Residents of Wuhan are allowed to leave the city for the first time since January's lockdown.

"20:17 British-African doctors take on #DontRush"

Why the fuck is the fucking shitty bbc giving fucking updates on wahmen applying fucking make-up in the middle of an article about the Prime Minister being in intensive care?

FUCK YOU bbc and your fucking constant push for 'muh durversity.'


Ready for a great sky show? The largest and brightest moon of the year is on the way Tuesday night, April 7, 2020. (4/7/2020)

Pink super moon tonight. Have a look and have a listen to Nick Drake's song Pink Moon.


The PM has asked Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to deputise "where necessary", No 10 says.

Massive outpouring of support on the radio.


Is the key word here not 'muslim'? This could be any and every political party. Woman are always 2nd class citizens in islam.

I don't like Corbyn but he can hardly be blamed for the entire religion of islam!


President Trump vows to "move heaven and earth" to safeguard Americans as cases spike in New York.

Surely every Covid-19 death in every country is China's concern?

Especially after the initial cover up. More-so after the (China run) WHO down played it. What about selling tests that don't work to other countries?

Bu this was mourning deaths in China.


There have been fires at masts in Birmingham, Liverpool and Melling in Merseyside.

The core issue here is that people have lost all faith in (supposedly) independent bodies responsible for protecting our health.

Whether it be food, medicine, technology or any other area, the general public has been let down in the past (e.g. lead in paint, flammable wall insulation) and continues to suffer a lack of transparency.

What are the microwave transmitter issues? What has been tested? What are the results? Show me the metrics.


Surely, the making up sex afterward holds more value?


Sir Keir Starmer has a daunting in-tray as he takes over from Jeremy Corbyn at Labour's helm.

When right wing governments nationalise entire countries under Covid-socialism, and, remove individual freedoms under Chinese-wheeze-totalitarianism... what point can there possibly be in left wing politics?

His party has gone from rejection to irrelevance.


Sir Keir defeated Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy to win the job of leader of the Labour party.

Post-iceberg Titantic appoints new Captain!

Who needs the already ignored Labour Party when the entire western world has now gone for 'Covid-socialism,' 'Chinois-totalitarianism' and corresponding tax hikes are already in the pipeline?!


The 1970s soul singer died of heart complications, his family said.

Ain't no Withers when he's gone...