HENRY is tall, dark and handsome, doesn’t answer back and is always up for sex. Only thing is he isn’t real, he’s a male sex doll. Increasing numbers of British men – and women – are se…

Wow. That male sex doll does not impose an unrealistic standard of beauty at all. While not overtly trying, the article does a good job of demonstrating the differences in sexual stimulation between men and women.


A video of the Prince of Wales greeting officials at an Auschwitz event in Israel showed him walk along a row of seats, shaking hands with guests, but did not shake hands with Mike Pence.

Charles still bitter over the Revolution.


David Whitney's tweet invokes the specters of feminism and intersectionalism with a sprinkle of meme culture to express his perspective on making .NET more attractive and relevant. Ignoring this part, his bullet-points of "solutions" are already addressed in various forums, already, leading me to believe the problem is not what he thinks.

".NET truly will never be cool, or exciting, if it's forever a bunch of 40yo greybeards on a stage giving boring lectures."

Right. Instead we should have multiple disparate events lacking structured agendas with Millennials and Zoomers bouncing around the stage spouting Adderal-induced babbling run-on sentences. Not what I consider "cool" and "exciting." There is a reason the "40yr old greybeards [...] giving boring lectures" has endured for literally millennia.

Not to be mistaken, I like the idea of a multi-track seminar series addressing the individually interesting applications complementing a central common-facet function.

To the source article: "The issue is real, though, and the company has a challenge in marketing C# .NET to a younger and more diverse range of developers."

What really needs to be tackled here is to determine the actual change in the environment from early 2000s when I sat in a college auditorium with a particularly diverse audience of both male and female students consisting of people of white, black, Asian, Indian, and other races and ethnicities.

The challenge for Microsoft is not the problem of diversity but that C# .NET is 20 years-old, well beyond the honeymoon period of when I was introduced to it. Back when we were given, for free, a full development kit on CDs and two days of basic training, under massive fan-fare and exaltation. Sure, a lot of similar stuff is on-line for free, but in-person events with free stuff are a draw. The interactive real world is far more attractive than the virtual on-line world into which we keep being pushed, and telling us otherwise changes nothing.

As for "[i]t is also true that the "40-year-old male" image is a problem for many technology events, not just .NET." Do we really have to re-hash what James Damore so beautifully and innocently pointed out, and has been proven by "feminist" ecosystems? That, given a choice, women tend toward the non-technical.

Feminist and intersectional approaches to technology and individual technological products will not work because neither ideologies provide realistic strategies in the first place. This is not a "male" issue, this is a marketing issue Microsoft needs to resolve.


Iowa city leaders denounced a local resident's snow display that depicted a figure gunning down a snowman wearing a Bernie Sanders shirt and another with a Democratic Party hat.

"Mike Matson, the mayor of Davenport, said he asked the city's police chief to investigate the display, which he called "an embarrassment to our city.""

How does a single person's display embarrass the city? He does not represent the city in an official capacity as you do, and your emotional knee-jerk reaction is exactly why he did this in the first place.

"Hesseltine [the amateur yard artist] laughed off concerns about the display, saying he created it over the weekend to "mess with" friends who support the Democratic presidential candidate."

At least someone in the community at large gets it.

"Davenport Alderwoman Marion Meginnis called the depiction "bad taste, unneighborly.""

Exactly. It might be in bad taste and it might not be neighborly, nonetheless it is something which, as the Alderwoman has done, is a personal expression.

"Elesha Gayman, chair of the Iowa based Scott County Democrats said the display was "a hate crime and hate speech.""

Which is the protected class, here: Democrats? Democratic candidates? Would the same be said of a display of a Bernie support shooting up a Republican baseball game? Or less literal a Bernie-bro depicted shooting up an effigy of Trump or any of his voters? How about showing Trump voters incarcerated in gulags?

"“It’s as bad as if someone burned a cross in someone’s yard,” Gayman said. “We have got to stop this. This is not the Wild West. We should be able to civilly disagree with one another, where you’re not displaying acts of murder on your front lawn.”"

Really, lady. There is a great movie quote with which you should familiarize yourself: "You never go full retard." Per my questions above, where would you draw the line? Exactly how do you propose to "stop this?" Is not a harmless display, the intention of which is to evoke an emotional response, far more civil than, say, staking out a sniper position and actually taking out candidates or their supporters?

"David Millage, chairman of the Scott County Republican Party, found the display “terrible” but said it was protected as free speech."

Which is the exact, proper response. I find it tacky, not something I would do, and at the same time I can appreciate the frustration it represents and the hyperbolic rendition of the frustration.

"Even with Matson's strong feelings towards the display, he added it's likely the city can't do anything about it, because of Hesseltine's free speech rights."

Indeed. As the greatest man to ever walk the Earth once said, unfortunately in our country we have a First Amendment.

As is already precedent with speech, I would not be surprised if new city ordinances appear which find some way to curtail such a display, such as its position on a public walkway, or a safety hazard on steps, etc. People with fragile sensibilities such as Mike Matson, Elesha Gayman, and Marion Meginnis would champion such intrusions with reckless abandon.


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., concluded on Monday that the Democratic Party is a "center or center-conservative" party and how there currently isn't a "left" party in the United States. 

Redefining words on the fly does not make your argument valid.


As wildfires so hot that images can be seen from space ravage Australia — creating toxic smoke that clogs the country’s major cities, killing over 25 people, burning 18 million acres and slaughtering up to a billion animals — many around the globe are wondering what catastrophe is next?

Second paragraph: "Due to climate change, human activity and other factors, “natural” disasters are becoming more common. But some could be worse than others …"

Wait, what?

"By Paula Froelich | New York Post"



The indigenous Mi'kmaq residents of Lennox Island will likely be among the first climate change refugees in Canada, said scientists.

No one, ever, in the history of ever, has ever had to deal with erosion. Ever, until Man Industrialization Climate Catastrophe. Seriously. Never happened.

1500 acres in 1880, 1200 acres in 2010. How many acres before 1880, and at what rate of loss? What were the currents like in the area before and during this loss? What about rains and other land-eroding conditions? Never mind all that, just bundle up all variables into a super-set and call it Climate Change, with the obvious implication this is man-caused.


Minnesota's top teacher who knelt during Monday night's college football championship game said it felt right "to have a very respectful protest." 

The whiners of our country speak of all of the people put upon by President Trump. The key to the thought process of this person who is upheld as the pinnacle of those trusted to fill our children's heads with information and skills is this bit about the country's failure in "serving the needs of all its inhabitants ... so many humans right now that are not being given the respect and the rights that they deserve."

Her point is all of the country's "inhabitants" deserve the same rights all countries have traditionally reserved for citizens. This is the mind-set of the globalist who fails to understand true diversity across the vast expanses of our planet. Especially withing the United States, a place where every race, nationality, and ethnic background has been welcomed with the simple provision to become part of a single creed, working together to uphold a society which is truly tolerant of its members and works to uplift everyone who is willing to put in even if they lack ability.

Her disgusting invocation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., fails to recognize how her own ideology is enslavement, how she and her ilk, no matter how well-intended they might seem, push forward an agenda which can only strip people of their rights and freedoms, and ultimately lead to the destruction of liberty for all.

Lady, if you really want to stand up for your students and so-called "vulnerable adults," then you would support our creed, support our country, support our citizens, and support our way of life by encouraging everyone to excel in their individual works, to push themselves to accomplish and achieve, to accept failure as a learning experience and move on, to reject victimhood, and to not succumb to a soft tyranny where one is afraid of their own thoughts.

Yes, she has an absolute right to speak what she thinks, even if it is antithetical to our creed, just as she has the right to touch a hot stove -- but by God she has no right to force our hands onto the hot stove which is what her ideology preaches.

Teacher of the year, indeed.


British authorities knew that a network of predominantly South Asian men were grooming vulnerable children in Manchester, but failed to act to stop dozens of girls from being abused -- according to a damning new report released this week that details yet another Asian grooming scandal in the U.K.



What did the world whack it to in 2019?