Millions more around the world watch the service across online channels, including YouTube.

Maybe it would be more pertinent if the BBC said that 55 million people in the UK had something better to do.


"It is time for American troops to come home," says Joe Biden, the fourth president to oversee the war.

Of course, bringing the troops home was reckless and dangerous when Trump wanted to do it. So much so that it turned erstwhile pacifists into hawks.

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2021-51-We 04:51:55 pm

Of course, bringing the troops home was reckless and dangerous when Trump wanted to do it. So mush so that it turned erstwhile pacifists into hawks.


Miranda Wayland said the hit crime drama was only superficially diverse and that corporation bosses are now looking to portray minority groups in a more convincing and rounded way.

Sounds like the BBC Diversity Chief is asking for ethnic caricatures.

It doesn't seem that long ago since they wanted to put an end to that kind of thing.


A survey finds religious affiliation influences coronavirus jab uptake, a psychologist explains why.

Funny how the BBC don't go anywhere near the real reasons.

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2021-36-Th 04:36:47 pm

Funny how the BBC don't go anywhere near the real reason.


They say demanding proof of a jab or test would be "dangerous" amid reports that trials are planned.

Not a single SNP MP - probably because they know that the Scottish Government have their own Nazi agenda which they cannot oppose.

From The Herald Scotland

The full list of signatories to the pledge are as follows: Labour Diane Abbot MP Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP Tahir Ali MP Rebecca Long Bailey MP Clive Lewis MP Beth Winter MP Rachel Hopkins MP Apsana Begum MP Richard Burgon MP Ian Byrne MP Dawn Butler MP Jeremy Corbyn MP Mary Kelly Foy MP Ian Lavery MP Ian Mearns MP John McDonnell MP Grahame Morris MP Kate Osborne MP Zarah Sultana MP Claudia Webbe MP Mick Whitley MP Nadia Whittome MP Baroness Chakrabarti Baroness Bryan of Partick Lord Woodley Lord Sikka Lord Hendy

Liberal Democrats Ed Davey MP Layla Moran MP Munira Wilson MP Alistair Carmichael MP Daisy Cooper MP Wendy Chamberlain MP Sarah Olney MP Christine Jardine MP Jamie Stone MP Tim Farron MP Lord Scriven Lord Strasburger Lord Tyler Lord Clement-Jones

Conservatives Mark Harper MP Steve Baker MP Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP Harriett Baldwin MP Esther McVey MP Adam Afriyie MP Bob Blackman MP Sir Graham Brady MP Nus Ghani MP Andrew Mitchell MP Peter Bone MP Ben Bradley MP Andrew Bridgen MP Paul Bristow MP Philip Davies MP Richard Drax MP Jonathan Djanogly MP Chris Green MP Philip Hollobone MP Adam Holloway MP David Jones MP Simon Jupp MP Andrew Lewer MBE MP Julian Lewis MP Karl McCartney MP Craig Mackinlay MP Anthony Mangnall MP Stephen McPartland MP Anne Marie Morris MP Sir John Redwood MP Andrew Rosindell MP Greg Smith MP Henry Smith MP Julian Sturdy MP Sir Desmond Swayne MP Sir Robert Syms MP Craig Tracey MP Jamie Wallis MP David Warburton MP William Wragg MP Sir Charles Walker MP


The comedian and actor leads stars in an open letter urging black Britons to have the Covid-19 jab.

Trust celebrities? I suppose that people who spend their lives gawping at their idiot boxes mesmerised by the Children in Need division of the Ministry of Truth do.

We are living in post-science anyway because only conforming scientists have a voice.


Boris Johnson and more than 20 other leaders say another health crisis is a matter of "not if, but when".

The 'nobody is safe until everyone is safe' is the reductio ad absurdum of the trite trope of 'if it saves one life, it will be worth it'.

The people that believe this shit drive cars, smoke and drink, cross the road, ride horses, swim in the sea, eat crap and work on farms.

Banning living is the only way to save lives.


An independent report says the first minister's involvement in the Alex Salmond saga did not break the rules.

Thanks to the pro-independence Greens. But I know of pro-independence Scots who won't be voting in May because the neither the SNP nor any other party in Scotland represents them.


BBC will show live Women's Super League matches on network TV for the first time as part of a multi-million-pound broadcast deal with Sky Sports.

In the midst of all the licence fee controversy, can't wait for the backlash over this.


Protests are not listed as a "reasonable excuse" for leaving home in current lockdown legislation.

But not protests about medical tyranny, I'll bet.