You may think you know St George, but there are some things about him that might surprise you. Here are a few.

An anti-English rant basically...

Classic BBC right there.


Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg warned U.S. lawmakers Thursday that history will hold them accountable for climate catastrophes if they do not stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry.

Stop giving this absolute cunt a platform to spout its shit!


More than 100 protesters took to the streets of Columbus, Ohio, Wednesday night to demonstrate against the police shooting of Ma'Khia Bryant.

Be interesting to see what happens here, if this cop gets 'Chauvined' that sends out a very worrying message that police are not to tackle real crime committed by blacks.


Protesters gathered outside of Maya Taqueria in Brooklyn during their march through NYC, shortly after the verdict was read, heckling diners.

Free Derek Chauvin.


Body language expert Patti Wood spoke to about key points in Derek Chauvin's trial that shed light on what he was thinking and feeling with all eyes on him in Hennepin County court.

Would anyone give a toss if George Floyd was white?

Derek Chauvin would never have been arrested let alone charged with murder.


Boris Johnson apologises over the failure to properly commemorate black and Asian WW1 troops.

Thats all it seems to be nowadays - Constantly bleating about race.


The foreign secretary has set out how the UK's reduced aid budget will be spent.

Tragic for who exactly?

Not the British taxpayer thats for certain!

But the BBC have nothing but contempt for us anyway.


A US jury found Derek Chauvin guilty of all charges in the death of a black man who died during his arrest.

Blacks must always be favoured over whites: Justice 2021 style.

When is this insanity going to end?


The PM says carbon emissions must fall by almost 80% by 2035 - 15 years earlier than previously planned.

Absolute idiocy!

The sooner a new party enters the fray to oppose this nonsense the better!

Anti-environmentalism will win the next general election if someone takes up the gauntlet.

Lawrence Fox perhaps?


Arlene Foster's defamation action against Dr Christian Jessen centres on an "attack" on her marriage.

I hope that cunt gets taken to the cleaners, he wont though, judges tend to side with his type.