The James Bond franchise will shake things up completely for its 25th instalment, casting a black actress to take over from Daniel Craig as the new 007 – since re-doing old stories with a PC angle is easier than writing new ones.

who's actually going to see this?


Three ISIS terrorists were sentenced to death by firing squad on July 18 for decapitating two European women hikers in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains last year.

irregardless if they are using patsys for tourism publicity, Morocco seems to care more about murdered Euros on their soil more than some European countries.


Dan Overland's father might have been the first sponsor of Oklahoma City's hockey renaissance. Back in 1992, Darrell Overland walked into the Blazers' offices in the old Century Center when the shingle was barely hung, ordered season tickets and signed up his telecommunications company to be a corporate sponsor. The Blazers became a fixture not only in Oklahoma City, but also in the Overland family. Longtime coach Doug Sauter eventually served as a pallbearer at the funerals of both Darrell Overland and his wife. Dan Overland would like to see hockey return. “There's a place and time for a blue-collar sport like that, that's kind of in the budget of everybody,” Overland said. But he's not sure hockey would work again.

“I think minor league hockey is behind us,” said Mike Ketcherside, an executive with MTM Recognition and a Blazer fan from way back. “The NHL, I certainly would like to see that. I think the minor league hockey days, it was what Oklahoma City needed at the time. But I don't think it would work now. I think we've moved on. Certainly the Thunder changed everything. It was great while it lasted. It had its place and it had its time.”

Sounds like someone think that market is above minor league hockey. Well if you can't handle AHL you can't have NHL.

The Blazers would be better off in the ECHL.


“It’s very Black Mirror,” Swedish scientist Ben Libberton told The Post of the similarity to the TV series highlighting futuristic scenarios.

One footstep closer to jewish tyranny.


socialism belongs in the 19th century.


Jews are natural at subterfuge. If you read between the lines this is super sketchy. This whole page is a slant piece.

"Atlanta's rabbis and Jewish community leaders helped to resolve tensions between Jews and other whites."

Nice try rabbi, Jews aren't white. they're Jewish.

How do you resolve tensions by buying off the police force and lying to the population?

looks like Conley was a patsy for an exploitative corrupt Jewish capitalist and the population wasn't buying their media lies.

proof of media corruption, "Smith... was also anxious about reporters from the Hearst papers, who had taken Frank's side."

"Newspaper reports throughout the period combined real evidence, unsubstantiated rumors, and journalistic speculation."

No doubt to obfuscate and confuse the public and make a buck while doing so.

First off the Jews are obviously going to lie for other jews. (((Dinnerstein))) "Characterized by innuendo, misrepresentation, and distortion, the yellow journalism account of Mary Phagan's death aroused an anxious city, and within a few days, a shocked state."

As anything that call out criminal jews must be misrepresentation, distortion, and yellow journalism.

"Atlanta's working class saw Frank as "a defiler of young girls" "Several former employees spoke of Frank flirting with other women; one said she was actually propositioned." They weren't wrong.

"while the German-Jewish community saw him as "an exemplary man and loyal husband." who leads a jewish secret society and brings them many shekels, of course he dindu nothin wrong

even the guard Newt Lee was afraid of being used as a patsy, and even the police believed he was being used as one "The police were convinced Lee was involved as Frank's accomplice and that Frank was trying to implicate him."

"On Tuesday, April 29, Black went to Lee's residence at 11 a.m. looking for evidence, and found a blood-smeared shirt at the bottom of a burn barrel. The blood was smeared high up on the armpits and the shirt smelled unused, suggesting to the police that it was a plant. The detectives, suspicious of Frank due to his nervous behavior throughout his interviews, believed that Frank had arranged the plant."

Why would a guard murder a co-worker on his own jobsite? Then toss out the evidence in their trash? Or a janitor with no alibi? But would someone who felt they had the resources to get away with murder be more inclined to it?

"On May 24, Conley admitted he had written the notes, swearing that Frank had called him to his office the day before the murder and told him to write them. He said Frank dictated the notes for him to write, gave him cigarettes, then told him to leave the factory. Afterward, Conley said he went out drinking and saw a movie. He said he did not learn of the murder until he went to work on Monday."

He had no idea. If knew what happened he surely would have created an alibi instead of derping

"He said Frank gave him $200, but took it back, saying, "Let me have that and I will make it all right with you Monday if I live and nothing happens." Conley's affidavit concluded, "The reason I have not told this before is I thought Mr. Frank would get out and help me out and I decided to tell the whole truth about this matter." At trial, Conley changed his story concerning the $200. He said Frank decided to withhold the money until Conley had burned Phagan's body in the basement furnace."

This is why you should't take bribe money. You are an accomplice even when you didn't do a thing. Black dude, pick a story and stick to it. This is how ya got jailed.

"At the radical end of the spectrum could be heard alarming notions inspired by the fact that many of Atlanta's factories ... were Jewish owned"

It should be alarming that most of the factories that exploit the population are owned by an ethnic group that make less than 1% of the population.

"C. W. Tobie, a detective from the Chicago affiliate who was assigned to the case, said that the agency "came down here to investigate a murder case, not to engage in petty politic[s]."The agency quickly became 'disillusioned' with the many societal implications of the case, most notably the notion that Frank was able to evade prosecution due to his being a rich Jew, buying off the police and paying for private detectives."

Jewish exploitation of white society runs deep.

"The defense brought many witnesses to support Frank's account of his movements, which indicated he did not have enough time to commit the crime."

The rich capitalist had people lining up to give him an alibi. I'm sure they were doing it out the goodwill in the heart, not for money.

"The defense called a number of factory girls, who testified that they had never seen Frank flirting with or touching the girls, and that they considered him to be of good character."

If they wanted to keep their jobs they WOULD say that. Despite other employees saying otherwise.

"the prosecution's rebuttal, Dorsey called "a steady parade of former factory workers" to ask them the question, "Do you know Mr. Frank's character for lasciviousness?" The answers were usually "bad"

ROFL. You're not the only side that can call people in for character assessments.

"During the trial, the prosecution alleged bribery and witness tampering attempts by the Frank legal team. Meanwhile, the defense requested a mistrial because it believed the jurors had been intimidated by the people inside and outside the courtroom, but the motion was denied."

Literally using every legalistic excuse in the book.

"The defense team issued a public protest, alleging that public opinion unconsciously influenced the jury to the prejudice of Frank."

Ah, prejudice, seems to be a common theme for Jews to use "prejudice" to excuse to wiggle free from the consequences of their crimes.

I've read enough, no wonder this guy was lynched. he ended up using his money to buy off the governor. He was trying to cheat justice the whole way. The people said fu-k this, no, you piece of sh-t rapist. organized and took arms. This is why Jews hate homogeneous societies. Less infighting, less corruption, people don't tolerate the outsider coming in and breaking every norm.

let this show you how jews operate and why hitler hated their guts.


Leftist stole youtube. I don't want them to follow me to the next site when their actions and shitty beliefs ruined the last one.

I'm fine with Bitchute being labeled an echo chamber if it keeps the censoring traitors out.


I literally went on their bitchute to downvote everything.

I want to push them off because they are censoring cunts and I know letting them onto the platform will open the door for more censoring cunts. So bite the bullet and get rid of the one cancer cell before it spreads and infects the host.


They're reading the same websites, talking to each other, and killing the same targets. The lone wolves are actually a pack.

Stop colonizing whites and they won't have a reason to become radicalized.

I find it rather telling all this fag writes about is ebil white people.


Through hateful words and violent action, the white-supremacist marchers have lost their right to privacy.

This is your fate if you go against the Jewish agenda.