Two medical researchers, including a 'pro-choice' British pain expert who used to think there was no chance foetuses could feel pain that early, say recent studies suggest the assumption is incorrect.

It's been well known that babies can feel pain within 2-3 weeks from conception.

Also, it's not '24 weeks' (what a misleading term), it's basically 5 months. Stop trying to disguise the term period by renaming it to weeks!


Millions of homes all over the UK could be affected by the pressure, which could be the highest since 1957, meaning viewers may miss out on shows like Dancing on Ice and Doctor Who.

Daaaaamnnnn gloooballll waaaaarrrmmmmiiinnng shakes fist


Same plan as George Bush then, basically.


Arriving for talks in Berlin today, Boris Johnson said the chaos engulfing Libya was a 'disgrace' and called for a UN-backed process.

The problem with Boris Johnson's statements is the UN are the proxies.

He's angry that after overthrowing Gaddaffi they haven't yet installed some globalist proxy bastard, because the native regional tribes have banded together and are effectively dismantling the supposedly 'official' (read: western backed) Government of National Accord.

Anyone who knew the actual history of Libya could have told you this would have happened. Gaddaffi was ruthless (much like former CIA assassin Saddam Hussein - see book 'Legacy of Ashes') for the region is fractured into tribalism with a lot of violent groups vying for power. Gaddaffi was one of the few who managed to get backing from the 12 major tribes of Libya, and was effectively the 'glue' holding the place together. He ruled with an iron fist because he didn't want the place to backslide into more tribal wars, which had devastated the land.

Of course, the rehashed globalist plot to overthrow Gaddaffi (part of Harold Macmillan's 1957 'Macmillan plan' assassination plot to control the trifecta of the middle-east, see: removed Gaddaffi by force but destroyed the glue keeping the tribes together. As a result, the tribes - who hold the real power in Libya - ended up fighting for power again (see: and thus emerged the Libyan National Army led by Khalifa Haftar.

Of course, Khalifa Haftar isn't a western backed stooge, so naturally Boris is hoping to beg NATO and her prostitute allies to do some more 'no boots on the ground' military operations in the hopes of destroying the Libyan National Army, failing to understand the importance of tribes in the region or why they even first emerged or why Gaddaffi (who was a military leader first and foremost) was even necessary to begin with.

Yes Boris, beg feckless Merkel who can't even control her own borders to help Libya secure theirs!


Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase Democrat Governor Blackface Northam is putting the squeeze on Virginia gun owners before Monday’s Second Amendment protest. The map of the protest grounds was released and shows only one entrance for the thousands of Virginia protesters expected at the rally. Via Erick Hayden. The group will be fenced in. And…

She has very good reason to be concerned it's a trap:

Virginia Film Office advertises for 'crisis actors' who aren't afraid to play terrorists, fire smoke grenades, be involved with 'IED victims':

Hosted by Shaun Irving, full description includes "using blank-firing weapons and simulated munitions", "rough terrain", "outdoors" with "previous weapon experience" (read: gun owner) being a plus.


"...we are not adding wind and solar fast enough and we can never add them fast enough without risking a grid meltdown..."

You can't just take powerplants offline and then introduce renewables, because most grids are at capacity (and demand continues to grow, especially with migration!).

You have to adopt a transitional mindset and phase in replacement power. Once you are sufficiently 'overcapacity', then you can take powerplants offline that correspond with the overcapacity that you're now generating.

Nuclear generates waste, but you can't just click your fingers and make it disappear. It takes time to bring up alternative sources of power.


Police are given extra time to question the driver on suspicion of murdering the eight women and 31 men.

This is blatantly an attempt to advocate for open borders as Brexit looms.

There have been thousands of lorry deaths, none of which have held interest - until now. Now we have liberal shills from liberal universities like Anglia 'oops I altered the data on climate change' Ruskin.

Of course they'll peddle this as murder implicating the hardworking driver, when in reality it's the European human trafficking gangs. The liberal retards conclusion? WE NEED MUH OPEN BORDERS. Smart people respond: no, we need to jail the gangs that traffick human beings.


From the original free beacon article: "1,004 respondents"

Title: "Majority of Americans"

I didn't know America had only 2000 inhabitants.


The BBC may not be sustainable in its current form if it fails to regain younger audiences who are increasingly tuning out of its services, the Ofcom report has found.

Might have something to do with all the propaganda it produces. Gets boring after hearing the same old shit.


Lingerie brands Victoria's Secret and Bluebella have partnered up for a campaign celebrating female diversity. Danish transgender model May Simón Lifschitz is headlining the campaign.

From the same store chain that brought you Jeffrey Epstein and child sexual exploitation and human trafficking, comes a new line in transgender wear.

Because doing the first set of weird creepy shit wasn't enough to put people off, apparently.