Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., on Friday cited the coronavirus crisis in renewing calls for sweeping political changes, demanding the Medicare eligibility age be reduced to zero while also saying that coronavirus relief should be viewed through a “lens of reparations.”

Somebody told this child "money doesn't grow on trees!" Then she got into government and said, "Yeah, huh! We can just print all the money we want!"


A family of five in Odessa, Missouri has had their faith in small-town America restored after they lost everything but the clothes on their backs Sunday in a house fire amid the coronavirus outbreak.

If true that Captain Crozier's letter to his superiors was leaked, then given the evidence I have before me, this statement is an absolute lie:

"This decision is not one of retribution," Modly said. ... Modly claimed that the letter “created a panic, a little bit of panic on the ship.”

I suspect it was more embarrassing to the weak-kneed in charge up-the-chain. You see, the politically correct infection in our military and our politics has its priorities set so far outside reality, COVID-19 has caught the system completely off-guard and unprepared, allowing it to become a pandemic.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday criticized President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic, saying "his denial at the beginning was deadly" and that as he "fiddles, people are dying."

You are a fucking liar and a walking spin machine. You have fought against travel bans to help prevent the fast spread into the country and held up the stimulus bill to inject pork. Like any president should do, he has been trying to keep people calm during a calamity and so far no information has not been disseminated which does not have actual scientific and medical impetus.

YOUR party and YOUR media have done everything to whip this country into a frenzy, all the while portraying government, YOUR government and not "Trump's," as being the ultimate solution.

You are fucking terrible and people can see through your bullshit. I hope and pray you and your ilk fall flat on your faces and are exposed and publicly shamed for your behavior and ideology. Likely will not happen, because the media will not report on it and the Silicon Valley technocrats will censor it.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis tells travelers, "Don't come here" as cases pass 4,000. The state is also checking Louisianians crossing the border by car.

As the check-points are not meant to turn people away, but instead to advise them of the quarantine requirements, not having check-points at alternate routes of entry is not such a big deal. Anyone who dodges the check-points on I-10 and the expected points on I-95 already know about the requirements. Of course people could lie, but at the very least their tags and driver licenses would give them away.

If we were to start turning people away, there are plenty of other routes which would need check-points, like US-98, -27, -19, -231 and -221, the already-mentioned US-319 and I-75, and plenty of "little" roads such as Florida SR-85, -77, -71, -81, and -145 which extend into Alabama and Georgia.


Epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, who created the highly-cited Imperial College London coronavirus model, which has been cited by organizations like The New York Times and has been instrumental in governmental policy decision-making, offered a massively downgraded projection of the potential deathtoll on Wednesday. Ferguson’s model projected 2.2 million dead people in the United States and 500,000 in […]



A 21-year-old Tennessee woman says she came down with coronavirus shortly after sharing a tone-deaf post about social distancing.

"diagnosed with the deadly illness"


“It feels like someone is sitting on my chest at all times,” she said. “It’s really hard to breathe. I’ve coughed until my throat has bled.”

This is the problem with precocious youth. Focus on problems which are non-tangible (world peace, climate change, etc.) and completely disregard what is right in your face until it is too late. I cannot blame them as they lack wisdom and experience and youth, in general, dismisses vicarious experience to guide them.


“It is not going good,” says the boy, whose name is Ben.

Does not look to me like public schooling was going "good," either.


The Senate stimulus compromise package aimed at helping Americans cope with the economic woes caused by the coronavirus crisis includes millions for the arts.

More money just pissed down the drain. We can never, ever get a clean fucking bill out of this quagmire of shitweasels.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Thursday urged President Trump to "immediately" wield his powers under the Defense Production Act to combat the coronavirus crisis, a day after he said he would invoke it but does not yet need to use the powers available to him. 

Yeah, well, except that you and your corporatist ilk pushed almost all of our manufacturing over into China. You want him to just pull these medical supplies out of his ass while you talk out of yours?


Debra Messing shared a video criticizing Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and questioned whether or not the president’s supporters will turn on him as the death toll rises.

You first. No, really, statistically you will be gone before me, so, yeah... eat it.