DJ Tim Westwood leaves Capital Xtra "until further notice" after sexual misconduct allegations.

Another sex offender at the loathsome BBC?

Surely not?


The clip of a model Grenfell Tower burning on a bonfire was made at a party a year after the disaster.

Catch some real criminals you useless cunts!


Wakefield MP Imran Ahmad Khan is found guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy in 2008.

Absolutely DISGUSTING!


The US sanctions' list includes Putin's adult daughters and relatives of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Attacking families now?

So much for the moralistic west...


The British-Iranian woman tells of the "very emotional moment" she was reunited with her husband and daughter.

So the British taxpayer has to stump up £400,000 for your release and you are still moaning?

No doubt she will sue the government (taxpayer) for millions on top.


Amid a protest crackdown, young people are still risking freedom to oppose the conflict in Ukraine.

"BBC News has learned of other detentions based solely on social media activity, including one woman arrested for a tweet."

Because such a thing would never happen in the UK would it?!


Dec's make-up artist says seeing drag on a family TV show will do wonders for LGBTQ+ representation.

LGBTQ+ children?

Children are not defined by sexuality you vile perverts!


The Football Association is investigating after Manchester United's Anthony Elanga is struck by an object thrown from the crowd in the win at Leeds United.

"Arrests at football matches across the top five English leagues are at their highest levels in years, with fan disorder "getting worse", according to the UK's football policing lead."

No, its just a case of over-zealous policing.

Once upon a time the old bill would have to deal with vicious thugs, many of whom were armed.

All they have to do today is filter out the remaining working class lads who can still afford to go to football and make sure they have the right opinions.


Bas Javid pledges to remove racist staff, but some black officers say the issue is getting worse.

In other words they want more non-white and marxist officers.


There's a "whiff of Munich in the air", Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says, as diplomatic talks continue.

WW2 was a disaster for Britain, the moral of the story is keep out of conflicts that have nothing to do with us.

Never mind defending Ukraine, start defending our own borders instead.