Georgia-based attorney Lin Wood is getting lots of attention for urging supporters of President Donald Trump to break with the president.

For all we know Lin is aware that these Republicans are no good, we've already seen in the past that Trump backed republicans stick the knife in afterwards, Brian Kemp is one of them. Trump helped him get elected. Campaigned for him only for him to allow this fraud to continue.

What's the point of voting for two new republicans that won't help us fix the system. They are part of the swamp. Breitbart is clearly now an establishment outfit who is trying to undermine our goal of preventing the dems from stealing the elections. You think Republicans aren't on the take as well. Any of them that are unwilling to look in to this fraud are. And should be investigated for it. They took a fucking oath to uphold the constitution.

They start hit-pieces on Lin once they realize that he is going after all of them not just Dems. The same happened with Tucker and Sidney.

It comes across as fear to me.


(DAILY WIRE) – Anybody who has issues with the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) instituting new diversity quotas in order to qualify for Best Picture can "f*** off," according to "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star Andy Samberg. Speaking with Variety's Awards Circuit podcast about his new film "Palm Springs," Samberg said that Academy's diversity…

Who are they talking to, the vast majority of people have already done 5 years ago after they started pulling that shit. In the Oscars so white garbage, despite the fact that blacks win comparable to their population percentage.

They don't excel at acting, they do excel at rape, robbery and murder though.


On Monday, the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) informed President Trump that it would cost him $7.9 million for a recount of the state’s votes. The

Yes let's pay 8m dollars for them to do a half assed bullshit recount that won't examine any of the ballots to sort out illegal ballots from legal ballots. Get fucked.

This is just them trying to milk money, use the legal system to contest the certification, force audits that way, don't pay for a useless recount that will go nowhere.

Why pay the corrupt scum that made it that way in the first place. Everyone involved in this fraud should be drawn and quartered. Literally, in minecraft.


America needs to consider Joe Biden (D) the president-elect, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) said Thursday on CNN.

I'm just going to assume that any one that says shit like this is involved in the fraud that went on, no one questioned a recount in 2016, or 2000. Why would we be questioning one now? Only because the people who don't want questions asked blatantly cheated.

I bet if he lost his gubernatorial race that he would be the first one asking for a recount, piece of shit.


Barack Obama stated that President Donald Trump's claims of widespread election fraud are "one more step in delegitimizing" democracy.

You spied on an incoming president after he was elected to try and stop him from taking office.


Ingraham, who has long backed Trump, appeared to send the president advice Friday night to bow out of the White House race gracefully in order to preserve his 'legacy'.

Get fucked cunt, we will never give up. We are seeing fraud of mathematic impossibilities. We will not take it.


If this cunt actually gets elected (I don't think he will) then America is finished, it will be a horrible time. And any one that actually voted for this corrupt piece of shit will get what they fucking deserve.


Strong words coming from James Brown.


Pedro Pascal, star of the Star Wars series "The Mandalorian," urged his 486 thousand Twitter followers to "vote against family separations" in the 2020 elections.

When I see someone say 'vote against family separation' what I'm really hearing is: vote for coyote pedophile sex/drug trafficking.

I'd vote against the party that wants complete strangers with no paperwork to walk into the country with a minor that we can't prove are their legal guardians, rather than voting for them because it feels good. The cold and dark reality is that bad people take advantage of good people.

We need to protect the children coming across the border, find their original parents and send them back. And if it happens that they are the real parents they can go back to their original country.


A new ad in support of the Biden-Harris ticket predicts that under a Trump administration police officers will drag pregnant teens from their cars in order to prevent them from getting an abortion. The ad, titled “Traffic Stop,” was created by the Super PAC Meidas Touch, and depicts a mother and daughter trying to cross […]

Worst ad I've ever seen, this would never happen, even if Roe v Wade were repealed, whoever made this abortion of a video has no legal understanding. RvW if repealed would leave the decision back to the state level, there would be nothing to stop people from going across state lines to get an abortion. Even if such a law existed, the police would not be able to arrest a person even if they suspected they were going across state lines as there would need to be probable cause for an a search to be made, and simply being pregnant is not probable cause, nor would it be a valid arrest as a result.

I realize these moron leftists have no understanding of constitutional law, but if this were to happen, it would be a violation of the 4th, and 5th amendments.