The smartest people in the world will now all have the thoughts I had and put in print years ago.

Thus is the way of our world.


An 11-year-old girl was slapped, punched, kicked and even shocked with a stun gun by a group of five other girls after a basketball game around 7 p.n. on Sunday in Harlem.

Good. Sorry but this is necessary. It's the only way to ultimately correct the retards.


Good Callahan podcast today. Show is really hitting its stride imo.


Shocking new details in the Derrius Guice domestic violence case ... the NFL player's GF told cops he choked her unconscious during a March incident and when she came to, he was crying next to her.

Ghetto nigs gonna nog.

'Swhat they do you feel me?


it's like increasing the tension! kind of works.


There is never an inappropriate time to support law enforcement.  The Boston Bruins apparently need a refresher on this concept as we’ve seen their resolve weaken on a couple of notable occasions this summer.

BOSTON HERALD STANDs for sanity, defends the police.

"There is never an inappropriate time to support law enforcement."

WELL DONE, Boston Herald. I'mma buy my Mom a subscription now.


This is a great piece.


You are literally talking about being melodramatic and happy about the fact that a white woman is so brainwashed that she thinks you and she are likely in any respect to see lightning strike at that very moment.

That's what you two did.

You had a special moment, feeling special, about the level of brainwashing that has infected both of you to get you to the point of believing that it was likely that you were both going to be struck by lightning right then at the same time.

Hope that helps.


Right, so "what age is too young, Glenn?"

A 30 year old pursuing an undergrad is outright disgusting and I would never spend one second around such a person.

My hard cutoff is 24. Anything after that is all good.

And also, this is somewhat different for dudes than women, because who the fuck cares what gay dudes do? Seriously? Dude, nobody cares about you and your gay boyfriend, really.

They care about protecting women. Women and men are different. Boys and girls are different. Undergrad is different from grad student.

Innocent is different from a filthy prostitute at 21.

You get it yet?

Yes, Bill Clinton sticking a cigar in Monica's cunt was disgusting. Yes. Abhorrent behavior. For a billion reasons. Do you disagree?

Where is your moral line on such matters, Glenn? Does it exist? No? That's fucking gross.


Um, nah. We will have to agree to disagree here.

This sort of thing is creepy and rightly so. This is the sort of thing that society should shame away. Professors should NEVER, AND I FUCKING MEAN NEVER be fucking the students going to their own fucking school.

NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. Fuck ANYONE who disagrees.