The health secretary is accused of "cronyism" but the government says he acted "entirely properly".

Once again, yesterday's conspiracy theory is today's news. Wancock also owns a company making vaccines. Patrick Vallance, advisor to the government, has £600,000 worth of shares in vax maker GlaxoSmithKline. Chris Whitty and Neil Ferguson receive tens of millions of dollars in donations from the Gates Foundation. So does the #BBC and so does the Guardian.

We are only scraping the surface. HERE'S one key reason for lockdowns: MONEY MONEY MONEY and nothing to do with your health, that these cunts care not a shit for.


Sir David Attenborough fronts a new documentary on lockdown's effect on the natural world.

These guys are not doing a good job convincing people that humans are a danger to nature and not part of it themselves. What this individual and others making similar claims should do is volunteer to self-euthanize in front of TV cameras to set an example.


As MPs announce another inquiry into the Greensill row, David Cameron suggests he will co-operate.

Ultimate result predicable:

  1. Whitewash, with Cameron going entirely free after a fake fight
  2. Labour looking like a real opposition to excuse its backing of government lies over Covid.

Boris Johnson clashes with Sir Keir Starmer over the best way to investigate allegations.

This looks like an act to make Labour look like a credible opposition. Where were Labour when corruptions in the current government were coming to the fore? The links between Boris Johnson and Big Pharma are blatant, yet nothing from Labour on this more important issue that has destroyed our freedoms.


The Met Police say no-one was injured in the incident and are appealing for information.

Police state. An axe is a TOOL. None of the police's business what anyone does with it unless he's done something illegal. The "prevention is better than cure" mantra presumes guilt when no crime has even been committed.


Many of us are hoping vaccines against coronavirus will be our route out of lockdown. But scientists say jabs are currently not enough and other measures are still needed. Here's why.

Pure sophistry using fake parallels for unsuspecting morons. This gives a measure of the money the Deep State spends to deceive the public.


The PM insists probe into David Cameron's lobbying will get free rein, but Labour says it's a "cover-up".

Could this be a virtue-signalling smokescreen to cover up current ongoing conflicts of interest?

Still little on:

  1. Hancock's companies producing vaxes and PPE
  2. Chris Whitty's donations from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  3. Patrick Vallance's massive share holdings in GlaoSmithKline
  4. Neil Ferguson's links to Bill Gates.

All these are as serious as Cameron's lobbying. Yet we either hear nothing about them or they are played right down.


People have 'got to understand' the risks of unlocking, said Mr Johnson. Prof Jeremy Brown had warned of up to 50,000 deaths if a third wave took hold.

Well, as the death statistics for the legendary Covid are completely fake they can be contrived to suit Big Pharma's agenda. If Boris Johnson wants to look like a sage, it can be cooked that way. If he says deaths are going to rise, rise they will be made to appear. But what will happen then? BACK TO LOCKDOWN. Do not pass Go, do not catch a breath of air. It's down to YOU: Resist, Defy, Do not comply. Only then can we beat these bastards and send them to jail forever where they belong.


Hairdressers reopen in England for the first time in months, along with pubs, shops and gyms.

Mask mandates with Covid-queues outside of claimed surplus people: nothing but propaganda towards the globalists' murderous agenda, and they call it "I've got my hairdresser back!"


Ministers meet a target of inviting the top nine priority groups to receive the vaccine by 15 April.

Over 50s and high risk groups are the people most likely to die after taking Gates's poison jab. Exactly the people the globalists want out the way. All in line with Gates's depopulation agenda (and the globalists' more brutal longer term one).

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Over 50s and high risk groups are the people most likely to die after taking Gates's poison jab. Exactly the people the globalists want out the way. All in line with Gates's depopulation agenda (and the globalists' longer term more brutal depopulation one).