Was hoping for a Children of Time mention and he goes with Dune. Gotta say I am a little disappointed.

UPDATE: This is a 6th? 7th? Re-post. The first was immediately hit with "unsuitable for advertisers" because of Youtube's poor algorithmic moderation, and I ...

Lethal doses of alcohol (ethanol):

Cats 6,0g / per kg (body weight)

Dogs 5,5 g / kg

Humans 3,5 g / kg

And no, cats can metabolize alcohol they aren't missing some enzyme.

Cats (and dogs) do however have decreased glucuronidation. Which means they can NOT properly metabolize most common human pain killers like paracetamol, morphines etc.

I am relatively sure that is where this urban myth stems from. And the fact that when you try to google any of this in English you only find blogs by Karen.


I live in an urban area. I was in the military. I go hunting from time to time, rarely though.

Why do you need a specific kind of weapon, with a specific firing mechanism, to shoot boars? Do you think you are going to full auto 50 boars that charge you? The effective range for a weapon on automatic fire is pretty bad. Get a rifle, get to a saveish distance, single fire the fuckers if you have to.

When you see a bunch of boars charging you run bitch! I have, obviously, never been in that situation but if you can't figure that much out by yourself... idk don't go outside, I guess.


A bit ironic how his point is: false flag = bad.

Then he completely ignores the fact that at least one of the shooters was on "his side". Then he blames Trump.

I bet he actually looked through his Twitter history to see if he was retweeted or liked by that guy.

Jimmy boi is part of the problem. He blames everyone outside his bubble and calls everyone a fascist who he doesn't agree with.

I can literally copy and paste pretty much any fact about immigration. And get called a Nazi by this guy and a cuck by the retards on the other side.

Well then, your only solution is to fight it out Jimmy and I sure as shit won't bet on your fat ass winning that fight. So how about you get your head out of your ass and think for a moment?


DNS.WATCH is a fast, free and uncensored DNS-Server (or more specific, a DNS resolver). Service is provided world-wide and free-of-charge for everyone.


They blocked 8ch.net after mass shootings in the U.S.

My old pihole was, mistakenly, still configured to forward to dns.watch.

When I tried to dig 8ch to check if they are being DDOSed or if they actually took their own DNS down my queries were just DROPPED.

My local bind9, obviously, works fine. So does LVL3 and even google.

Fuck these guys.

I've been banned from Twitter. Find out why. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who supports me via PayPal. Your donations are what allow me to keep SPEAKING OUT....

Fuck off Silicon Valley.

I want to say unbelievable but its not...


This is how you breed resentment.

There are so many assholes all over the world, no matter which group of people you look at. That obviously includes trannies.

What they are doing is give this absolute minority a special status aka more rights than the rest of us who are in the overwhelming majority. How long do they think they can play that game?

There are plenty of experiments that show how social interactions on this level work. When you give one monkey special rights, the group will notice that and turn on that monkey. At which point it is going to get beaten at every opportunity even though he doesn't really know why.

You can see this in these comments and you can, probably, see that behavior in yourself. Its getting really hard to not just go "fuck all trannies".

This is dangerous on so many levels and the the prefect example of what "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" means.

Equality doesn't work like that. How can you be this retarded big tech!?

This week truly has been eye opening in terms of Youtube coverage by the folks over at the defranco show, the young turks and others. #Youtube #News

Google in good ol' totalitarian fashion calls a group which main purpose is to discus hidden censorship and suppression of political opponents "transparency-and-ethics" group.

Gotta love how the world never changes.


Sad that I actually had to watch a couple of minutes to figure out on which side of all this RL is these days.

I miss Unfiltered RL.

Then there is the fact that he has zero Dissenter comments on the few videos I checked.

Who would have thought that the edgy boi who got banned from reddit because he refused to toe the line is now perfectly fine sucking up to Alphabet Inc.

Or at the very least so vanilla that they don't even notice him.

It has come to my attention that Jim Sterling while curiously quiet about the Vox issues he also said NOTHING about the CNET article that targeted youtube ga...

One day they will come for Jimmy Boi, too.

Given his politics he is probably going to be one of the last people to find himself on the chopping block, maybe his fat heart will explode before that anyway. If not though I will be there laughing at him.

I am not pro censorship or for replacing independent creators but when a guy gets shafted by his own ideology I will always point and laugh. Doesn't mean I think its right just means I think its funny.