If the Proud Boys have their event and no "anti"fa shows up, PB have their event completely peacefully and disperse without a trace. No problems, no violence.

Only times there are problems is when "anti"fa shows up and starts attacking people.

And if there are no proud boys around "anti"fa still starts attacking random people like apparently this latest in Portland. They have attacked POC and other minorities and women etc. that dare to record their actions or disagree with them.

They have amongst other things harassed black police and other government officials and berated then racially and even bombed their facilities.

And in comparison Proud Boys 'might start to do something' maybe perhaps sometime - if we wish strongly enough. Only thing I have found is confrontation in New York where proud boys attacked "anti"fa or other way around. Pretty much simultaneously. Proud boys started running, "anti"fa throwed bottle at them. Then they beat each others.

And if for "demonization of leftist activists" all it takes to point camera at them and start recording there is a serious problem right(=left) there.


Meredith Whittaker previously said she faced retaliation from the search giant.

Google is no longer not evil at it starting to show more and more. Like with James Damore and now this.


After President Trump invited a group of right-wing and fringe media figures to the White House for a “social media summit” on Thursday, the event ended with a former presidential adviser and a CNN political analyst getting into a heated exchange in the Rose Garden.

"Karem said something inaudible that prompted Gorka to charge across the garden and get in front of him."

Funny thing, when you watch the video (e.g. here https://youtu.be/Q0zGyTC2BBg?t=14 ) there there is nothing "inaudible" in that clip. Gorka wanted to "go outside to have a conversation" almost like he was wanting to fight.


Controversial academic enlists failed Ukip MEP candidate Carl Benjamin to test subscription-only platform

Could it be that articles like this are one of the main reasons why Guardian and other similar propaganda sites have reduced to spam their "please, oh my deity, please please support us!" links (4 bloody begging links on one (1) page alone?!) when countless people are happy to pour their hard earned money to Peterson voluntarily AFTER they listen him talk when it's obvious he's anything BUT far right (or far anything).

Far right hates him as much as left because he is not an identitarian nor a collectivist like both of those idiots ideologues are.

Could it be that the old quote: "you can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time." is pretty foretelling?

In the long run the fall will happen even to one as respected as Guardian was that time when they had not been caught enough times from these kinds of smear pieces. So funny and 'peculiar' how the credibility of the MSM is creeping lower and lower every year and the begging intensifies.

A toilet paper is both more cheaper and more useful than this kind of rag. One can use that to get rid of the shit instead of reading it.


What's the problem? It's not like are many journalist in Huffpost if any.

And like with this piece most "news" outlets just seem to be quote-parroting each other, most of them are nothing but glorified bulletin boards so there should not be no fear there either.

And if we go to the meat, pretty much what Chris Newman here said. Same outlet's have no problem promoting various level of violence and disturbance and "activism" against someone who has different political opinions than them (e.g. anyone Trump related or someone not hating Trump) but woe is on them when someone happens to just depict a "journalist" in some negative light or like here as some random npc that happens to be the target like in this game.

Different shooting games have had targets from grocery store clerks to cops and all the way to presidents. Also with the likeness of Trump.

Is there many more insecure and thin skinned bunches out there than you average MSM "journalist"?

And if we go even deeper pretty much every serious or comprehensive game violence study even shows that playing games does not make a player more aggressive nor violent, mostly temporary frustrations during the game if the game has a hard boss fight etc., but in general quite the opposite.

And societal violence studies support that. Pretty much every nation or area that have had a steady rise popularity of gaming, level of violence have steadily declined throughout same decades when videogames have become more and more popular.

Correlation does not equal causation, but if violent games would cause violence there should be at least SOMETHING to indicate that, but data seems to be totally against it. Games, also those games that have violence are more popular and "realistic" as ever - and serious societal violence still just diminishes.


Carl Benjamin — the YouTuber known as Sargon of Akkad — has repeatedly used the n-word and anti-gay slurs, while also last year suggesting Jewish people are using the Holocaust to engage in identity politics.

Why is Mark Di Stefano constantly writing stories about raping some MP? is he all right in the head?


Wikileaks was great until they published things about Clinton's. Then they suddenly morphed to Russian propaganda when the wind changed. :)

Also the irony of WP talking about ethicality or norms of journalism or accountability in general.

Has anyone proven things Wikileaks has ever published to be false?


Grocery chain Waitrose has apologized after being accused of racism over the names of three chocolate ducklings.

Ah, another great "news" about some racists salty twitter comment. "Journalism" at it finest.

And the outrage itself facepalm. The first one is brown too, why haven't it got some nasty name them? Because the last one is easy.

H.C.Andersen's story about ugly duckling and the spotty duckling is the "ugliest" of that bunch, hence the name. People who racialize every even mundane thing pretty much out themselves as a racist that they are.


Not a great sign if the sideshow cat stoles the show from the titular character.

Really hope they don't ruin the Endgame with CM who seems to be a . I'm not even a very big superhero fan but the Infinity War was a enjoyable movie all in all. Throwing in some throwaway character and ruin it would be a shame.

Maybe they should use the cat instead if it has all the charisma?