The Warwick pastor who falsely accused a teenage boy of raping his teenage girlfriend spent one night in jail before starting her 18-month sentence of home confinement. The Daily Wire previously reported that Kelly Shannon, 48, who is also a Christian rock singer, would reportedly get no jail time after she falsely accused the boy […]

Let them head the church, let them vote.


Equalities minister Victoria Atkins says "common sense" is needed to determine what counts as harassment.

"I was hired because vagina."



Though Republicans won't lift a finger to protect the free speech rights of their own constituents on social media they're more than happy to violate their rights by outlaw.

Conservatives trying desperately to emulate the lefticles they despise so much.


The three men from Georgia, who are members of The Base, were arrested a day before three other group members were taken into custody in Maryland and Delaware.

Most ideology (socialism) deliberately targets disenfranchised incels.

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Most ideology deliberately targets disenfranchised incels.


An Italian artist looking to raise awareness of violence against women has unveiled a series of posters featuring doctored, roughed-up faces of top political figures such as Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Not feeling too bad about violence against women, after this. 😪


A French radio broadcaster has apologised to the LGBT community following the airing of a song with the title "Jesus is a F****t".

Broadcaster is a faggot. Lgbt is cancer.


President Trump scolded CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta for attempting to cut in during a news conference in the Oval Office on Thursday.

Silence, thot.


Thursday: California is projected to lose a congressional seat for the first time in history. Here’s what to know.

I live here. Quarantine this shithole.


The Duchess of Sussex joined the Vancouver-based group Justice for Girls to discuss climate change and other progressive causes, the group announced on Wednesday.

Some stupid offal said some stuff.