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yet here she is kvetch to us. So much for a death camp.


Survivors of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp prayed and wept as they marked the 75th anniversary of its liberation, returning Monday to the place where they lost entire families and warning about the ominous growth of anti-Semitism and hatred in the world.

Jews are no longer welcome around me.


U.S. President Donald Trump is holding back-to-back meetings ahead of the unveiling of the U.S. administration's much-anticipated plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

United States of Zion


David Dushman is one of the last surviving soldiers to have taken part in the liberation of the Nazi death camp. And 75 years later, he still struggles to explain how such a catastrophe could happen.

I wish you died in that war.


Vanessa Nakate was excised from image, which also featured Greta Thunberg, ‘purely on composition grounds’ says Associated Press

because it's being used as propaganda for whites you dumb negroid.


A Canadian soldier with ties to neo-Nazi terrorist groups arranged for illegal weapons sale in Bosnia. Moonlord aka Nikolajević told another Blood and Honour member that he was outed to the army in 2016 and that an officer gave him the opportunity to leave the neo-Nazi group. He says he was spoken to by an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces in 2016 who gave him the opportunity to leave Blood and Honour, which Canada has now designated a terrorist group. He is also affiliated with Atomwaffen Division.

"In any case, and as we have oft stated before, individuals whose behaviour reflects disrespect for Canadian values, including acceptance and respect for diversity,"

Shut the fuck up. You don't care about Canadian values at all.


Prominent Tories, including a number of Conservative leadership hopefuls, are piling on prospective candidate Richard Décarie after he called being gay a "choice" on national television.

Being gay is a choice. You don't just fall onto someones penis.

This is why I abandoned the Conservative party. First off if gay shit is your concern, you are just wasting my time. You don't win by copying the oppositions morality. Why are Conservatives supposed to distance themselves from a Conservative position and to those who will not vote for them? And watch how quick Conservatives are to cater to Liberals and throw their own under the bus. Utterly untrustworthy.

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2020-46-Th 11:46:59 pm

Being gay is a choice. You don't just fall on to someones penis.


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Can't wait until white nations outlaw this Marxist black history bullshit.


A software engineer working in Canada claims Amazon discriminated against him when a recruiter halted his job application for a position in Toronto when they learned during an interview that he is an Iranian citizen, but the company said they were not legally allowed to hire him.

I don't care that he is Iranian, I care that he's a foreigner who feels entitled to work high skill labour here.

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This place never hires.