The German magazine said the noisy generator is running 24/7, which has made the neighbors of the racetrack very angry

Dripping with irony. Or autism. Whichever.


NBA player Charles Barkley indicated that he was tired of Democrats' inaction, commenting that they only talked with black people when they wanted their votes.


We do talk to black people, all the time. We just do not make a big deal about it because we treat black people like people. We treat black people like they are just like us, because they are. You jerk.


A MYSTERIOUS object hurtling towards our Solar System may be an alien spacecraft. That's the shock claim made by one space scientist, who has exclusively revealed to The Sun that our incoming visitor could be piloted by hyper-intelligent beings.

It will surely show its intelligence by not popping in for a cuppa.


“Y'all could have saved yourselves some time and just posted a ‘No Black People’ sign.”

Or, "no rednecks," "no skaters," "no Russians or Slavs," etc.


Tommy Robinson, with a beard and uncut hair, was released after serving half of his 19-week prison sentence at Belmarsh in London

"Far-right extremist" who I bet has a better approval rating than most of Parliament at this point.


An English man spent almost three years and used nearly $37,000 of his son's inheritance fighting a traffic ticket — a fine that initially would've cost him around $120.

"An English man spent almost three years and spent almost $37,000 of his son's inheritance[...]"

You mean he spent his money which its presumed to be the entitlement of his son.

"[...]fighting a traffic ticket — a fine that initially would've cost him around $120."

What a fool, indeed! Just pay the fine! Admitting your guilt and accepting the results of increased insurance premiums, a lasting mark on your driving record, and all the issues thereof is so much easier than fighting for right.

"I'm sick and tired at the whole system which is steamrolling ordinary people," he said. "I regret the amount of money. I very simply wanted justice."

Man fights the system on principle, a system which the Crown Prosecutor Service indicates is just a tad convoluted for simple violations. Kudos.


In a US presidential election with a historic number of women running, are biases at play?

In general, voters are biased against bad candidates.


Many major restaurant chains and stores have made requests for customers to leave their guns at home for years.

I see this as a list of potential crime targets and will ensure I either politely defy these requests or never patronize them.

Imagine preserving an "environment" for your customers being more important than preserving the lives of your customers.


Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., claims she has awakened frightened from sleep at 3:30 a.m. because she's worried about the negative effects of climate change on the world. 

She might be better off suing the college which sold her a shitty degree which taught her nothing but anxiety-inducing bullshit.

I will give her this, though. She might have done well in a drama program with this dramatic nonsense she keeps tossing about.


A former member of the Reagan administration who has held executive positions with Boeing and Lockheed Martin was named Tuesday to be acting national security adviser following the departure of John Bolton.

"The choice of Kupperman was opposed, however, by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)[.]"

This means absolutely nothing.