parties who disregarded the stated wishes of the non-consenting organ donors.

Opt-out invites abuse.


Finland has officially decided to join the NATO military alliance, the country’s government said in a statement

Thinking that they'd be wise to immediately seek out an alliance with Sweden, while they wait a few weeks for an approval that might or might not come, given that the president of Turkey has expressed his doubts about this expansion, citing alleged support for Kurdish separatism in the two countries.

Sweden has had thermonuclear weapons, briefly, in the not so distant past, having manufactured them, itself. It has the technology to make these weapons and could do so, again, so the Russians would be ill-advised to go to war with Sweden or any of its allies.

Be an awful, awkward shame if Finland was invaded while that approval was pending, wouldn't it? Highly awkward, as NATO would have to then enter that war in order to maintain credibility, bringing it into direct conflict with Russian forces. Let's hope that doesn't happen.


In a letter obtained by American Greatness, the U.S. Department of Justice is threatening defendants charged with seditious conspiracy in the sprawling Oath…

Waiting for the part of the story in which the federal prisons are officially called "gulags." This isn't America, any more.


As a result of the attack, three adults were injured and the baby suffered multiple bite wounds and a fractured hip.

Mothers are awesome. Everybody should have one.

But maybe pit bulls aren't a good breed to have around one's children, even if a few pit bull owners don't like hearing that. One doesn't hear about a lot of potentially lethal golden retriever attacks.


"Pope Francis has removed a Puerto Rican bishop from office over allowing conscientious objections to COVID-19 vaccine shots, some of which were made from the mutilated parts of aborted fetuses.

Bishop Daniel Fernández Torres led the Diocese of Arecibo for over ten years, but was asked to abdicate the post because he 'had not been obedient to the pope nor had I been in sufficient communion with my brother bishops of Puerto Rico.'

On March 9, Pope Francis replaced Torres in the diocese. The Vatican gave no reasoning for their decision. Bishop Álvaro Corrada del Río, bishop emeritus of Mayagüez, replaced him. Torres is outspoken about the injustice behind his removal.

'I deeply regret that in the Church where mercy is so much preached, in practice some lack a minimum sense of justice,' Torres said in a March 9 declaration on the diocesan website."

In order to believe that Pope Francis is worthy of the title "his holiness," I'd have to believe in a deity who was capable of behavior that would be beneath me, a mere human being. Arbitrary power flexes engaged with no regard for moral principles are something seen out of narcissists, not sane human beings, and most certainly not those being at all guided by their personal connection with an all knowing, ever righteous creator.

I don't know if God is real, but I feel quite certain that the pope is not His representative on Earth. If God is real, then He is my better in every way. That which would be beneath me would have to be infinitely far beneath Him, and therefore beneath those more in His presence than I am. A pope truly worthy of the office he holds would have to be a saint, and this fellow clearly isn't. He's nothing more than a politician in clerical garb.

This is why, while I could picture myself becoming a Protestant were my faith stronger than it is, I could never be a Catholic. Protestant ministers do questionable things, too, but there is no pretense that they are anything more than fallible men. Their failures are those of flawed human beings and reflect only on them. But a pope, given that he is said to be infallible when speaking ex cathedra on matters of faith, must be seen as a source of spiritual crisis for the believer when he is so clearly unworthy of respect as Francis has been.

At some point, one should ask "where was God when this fellow was appointed." The answer, perhaps is "everywhere, of course, but you might have a better chance of hearing Him in another church, because He's getting drowned out by the competition in this one.


In October 2020, a far-left ‘private security guard’ for 9News shot and killed a Trump supporter during dueling rallies. The deadly shooting took place during a clash at a pro-Trump rally and a counter “protest” by the militant leftists. Matthew Dolloff was taken into custody and charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of…

The usual takeaway - liberals can do whatever they want to conservatives, and the law will look the other way. In this case, as the liberal shoots somebody's grandfather.


La Maison de la Poutine said it "seems necessary" to remind diners its name and signature dish are "unrelated to the Russian regime and its leader."

It is the first trend I ever started. Enjoy! 😆

And be sure to tell all of your smartassed Parisian friends, because this is great ammunition.


Why do people trust them? Because they'll be cancelled if they don't. The Left is in their corner because they've given the Left the opportunity to take over the lives of others, and when was the last time that the Left rose above the level of bullying in its defense of its positions?

But yes, the CDC is a shady outfit, and this business with trying to disguise the harm done to children by their unscientific calling for masking by changing those child development guidelines while people weren't looking is exactly the sort of behavior I've come to expect out of them. In general, when you go to their website and find something useful, what you need to do is archive it immediately, using Archive Today and the Internet Archive, because the CDC absolutely will rewrite the record for the sake of political convenience, if it thinks it will be able to get away with doing so.

Remember, this is the same group of people who ended up claiming that asthma didn't cause breathing problems, after a pack of wokies created drama about asthmatics getting medical exemptions to the mask mandates. This is their style.


SALT LAKE CITY - A homeless man is accused of slitting the throat of a Utah woman after she allowed

"The victim was transported to a local hospital for emergency surgery and was later upgraded to critical but stable condition.'

Thank God. Let's hope she doesn't make the same well-intentioned mistake a second time.

There is no nice way to say this, so I'll just say it and to Hell with the optics. Speaking as somebody who lives in a major city and has dealt with the homeless before, I can tell anybody who asks that most of the homeless are psychotic and should be avoided, not even talked to like they're people. I know that sounds horrible, but the last thing you should want to get is the attention of a psychopath. Just walk on, try not to acknowledge them, and if they don't respect your lack of respect, call the cops on them.

What will happen, next? In my neighborhood, I find that when the cops arrest one of these guys, I never see him, again. Why is that? I don't know. Maybe they beat him up and he's too scared to come back. Maybe he ends up in one of those "black sites" that we hear about, and nobody is ever going to see him again. Maybe they are killed, their bodies are cremated and their ashes flushed down the toilet at the station they're brought into. I don't know. There's just one thing I'm clear on.

I don't care. Does somebody think I should care? Then how sad for them, but maybe they need to have a talk with the next of kin of that girl who got shoved in front of an on-coming subway car by one of the "downtrodden unfortunates" and bled to death under the train. These are not harmless people, as a group.

"But what about the victims of downsizings, the people whose businesses were forcibly shut down by the government during the Covid panic, and other genuine victims of circumstance?", somebody might ask and yes, they exist. I'm sure we've all read the stories about that engineer who ended up living under a viaduct over an interstate because of outsourcing, but let's note a few key points ...

  1. He wasn't in a city. He was out in the middle of nowhere.
  2. He was White, and (formerly) professional class.
  3. The violent offending party in this news story was Black.
  4. Affirmative action has been around for decades.

To merely be destitute is not enough, on its own, to make one into a homeless person. One has to be homeless without a base of support. This seems to happen in two main ways.



Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau is seeking emergency powers to quell the Freedom Convoy protests

Those bouncy castles are pretty scary.