Leading academics see Paulo Freire as a symbol of "tolerance and dialogue" amid tensions on campuses.

Thanks for reminding me why I hate students, oh and why I hate you BBC.


The French president accuses the UK prime minister of not being serious as diplomatic row escalates.

It was only a week or so ago the MSM was going ape shit over the Belorussian bloke 'weaponising' refugees, how is Macron any different?

Time has come to charter boats and train carriages and send these people right back to France.

Give France a taste of its own medicine.

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All the UK government has to do is say "dont come, not welcome" and refuse to feed or house them.

The message would soon get through to these people.


Samantha Price wants parents and teachers to keep up with the younger generation's views.

Fair enough, I'll call them SCUM which is far more fitting.


Peaceful protests popped up across the nation, including in Brooklyn, New York (left) after Kyle Rittenhouse (inset) was acquitted of all charges related to him shooting and killing two protestors

Better to just pander to the mob and throw an innocent lad in jail eh?



The president expresses dismay after a teen who shot dead two men during racial unrest is cleared.

Of course he is.

Be surprised if the silly old bastard doesnt try to overrule the verdict first sign of any trouble.

Kyle should seriously consider emigrating.

No doubt the UK would refuse him entry even though they admit untold numbers of genuine criminal scum on a regular basis.


Kyle Rittenhouse killed two men during racial justice protests and rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

BBC are seething!


Arrested men released without charge as police say they have made "significant progress" in the case.

The usual 'nothing to do with islam' narrative persists.

I can imagine the glee amongst the left when they found out he had an extremely tenuous Christian identity.

Still doest alter the fact he was a refugee/asylum seeker/immigrant.

If anything it just highlights ALL of them have potential to turn on us.


Emad Al Swealmeen died when his homemade bomb exploded outside a Liverpool hospital, police say.

How much must that have hurt the BBC to admit he was a 'refugee'???

And yet they still desperately try to obfuscate the story with tales of 'mental health' and conversion to Christianity.


A failed asylum seeker set off a bomb outside a Liverpool hospital on Remembrance Sunday.

RE: Joanne Anderson mayor of Liverpool.

"She said it was known he had got out of the car and locked the doors before the explosion happened."

I've seen the video on the DM website, that clearly never happened.

The car exploded then the driver got out and ran away leaving the door open.

Labour politicians lying yet again it seems.

They obviously want to twist this story to be about a heroic cab driver and forget about the perpetrator and his motives.