I salute anyone that exercises their free rights to protest while armed.

The Constitution is not a skin color.


They warned that heeding his comments on using disinfectants or UV light could have fatal consequences.

They were not comments, they were questions.

Disingenuous trash reporting.


It is a glaring Insult to the Intelligence of All Americans to suggest that Joe Biden is capable of Administering the Office of the Presidency.

This is the Democrats in a nutshell. They think you are that stupid, and need a tap-dancing performance, and some clever words to convince you that they can do the job.

Politics are a disgusting arena. Fucking Sea of Liars.


Labour's Jonathan Ashworth is surprised by his daughters waving money as he does a BBC interview.

I love these, when family crashes into professional. It shows the deeper side of humanity where we're all a collection of our loved ones.

It takes you out of the Sanitized Studio environment, and pulls you back to reality in a warm and sweet way.

God Bless you and your family, Mr. Ashworth.


Fact-checking the week's most popular dubious stories including a billionaire's fake quote and 5G myths.

Laughably, you are obviously omitting the multitude of bullshit tweets quoting Donald Trump.

Why so silent on the fake quotes attributed to the US President?

Your silence is deafening.


The United States now has more than 20,000 deaths and more than half a million cases.

We all know China has lied about it's numbers.

It's extremely likely that China's death toll is still higher than the US.

I am surprised that you're not reporting this.


This is highly insulting to the abilities of the Doctor. As if they are not washing their hands enough, or taking the right precautions.

This is a travesty of justice.

Lets stop being crazy over this virus. Social Distancing, be safe, wash hands. Stay home if you feel ill. No need to turn into Nazi Germany over this.


Great American Adventure.

This guy had me cracking up.


They will be required to make Misandry a hate crime also, and it will cause an army of Feminazis to be prosecuted under their own dumb law.


Amid the coronavirus outbreak, people are flocking to supermarkets worldwide – but are they simply preparing, or irrationally panicking?

Of course panic buying is irrational.

You're assuming that everyone will live and guard their toilet paper.

If you really think that everyone is going to die, then just go take their toilet paper once they are dead. You don't even have to pay for it then. Just spray a little Lysol on it and you're fine.