US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday blamed Iran for recent drone attacks on Saudi Aramco's oil fields.

Hey Pompeo you pompous cunt, I hereby "publicly and unequivocally condemn the USA's attacks" on any country that doesn't subscribe to your Judeaophilic, war-loving fetishism.


I was going to comment on the actual page of this article, but it would not be published. The reality is (((people))) like this get away with a huge amount of things because the (((judges))) and (((lawyers))) are the same!


Over the past few months, your news feed has no doubt been flooded with footage from Hong Kong’s massive pro-democracy protests.

" if you’re a Chinese citizen right now, you’re getting sold a story about thuggish demonstrators hurling bricks at police officers and seeking to topple the system" Hate to have to point this out to western media, but they are in fact "thuggish demonstrators hurling bricks at police officers and seeking to topple the system".


Actor and martial arts legend Jackie Chan has sparked controversy after weighing into the Hong Kong protests.

Actually his stance is not "controversial"! The vast majority of mainland Chinese (one and a quarter billion people) agree with him. Jackie's stance is actually the mainstream stance, it's western media/interests pushing their own agendas in a country that has nothing to do with them that is controversial!


Australia’s road toll has risen during what the national motoring body calls a “lost decade” in which governments had pledged to make drivers safer.

Here we go again. This will be used as ammunition in the one strategy that has minimal effect but raises the most revenue. Speeding enforcement - particularly the low level ones. Watch them increase fines for 5k over limit etc.


Seriously, This is the news? Girl wears dress in public? Kindly fuck off with your PC idiocy.


"As I held my six-month-old boy, my eyes instantly started to water. I was speechless. This is just my body."

"As an adult I decided to love myself, to eat healthily" Saying "I'm fat but I eat healthy" is like saying "I'm straight but I suck cock."

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"As an adult I decided to love myself, to eat healthily" Saying "I'm fat but I eat healthy is like saying "I'm straight but I suck cock."


I gaze up in wonder at a tiny Japanese man who has scaled a tree to pick some local fruit for me to try.

Average iodine intake in the west, approx 70mcg dailly.recommended iodine intake 150mcg daily. The Tolerable Upper Intake for adults, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, is 1,100 micrograms daily. Japanese iodine intake, approx 3 milligrams. 20 times the western recommendation. Okinawan iodine intake, approx 40mg daily. 250 times the western recommended amount.

  • Abraham GE, Brownstein D. Validation of the orthoiodosupplementation program: a rebuttal of Dr. Gaby's editorial on iodine. The Original Internist. 2005;12:184–194.

Between a sample from Okinawa where life expectancies at birth and 65 were the longest in Japan, and a sample from Akita Prefecture where the life expectancies were much shorter, intakes of calcium, iron and vitamins A, B1, B2, and C, and the proportion of energy from proteins and fats were significantly higher in Okinawa than in Akita. Conversely, intakes of carbohydrates and salt were lower in Okinawa than in Akita.

  • "Nutrition for the Japanese elderly". Nutr Health. 8: 165–75. 1992. doi:10.1177/026010609200800312. PMID 1407826.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Sir Elton John was “mistaken” about LGBT rights in Russia after the British rock star slammed Mr Putin’s “hypocrisy” on the issue.

“This feels like hypocrisy to me,” Sir Elton said. “I am proud to live in a part of the world where our governments have evolved to recognise the universal human right to love whoever we want.”

Bullshit! Then why is incest between consenting adults illegal? Sounds like hypocrisy to me.


"Their sexuality is not something they can control; it’s part of who they are. You’d have as much success asking someone to change the colour of their skin."

Using stupid arguments like that means you can't criticize pedos either for the same reasons. Or perhaps "gays" like yourself don't have the same attitude to pedos as the majority.