The Conservatives raised £5.7m in registered donations during the first week of the official campaign.

Why is the headline for conservatives?

Anyway, I don't care. They can't vote for me.


Google's just launched Google Stadia - but is it as good as the hype makes out? Check out the pros and cons of the brand new gaming service

I'm sure in a controlled test, with a dedicated rack, over gigabit ethernet its fucking great.


The Empire actor claims he's been caused "humiliation and extreme distress" by the city.

Authorities have accused him of staging a racist and homophobic attack on himself in January, something he's always denied.

Why is this here? It was proven he staged the event and lied about it. Disinformation merchants.


Women can expect to take on caring responsibilities more than a decade earlier than men, says study.

While men can be expected to continue working for that time to pay for these women either in benefits or marriage.


A Spanish judge says a passenger should not have been forced to pay a fine for extra luggage.

Yet another twat who didn't read the contract. Only reason the flight is as cheap as it is is because they charge the people who weigh the thing down with 20 pairs of shoes.


What's the truth behind claims by President Trump and other Republicans over the Ukraine affair?

[All three claims]:

[Long explanations because saying they're wrong would be an explicit lie]

Gotcha, thanks for telling me exactly what I needed to know.


An Impossible Foods spokeswoman says vegans should ask for the burger to be cooked in a microwave.

What did you learn burger king? Accommodating assholes just gets you shit on.

Fucking eat it up for your stupidity. Be clever, tell them you only serve burgers.


Up to seven in 10 women have had an uncomfortable experience at the gym, according to a recent survey of 1,800 women.

You're wearing see through leggings because they're practical right?


Three young West Africans stole from their families to fund a trek to Europe, now they have to face the consequences.

Good, now you're back home tell everyone you meet how terrible the experience was and that they shouldn't attempt it themselves.


The new vehicle has a 370-mile range, no door handles and storage under the front bonnet.

500 miles after 60 seconds at a pump, yup, my petrol is still better.