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and how does nationalism mean that your country is superior, when has that ever been the case.

nationalism is when you care about your country and want to solely benefit your country, an example of this is BREXIT.

people voted to leave the EU because of its globalist nature where the politicians are completely unaccountable to the people and have never been voted for by any of the host nations they claim to represent.

why should we open our borders and destroy our culture when we could protect our culture and preserve it.

True Diversity is not multiculturalism but is the fact that these cultures exist besides I don't see Israel taking in too many refugees and why is it racist or anti-jewish to suggest that it is hypocritical for them to completely close their borders to the same people they advocate for mass migration into the west.


or another no brainer could be that if you are anti-consumer then we will just pirate the game and not give you any money.

I admit I am not a fan of Randy Pitchford or 2K games but I know many of my viewers are frustrated over issues with Borderlands 3 at launch. Unacceptable iss...
Things are getting squeezed at both ends of Youtube and I am running out of video topics that I think would be "okay" to cover. This is going to really hurt ...

do kids not have a right to free speech just as much as anyone else?

Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam has withdrawn the controversial extradition bill that sparked months of protests in Hong Kong. But according to protes...

if they start arresting everyone claiming the right to do so because you are wearing masks i could only suggest that the protester's escalate their tactics because what have you got to loose?

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2019-23-Th 11:23:30 am

if they start arresting everyone claiming the right to do so because you are wearing masks i could only suggest that the protester's increase their tactics because what have you got to loose?


'We have seen xenophobia overwhelm our nation’s capacity for compassion,' Jewish leaders tell incoming administration

hypocrites, why is it that Israel closes its borders while advocating for mass migration to western countries while it knows first hand the threat that islam poses to their culture and traditions?


its not a conspiracy theory that the white helmets work alongside terrorists in the middle east, they smuggle in aid and supplies that would weaken their forces if otherwise cut off.

some of the people in the white helmets are jihadists and there is extensive evidence to support these claims.

these terrorist groups include, Jabhat al-Nusra, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (al-Nusra Front), Jayesh al-Islam, Ahrar al-Sham, Nour al-Zinki, Jund al-Aqsa, The Islamic Army of Conquest.

https://clarityofsignal.com/2017/02/27/massive-white-helmets-photo-cache-proves-hollywood-gave-oscar-to-terrorist-group/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/KCaVrJDQOZDJ/

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"if you give them an inch they will take a mile"

If you bend the knee and set the president that there will be no resistance when they attempt to take your 2nd Amendment rights they will be emboldened to do so.

this is them testing the waters to see if people have the courage to fight and defend their rights when push comes to shove.

they use the false narrative that "White Nationalists" are the greatest threat to America when statistics show that the majority of shootings in the US from the start of the year were perpetrated by minority groups.

If you don't fight now they will take your guns and what more do you have to loose?

oh yeah, The First Amendment.

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2019-32-We 01:32:24 pm

you need to set the president that you will NOT give up your 2nd Amendment rights no matter what arguements they have for doing so.

-"if you give them an inch they will take a mile" slowly but surely if people do hand over their weapons without any resistance it will set the wrong president.

if you set this president you will lose your 2nd Amendment Rights and you will have yourselves to blame.


you say this while paying for youtube premium?

defund them by using adblockers, google adsense is a monopoly that seeks to control who can make money by displaying ads on the internet, i highly doubt pewdiepie started the "Adpocalypse"

I think that it was just an excuse to cover up the fact that they are the ones who don't want conservative content to earn revenue.

the best thing you can do is to be solely funded by your viewers and completely ditch youtube for bitchute so you can speak your mind.