CHICAGO (AP) — Striking teachers marched in picket lines outside hundreds of Chicago schools on Thursday after their union and city officials failed to reach a contract deal in the nation's...

For once, I agree with these communist teachers.

"It's for the children!"

Yes, it's good for the children that they stay home, away from rabid hard-left teachers like y'all.


What happened to Matt Drudge? Top Conservative Publisher turns on Trump! It’s no longer a secret. Trump lost Drudge. Paul Sperry reported today: It's official: DRUDGE has turned on Trump, is in the tank for impeachment — Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) October 17, 2019 For the past week The Drudge Report has posted screaming headlines pushing …

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm sad to inform you that don't know, that Matt Drudge is a poofter, an anus explorer, a butt buddy. While many are high IQ and creative, and can add to society, many also have serious personality "issues" such as taking offense easily, flying off the handle, pouting, kinda like wimmins.

So Matt the spincter surfer has apparently gotten his leather panties in a knot about Trump. And he's out to destroy Trump.

Choose another news page. List to follow.


A teenager is dead and two other people are injured after a fight escalated into gunfire in a southeast Arlington neighborhood Thursday afternoon.

Does Arlington Texas have nogs? If nogs were involved, @presstitutes would say nothing about race, as here.

Or was this a unicorn white bwah shooter? Probably not, or presstitutes would have called out white shooter etc.


Thou shalt not murder. The purpose and meaning of the Sixth Commandment of the Ten Commandments. How do the Ten Commandments affect our lives?

Heyyyyy, Bozos. It's "shall not MURDER" not "shall not kill" and it's kinda important, ya know? Like, old David did a lot of killing but he still made it into Heaven. Moses slew the Egyptian but heck, there he was too. They did not murder, they killed.

Like, czech out the Dead Sea Scroll corrected Bibles once or twice, eh? Even the NKJV gets it right.

As you were.


Ranch trucks face a lot of wear and tear. Read about ranch truck killers and how you can keep your ranch truck running.

Is this The Onion? Molly Edmonds tells us about how dirt, mud, weather, off-roading are hard on pickups?

Wow. Just wow. NEVER would have thought of that. Good to have a WOMAN on the job, telling us all about pickup trucks on the ranch.



Democrat Elijah Cummings has passed away. The BBC reported this morning that Democrat Cummings has died at the age of 68 – His office said he died due to “longstanding health challenges”. As chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Mr Cummings instigated several investigations into the Trump administration. Earlier this year, he clashed with the …

So sad. He had so much money set aside, stolen from his drug-infested citizens.

May God have mercy on his soul.


Car Coach, Lauren Fix, takes you on a first drive of the highly-anticipated 2020 Chevrolet Corvette. It is the best car GM has ever built.

Sorry, but Corvettes are a man's domain.

Back in the kitchen.

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Sorry, but Corvette's are a man's domain.

Back in the kitchen.


NBC’s claim Tulsi Gabbard is supported by a Kremlin propaganda effort is based on data from a cybersecurity firm already exposed for creating fake Russian bot accounts, prompting a sharp rebuke from Gabbard and mockery online.

More "news" from NBCIA, who also just brought you Kentucky gun range footage and claimed it was from Syria.

Pass the popcorn. #ProjectMockingbird .


An RT Arabic crew peeked inside the US compound in Syria’s Manbij, abandoned by the Americans just a few hours previously. Footage from the scene suggests the US troops were in a hurry, leaving behind hardware and personal items.

I'd sure af leave in a hurry too, if I were there and brutish Turks were bearing down on me, with knife-happy Kurd moslems in the mix too.


A Texas police officer who shot and killed a black woman through a window of her own home while she was playing video games with her nephew has been arrested and charged with murder, the Fort Worth interim police chief has said.

Sad for the kid. He was already fatherless, we know because he's black. Now he's motherless too.