Actor Will Smith says that he has been called the N-word by police officers "on more than ten occasions" while growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

While he was growing up in Philadelphia. I bet he was. The man is almost a decade older than me. Growing up in the late 60s/early 70s was a LOT different than late 70s/early 80s.

Guess which party has been in charge since 1961.


A former Washington Redskins player said Wednesday that there is an “easy" fix to changing the team’s name, which has recently been in the spotlight because of its racial connotations.

In Barry Goldwater's book, "The Conscience of a Conservative," he noted that after World War II when we sat down at the table to consider Russia's illegitimate claims, we thus gave those claims legitimacy and the implication that a solution was needed.

Do you guys get it, yet?


The Washington football team has made the obvious decision to remove the Native American imagery from its logo.

Well, you morons, you did it. You gave an inch. Now prepare to have the mile ripped out by way of your ass.

You useful idiots are continuing the white-washing of our culture. Soon we will have no remaining non-white representation. Who knew white supremacists could be so efficient?


An Oregon politician has confessed to penning a racist letter to himself after he initially claimed it was anonymously sent to him, authorities said.

Never saw this coming.


Sen. Tammy Duckworth criticized Fox News host Tucker Carlson for questioning her love for the United States after she said she would consider removing statues of George Washington.

There is a difference between sacrificing your body for your country and returning home a patriot, and returning home bitter and angry.

If you want to fundamentally transform this country, as the Democrat party has bought into as the core of its ideology, then whether you served in the military or not, you do not love this country.


GHISLAINE Maxwell is on suicide watch tonight — after swapping her extraordinary life of luxury for a cramped jail cell. The British socialite’s every move was being monitored at Merrimack County J…

I am certain they will be happy to lend a hand if she cannot do the job herself.


A DESCENDANT of Thomas Jefferson wants the Washington, DC, memorial to be removed because the Founding Father “owned more than 600 slaves.” In an opinion piece published in The New York…

You utter fool. You are a disgrace to your lineage and your pedigree as a journalist shines. While he may have owned "over 600 slaves," he helped set in motion the freedom of hundreds of thousands. You stupid, stupid fool. Thankfully, wiser people than you have a hand in these decisions.


CNN anchor Don Lemon weighed in on the recent wave of toppled statues and suggested that Americans were taught "propaganda" about the nation's history. 

"Nobody is erasing history," Lemon told Cuomo.

You are changing history and destroying history-carrying artifacts.

"What people are trying to do is put it in context and these are conversations that we should be having. And yes, they are messy. And sometimes people aren't smart about which statues they should taken down. Fine. If the people on the other side would think, 'Well maybe we should get involved in the conversation about which statues should be taken down, where they should be put, we should meet these people in the middle and discuss these things.' These are the right conversations to be had. We're contextualizing it the wrong way. We're Looking at it the wrong way. And I think that's the issue."

You want history to be placed in the modern context, to be judged by the things history has fixed. Slave owners set the course to free the slaves, but they are evil because they owned slaves. That is the "context" you want. Your "conversations" are also funny in how they only go one way. Your conversations are simple: the left says it wants something, and the right should simply surrender. Oh, it is our fault that good statues are being torn down because, well, you know, the left is ignorant and it is our responsibility to meet them in the middle and show them the right way to be ignorant.

While you put our historical heroes, those who not only accomplished things in their lives but also after their deaths, you excuse people within your movement. "Movements are messy," you say. Yes, so they are and always have been. You know, like the mess the blood of over 600,000 Americans made fighting to put an end to slavery. Your "movement," however, is not messy, but is surgical in its intention to destroy the great accomplishments of mankind, and is using slop and ignorance as its tools.

You, Don Lemon, are one of those tools. You are a propagandist for the apocalypse of civilization. You are proud to be part of this and the terrifyingly sad thing is you think you are doing good while you self-aggrandize. Yet, the very revolution you want to usher into existence would sacrifice you and your kind in the blink of an eye.


The U.S. recently added about 43,000 positive COVID-19 cases to its 2.9 million total.

Like hell!


"Matty" is the douche bag, here, not a "good-humored Twitter user." Whether it is two feet or 20 feet, that is your yard, and the other bit is his yard.

I have a bit of yard between my driveway and my neighbor's property, roughly five feet wide. My neighbor would mow my side, which is very nice of him, but I had to put up markers to prevent that. Why? Because his method of mowing is to scalp the grass. I mow at 1 1/2 to 2 inches to allow the grass to stay lush and healthy. I could never catch him at home to explain so I put up simple barriers.

Applied to "Matty," were I his neighbor I would not want to assume how to mow his part of the yard considering how picky I am.

That and mow your own yard, "Matty." You are not disabled, you are not old and feeble, and no one owes you anything, you whingy twat.

""You need to knock and see if you can borrow his lawnmower" another [Twitter user] cracked."

You might be able to resolve this by speaking with him and not trying to gain online notoriety be being a prick.

“I will like this game.” What douche-baggery.