A new study suggests that declining marriage rates in the U.S. may be due to a shortage of economically attractive partners. 

Another "Giant Meteor hits Earth, Women Most Effected" article.

Basically men are getting the shaft hard and deep from primary education onward through college, which is creating growing underclass of low income men. Yet, the focus of the article is how terrible this is for women. I guess the men can go fuck themselves right?

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When the babysitter arrived at the home that evening, she noticed a large dresser blocking the basement door.

Another prime example of #ToxicFemininity and #Gynocentrism.

Two women team up to torture their children and lock them in the basement so they can go partying.

Their names of the women are under a publication ban, with the claim that it's to protect the identities of the children. Anyone ever heard that bullshit before? Me neither. Why would the children's identities need to be protected? Seems suspect to me.


Woman spends £93 on Tinder date only to be called fat and dumped at the station. Now she has set up a GoFundMe page

Woman wastes time an money on a date that was rude and didn't appreciate the effort she went through.

Welcome to the club dear, that is quite literally the standard date for 80% of men.

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Alexandra Canosa worked as a producer at the Weinstein Company for 10 years and claims she was raped at least nine times by Weinstein between 2010 and 2017.

There's a devastating shortage of men who have their act together, according to a new study that may not be so surprising to all the single ladies out there.

Probably one of the better articles on the subject, it still leans far to heavily on the "fartherless" aspect, when the real problem is single mothers, but at least does point out the women are the drivers behind children being raised without fathers.

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Bishop Robert Cunningham testified in an abuse case that, in the eyes of the Church, the boys who were molested are also at fault.

Not significantly different from the stance several states in the US have taken about boys that have been raped, and male abuse victims in general.

Male victims of statutory rape are liable for child support in multiple states. Morally it's a pretty horrific stance, but the in general people aren't particularly concerned with the suffering of boys and men.



The unintended consequences of #MeToo just seem to get worse and worse. Initially, there was evidence that men were shying away from one-on-one interactions with women at work. Now, new research reveals women may be less likely to be hired for jobs where they are required to interact with men.

It's almost as if creating a life destroying cultural standard via accusations on social media might have consequences for women. Who could have known?

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The assertion from forces against Brett M. Kavanaugh that false allegations of rape or attempted rape are extremely rare is rebutted by a number of studies, researchers say.

Feminists claim that ALL accusations not proven false, are by default true. This is an absurd stance that in no way reflects reality.

The most accurate means of determining false vs true accusations, would be to extrapolate proven true and proven false into the unproven. Guess what you get...about a 40% false accusation rate.

This is why feminist numbers are all over the place, except when it comes to false accusations. They don't want people to do the math, they want to be able to shift the goal posts by claiming whatever number used to be wrong if the calculation is not in their favor.

RAINN claims that only .5% of accusations are provably true. If that's the case, then false accusations, based on realistic extrapolation, would be the overwhelming majority of accusations.

The 2-10% has always had no basis in reality, at best it could be claimed that it represents an estimate of PROVABLY false accusations, NOT false accusations total.



Women looking for a ring with a payday attached are disappointed because men are figuring out that these hoes ain't loyal.

Isn't it interesting that everyone want to blame men, for women's unrealistic standards.

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