Let the abuse begin.... even more.

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2021-11-Fr 07:11:49 pm

Let the abuse begin.... some more.


They're on a power trip and want to extend the gift of being paid without working that Covid has provided them. When the statistics show such a low risk and they're still taking the steps they have been to keep themselves out of work, at the cost of our children's futures, something has to be done or there is no future for them. Kids can't just "not learn" for a year, or two, or more, like they are in some areas, that will have a permanent impact on our society. The government has wanted to make us dumb and blind for a long time, and this is possibly the best way to do that - so they can indoctrinate and expand the side of their little marxist (and/or anarchist) paramilitary groups. (Very little difference in action and methodology, the goal of both is to cause chaos and divide people for easy conquering). I don't care how amateurish they are, what they've been doing is purely a detriment to those around them and the rest of the nation - and this is only going to create more useful idiots. Easily controllable with an utter lack of critical thinking ability. Not that useful for anything positive, but if you want someone to go out and suppress / oppress a group of people who question the power structure, they're very useful.

All this hot mic / video moment shows is their feelings on the parents who are concerned with all that is happening. It's what we should have already known, based on what they've been doing in these places. Don't get me wrong, I'm not diminishing it, I think these are some of the lowest of the low, and are directly to blame for the failing state of education in our country - just that, it shouldn't take this to wake anyone up to what is going on here, and what Covid is being used to pull.


I'm not sure when Russel Brand became a force for good against this NWO dystopia BS, but this is actually really good.

He's doing the same things here. And much, much more. It doesn't matter where in this world you live - this is going to be done to you as well, and for some of us it already has been. It's going to get worse - this guy has his hands in the food shortages and famines, manufacturing more as we speak, he has his hands in the power shortages now hitting much of the world - entirely artificial. "To save the world!" - the part he leaves out, is that he's "saving the world for himself". That means removing you from it - why would you assume the people these guys had your best interests at heart? it's practically begging for euthanasia, something Bill Gates has expressed open enthusiasm for.


"Bitcoin dropped by 20%, but inflation expectations didn't drop by 20%," observes one analyst. "They didn't drop at all."

HAHA, "while inflation and forecasts for inflation have remained stable" - yeah, and what does "stable" imply here? not something good - and those forecasts were PRE-Covid "stimulus" package and all the other things these ass clowns are doing to destroy the value of the US Dollar. "You can trust government bonds!" = as elections are stolen and billionaires create Frankenstein viruses.

This article doesn't exactly inspire faith - no more than bitcoin itself does. I think bitcoin has value, and demand for such cryptocurrencies will only be going up overall - unstable as it is - can they say the same about the US Dollar? Certainly not under a Biden potato presidency.


Democrats are waging an assault on the First Amendment, with two Democrat House lawmakers demanding answers from cable television providers on the role they play in the spread of dangerous misinformation.

Can't have people reporting on news that isn't democrat-sanctioned can we?! The war on freedom of speech continues. If you didn't have sources that actually showed you news inconvenient for Democrats you wouldn't have even been shown what Donald Trump said during his speeches for the last 4 years. CNN's version - 12 second clip of an out of context statement. NewsMax / NTD / OAN's version is the full speech, often 2+ hours in length. It's very telling that stopping people from actually talking about what they do is one of their primary concerns. These are the same people who wouldn't shut the hell up about Trump being a "dictator" for 4 years. Funny how they suddenly don't have a problem with executive orders though isn't it? Gee - I wonder why they don't want the public knowing what messes these crooks have their hands in. They don't even try to hide the fact that they're just a bunch of criminals on a crusade. They will be burning books by the years end.
Oh wait, some of them already do that too... in addition to trying to ban "history class" so we can't find out the democrat party was the origin of the KKK, and so on.
Yeah, history is super inconvenient when you've got a history of being criminals, lying, and generally being pieces of shit - just like honest news that isn't sanctioned by the people it's reporting on is inconvenient.


Heading into the 2020 election, Democrats were favored to not only capture the presidency but also win back the Senate and retain their sizable majority in the …

Because they did the same thing they do every year, they lied, and were collaborating with the corrupt deep state politicians and big tech to fabricate the narrative that they could come close to winning without cheating.

Obviously a fantasy. When you have to "win" by a 2am vote 2 -3 hours after "stopping the count" and "closing the polling locations" (and sending all mandatory oversight home and not allowing them back in, and also not stopping at all) - you lost.

What goes around comes around, and this one is going to be a bitch when it does. Don't think we'll be forgetting any of this. No amount of playing stupid and pretending you don't understand exactly why the polls were "off" is going to change that backlash.


Mariame Kaba's latest book, 'We Do This 'Til They Free Us' expands the conversation about prison abolition and imagining a future without police and incarceration.

How about you shit-heads just stop committing crimes? then, you won't have to go to prison. Sorry, those prisons exist to keep people like you from breaking into my house once a week.


Democrats led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi are expected to pass the Covid relief bill along party lines Friday or Saturday.

I know my job is very much on the chopping block thanks to Biden. Even if business does somehow pick up despite all he's doing to destroy jobs across the country, he's also working wonders to crush the dollar and hand the world over to China on a silver platter in so doing.

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised to see Chinese soldiers marching down our streets by the end of the year. The guy is obviously not on America's side, he's a traitor and his intent has been destroying America and the people who voted against his corrupt establishment from the start. Not that any of it's Biden's choice - it's revenge by the deep state traitors, the same people who are always fucking us - Biden's just the useful idiot. I can't say I won't take pleasure in watching them throw him away like trash when he becomes a total liability - and that day is not far off. Very clearly.


Who the hell "cancels" a lawyer for doing law work? You assholes represent MURDERERS and RAPISTS and CHILD ABDUCTORS and every other vile person under the sun because even they deserve due process. This Trump hysteria is ridiculous and it's not even remotely defensible. These people are out of control tyrants, and they're doing this crap because they feel empowered by the "new administration" and their total disregard for process and the bill of rights / US constitution.

Also worth noting is what China does to THEIR activists. How are some people so secure in their thinking that communism here will always be on their side and won't ever turn against them? I trust the word of people who escaped communist nations far more than I trust people who had as college professor that told them communism is the answer to all their ills and those damn "American flag lovers" are the problem.


Tyree Moorehead spent 18 years in prison for second degree murder which he committed when he was 15. He believes the way to lower the city's soaring shooting numbers is to pay criminals.

Yeah, lets pay killers not to kill people! that will work. That sounds like "protection money" to me. Straight up mob bullshit - and the worst part is we have politicians in some parts of the country who have suggested this as well. (Sorry, I don't recall which, this goes back several years)