Politicians are grappling with whether to tell us things we don't want to hear.

Looks like the bbc is putting some weight behind downtrodden, moaning, liar Jess 'I didn't say that' Phillips.

"Get her photo near a headline with the word 'honesty' in it" - some bbc socialist 2020.


The novels exploring what makes us who we are and how we define both ourselves and others

Tales of victimhood and wokeness.


Just don't mention the Tardis, Daleks or Cybermen involvement in your homework

The last episode did receive the worst ever reviews in the history of Doctor Who, so I guess it is still 'ground breaking'.

So that's something, I guess.


We look at sneaker culture to find out why it's so popular and the impact our favourite trainers have on the environment.

Why, they sell their most expensive, latest trainers to those privileged XR protesters!


From patronages to royal hierarchy, we address readers' questions about the Sussexes' future.

"will not receive public funds for royal duties" - why is it phrased in this exact same ambiguous way every single time it is written? Strikes me as a big bit odd.

Does that mean they WILL now receive public funds for doing NO royal duties?


A report said an officer who cited race as a reason for inaction over sex abuse could not be identified.

The police officer who decided to turn a blind eye on child abuse and rape needs to be questioned immediately.

They must be held accountable and/or must identify the superiors who applied pressure.


Leaked documents reveal how Isabel dos Santos made her fortune through exploitation and corruption.

So, corrupt Killery Clinton leaves a trail of child trafficking and 'suicides', Mutti Merkel destroys Europe's borders and causes the migrant crisis, Treason May screws up Brexit, Jacinda Ardern takes guns away and sides with terrorists, and now, dos Santos rips off a country. Oh and that Asian female is being tried for genocide.

Females with, or even near, power, eh?!


The couple also intend to repay £2.4m of taxpayer money for the refurbishment of their UK home.

The Harry formerly known as Prince continues on his marriage adventure, for now.


The company wants to distance its film studio from Rupert Murdoch's news company, US media report.

Corporate monopolies are not healthy. This will bite America on the backside.


Food prices could rise after Sajid Javid said there will be no alignment with EU rules after Brexit, businesses say.

The remoaning, butthurt bbc will quote every Brexit naysayer it can find this year.

Everyone knows this is nothing more than the bbc's heavily partisan opinion and it carries no credibility whatsoever.