A woman is being accused of not telling her sexual partners she was HIV positive and transmitting the virus. Jesica Martinez, 53, was arrested on Friday after a victim came forward in February.

That's no big deal right?

I mean it's no longer a felony in California because you can live a normal life with HIV these days.

As long as your expectation of normal includes a daily regimen of drugs that will cost thousands per year, a whole host of lifestyle restrictions, and enough doctor visits to make even the most active hypochondriac green with envy. After which you will still die decades early.

Oh wait, that's right. Commiefornia is a cancer on the world, and it should burn, just like the death spreading piece of shit in this article.


Liberal men say they want to be equal partners in housework and parenting. But it hasn’t happened

That's right men, on top of working more hours, with higher productivity, resulting in greater income, the majority of which you turn over to your wife with little complaint, you should also do the housework.

Don't you know that expecting a wife to contribute more than her vagina is sexist?


MOST single women are searching for Mr Perfect, right? But maybe a little imperfection is better. Writer CLARE O’REILLY, 40, from Plymouth, married Jon, 46, 13 years ago and he has not put a foot w…

There is one thing women always want, and that is more. No matter how much you give them, to matter what you achieve, women will always be disappointed that they didn't get more.


"Are Today's Progressives Actually Totalitarians?"

Long article that can be summed up with a simple, "Yes".


As a drunk Jennifer Hart drove her six adopted children in their family SUV, her wife, Sarah, sat in the passenger seat looking up different ways to end a life.

_"Where are the systematic failures that possibly could have prevented this?" _

Nothing was done to save the children because it’s not politically correct to accuse women, much less lesbians, of abuse.


Currently, 60% of male managers in the workplace say they're uncomfortable with mentoring, working one-on-one or socializing with a woman, according to a survey released by LeanIn.org and SurveyMonkey. That's a 33% increase from last year.

Feminists: We need more women in leadership.

Also Feminists: Men, especially those in leadership positions, if accused of harassment should be fired without any investigation , and a woman should be hired to replace them.

Me: How convenient, that isn't suspicious at all.

Feminists again: REEEEEE Why won't men put themselves into positions where women can easily accuse them of harassment.


The commandant's plan would drastically expand the service's maternity leave benefits.

So basically the Marines are going to expect even less from women, while pushing onto men all the duties those women should be doing. Because those women chose to get pregnant.

Absolutely. Fucking. Retarded.


If you are in the military or a military spouse and are getting a divorce, there are some financial factors that can affect you.

If you are a man in the military, DO NOT GET MARRIED.

No matter how hot you think she is. No matter how sweet that dual BAH looks. It's not worth the supremely deep dicking the military will give you if she decides to pull the pin on the marriage after you catch her getting a deep dicking from Jodie while you're deployed.

The military won't hesitate to give 60% of gross pay to your ex, and god help you if she accuses you of anything as a means of hurting you, getting 100% custody, or just getting a better deal (yes, accusations of abuse result in more $$ for women).

Oh and you can toss out that plan of getting never having to work again once you get those retirement and disability benefits, because she'll get half of all that too. That's why every military base has a large population of post retirement age men still working as contractors of one variety or another.


A man that recorded a video like this would instantaneously lose all contact with his children.


A junior minister has stirred anger and calls for him to quit after he grabbed a female protester by the neck and shoved her. Greenpeace demonstrators gatecrashed a high-profile annual speech by finance minister Philip Hammond.

Instead of being outraged at his actions, he should be celebrated as a pioneer of gender equality for treating with the same level of disdain he would a man.

I say bravo good sir.