If California is red right out of the gate, I will laugh my ass off.

If it stays red for the next few days, I will die laughing.

My life will be complete.


This is a great interview. Every freedom loving American should be listening to, and interested in what is being discussed here.

America is not a skin color, it's a thirst for freedom, and a beating heart to seek that goal.

Become Armed, and Educated about Firearm Safety. It's your American Duty.


The California senator accepts the vice-presidential nomination with an attack on the US president.

Trump won a national election.

Kamala could not even win her party's primary.

Who actually failed?


If you’re looking for a refresher or trying to understand it for the first time, this guide will help.

Here is my simple guide:

A old racist white guy with Alzheimer's is pretending to run for president. The DNC picked a crooked senator for his vice president. She's Indian, but they are pretending she's African.

You should vote for this terrible duo because "Orange Man Bad".

All the duped plebeians will support this fake presidential campaign.

Everyone else with an actual working brain will vote for Donald Trump, or a libertarian candidate. They will do so because they have critical thinking skills, and the ability to make decisions for themselves rather that glob onto group-think. Trump has done a superb job of proving himself a capable leader.

This year's presidential primaries have given the DNC a good opportunity to showcase how they can do things better than Trump. But instead they tripped over their two left feet and have made one retarded decision after another, making them look inept and mentally deranged.

The DNC's crowning achievement? : Fake Impeachment. What a glorious fail. Real Darwin Award material.

To quote Overdog from Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (1983): You imbeciles! You crawling mess of refuse. How could you all fail at the same time?

American Politics on the left has become a dystopian sci-fi movie.

With heavy inflection on the "Fiction" part of it. Their deranged madness is largely invented nonsense, with the hope of generating fake Trump hate. I mean, he's not perfect, but he's not that bad.

The DNC and their dumbshit supporters deserve four more years of Trump. I really hope to God he wins. Seriously, these communist twits cannot be allowed to have political power.


I still don't know a single person that has caught the virus.

Not a single person.


The Biden campaign issues a scathing response after Mr Trump spreads false information about Kamala Harris.

And pushing fake Russia Collusion nonsense and a contrived Fake Impeachment wasn't "abhorrent"?


The DNC has become the Hallmark of Political Corruption.


If Trump wins, these rioters will descend on the districts that voted for him.

Entire neighborhoods will be attacked for defending freedom.

These dipshits disgust me.


One of the best reviews I have seen for this wine.

He nails all the great characteristics of Moscato d'Asti, this is by far my favorite wine. Worth trying if you like a sweet drink.


A round-up of false and misleading claims circulating on American social media this week.

You spend the time to write a detailed article outlining what was and wasn't said.

Where is the article outlining all the misreported quotes by Trump?

Where is it BBC?

Your bias is showing. Shame on you.