Australia’s Jewish community has condemned the repeated displays of Nazi references at anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown rallies in Victoria, some of which saw the state premier depicted as Adolf Hitler.

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With her approval ratings dropping to historic lows, rumors are flying about Vice President Kamala Harris.

You're basing this on reporting from CNN! This is to distract from everything else and nothing more. (Jingles shiny keys)


A RUSSIAN MMA fighter who called himself the Unvaccinated Assassin is facing a murder charge for allegedly stabbing a doctor to death in a row over th

Radiologist. That's the doctor. Not fauci or richard the rachel levine. He wasn't distributing shots. They were having lunch.

No absolutes, always outliers.

The purpose of this article? To start painting anti-covid mrna people as dangerous psychopaths. Propaganda like this will continue. The new mass shooters will be unvaxxed evertine.


Heat and humidity as a result of climate change could be linked to a rise in suicide, according to a scientific report that used data from 60 countries over several decades.

I was going to comment basically what this guy said:

"DanoMcRoo • "Heat and humidity as a result of climate change"

Is "climate change" heat and humidity somehow different from the heat and humidity that have been around since the creation of the planet? The author makes it sound as if heat and humidity didn't exist until the 20th century."

But then I read the article and saw this. “the effects of anthropogenic(meaning caused by humans...) climate change” – namely heat and humidity – could “have a significant impact on mental health.”

Brace yourselves. We're about to start hearing that, even though blacks are from one of the hottest places on earth the climate, heat especially, is racist towards them. It will also pave over the fact that india, not white, and china, not white, are the main culprits but it will be the white man (dun dun DUUUUUUN) that is causing it.

I typed way more then I should have bothered. This article and everything it is about is pure bullshit.


Rachel Bitecofer, a political analyst who has served as a senior adviser to the anti-Trump Lincoln Project, faced online criticism Sunday for mocking a Trump supporter's clunker.

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The CDC formally recommended Pfizer's COVID vaccine for children 5-11 years old. The recommendation now expands to about 28 million children in the United States and allows providers to begin vaccinating children as soon as possible. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky joins “CBS Mornings” to discuss the recommendation.

HOUSTON -- A 35-year-old woman and her 31-year-old boyfriend were arrested last week, both of them charged in connection with

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The media can keep crying wolf all they want. Everyday, slow and surely, more people are getting wise to it. (I wish it was faster, but at least it's moving in a positive direction.)


The supply chain crisis continues across the United States, but Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is on his way to the U.N. climate summit in Scotland after leaving his infant son in the hospital, where he posed for a Halloween photo of him holding the baby dressed like a traffic cone.

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A reporter for NBC News said he called the Secret Service after discovering a gunmaker was making 'Brandon' parts at the expense of Biden.

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