Internal document seen by the Guardian shows low supplies for heart, cancer and anti-epilepsy drugs

Incredible how The Guardian manage to publish this without making it clear that this has nothing to do with Brexit whilst also having a prominent link claiming that Brexit is responsible.

FYI, Diane Taylor, at this moment in time, we are still in the EU.


SNP Westminister leader Ian Blackford was unable to clarify who would stand for the party in a televised debate despite demanding the party's inclusion.

Oh, please let it be Ian Blackford!

Nothing beats his flummoxed look when he is cornered. But I'd also be happy to see the incredibly annoying Nicola Sturgeon being trounced.


A Blackpool hotel that provided respite care holidays for disabled people for more than a decade has closed its doors.

Unfortunate comment. I assume that he was not referring to ramp access.


MICHELLE OBAMA will be teaming up and headlining with Ellen DeGeneres for a special event next year - but punters have been left fuming at the outrageous ticket prices.

Eye-watering figure in paragraph 18.


NICOLA STURGEON has been dealt a huge blow as the UK nears the December 12 general election with unemployment in Scotland rising.

What a car crash of an article! The statistics are all over the place? Figures for the UK as a whole are attributed to Scotland in one sentence and vice versa in another.


This is the ADL projecting its ignorance on its ignorance.

I can’t think of anything less accurate and having scanned through their full list, which is almost as long as Facebooks gender list, I think they asked a group of students to help make them up. Either that or I have just slept through an epic paradigm shift.


Stories that start with a grain of truth can quickly spin into misleading information on social media.

Not a mention of who else funds Transparency International.

It’s not as if it will come as a great surprise to anybody who gives a damn.


The politician behind the resolution says he wanted Dresden to take a stand against the far-right.

Some cultures are more equal than others.


The Tory leader also hits back at Donald Trump's criticism of his Brexit deal, in a BBC interview.

That's it.

Johnson knows that there are constituencies which will never elect a Tory MP so they would lose nothing by not standing in them yet would gain Brexit support by electing a Brexit Party MP.

As far as I am concerned, if this does not change, he is confirmed as a remainer as I suspected during the referendum.


Passwords can be insecure, easy to lose and easier to forget, so can new tech protect us?

Just pro-biometric, RFID implant, transhumanist totalitarian propaganda.