A shocking video, taken by the victim, shows a white woman holding a pistol at a family with her hand placed on the trigger at a car park in Orion Township, Michigan.

FAKE NEWS. Everyone should watch the original unedited video. The black women were literally attacking and harassing this woman. They even started hitting her car not letting her leave while pretending to be injured. Its a bunch of low tier acting by a group of manipulative welfare children and their mother.


YouTube banned the channel of Richard Spencer and other popular figures who've promoted white supremacist beliefs, citing hate speech guidelines.

They accuse everyone of White Supremacy, but can never define the terms. Spencer is a clown, controlled opposition, not even in the same camp as Stefan and Duke. Stefan is a philosopher, he has never once claimed some kind of supremacy beyond stating certain realities which involve discussions over r/K selection theory, human accomplishments and other objective information.


Why is African IQ so low compared to Asians and whites? This question was originally answered on Quora by Harriet Washington.

"There is no such thing as biological race; it is a social invention."

Objectively wrong. Race is very real, its literally a difference in shared genetics. Just as species are real, subspecies are real, so to is race. Genetic differences are never a social construct. Ignore sociologist who try to demand biological realities be ignored. Their views are simply "social constructs".


They have -low ethnic diversity as a con, WRONG. That is a PRO. People specifically look for areas that are more homogeneous, and for good reason. Diversity not american, in fact the word itself derives from diversitas, meaning to tear apart and pull in different directions. It is the opposite of unity.


The Mayor of Minneapolis has said George Floyd would still be alive if he were white  after protests erupted in the city overnight over his killing by police. 

These people act like animals. Send them back to Africa, they cant whine about perceived "racism" over there.


Dissenter is a browser built for people, not advertisers. By using Dissenter you'll be blocking Big Tech ads and trackers, making your browsing experience faster and more secure. Comment on any URL

"Hello everyone, we have moved most of the functionality from the Dissenter web app over to GabTrends.com"

While I love Gab Trends for what it does, just turning "dissenter" into a browser instead of promoting it as a dissenting comment section for websites is a bad idea. Dissenter is easier to market, gab trends, not so much. There are a hundred different browsers out there, but only one unique way to offer dissenting comments outside of the control of the website owner themselves.


A pair of hackers harassed a Detroit dance instructor while hijacking a virtual stretching class, accusing her of spreading coronavirus and hurling racial slurs.

Joining a public zoom session does not make one a HACKER. These morons are using hyperbolic language which in turn blurs the very meaning of the word.


Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu called on Washington to redeploy its Patriot anti-aircraft systems on Turkish soil, insisting that the country needs some “support” from its NATO allies amid the crisis in Syria’s Idlib.

Fuck Turkey. They are more of a threat to European security than Russia ever was. They will find out the hard way when many European nations side with Russia against Turkey, and the ancient Christian holyland will be taken back by force. Remember the Eastern Orthodox Church was an equal to the Roman Catholic Church at one point, their "vatican" was stolen by invading muslims and exist within Turkey's borders. The ancient Cathedral, the Hagia Sophia was turned into a Mosque and the ancient christian art was painted over.

The Eastern Orthodox has never give up taking back their ancient capital and their holy place. Turkey is playing with fire right now.


The business-friendly proposal is being pushed amid a stalled effort to more broadly overhaul immigration laws.

Regardless of the accuracy of this article... NO MORE FOREIGN WORKERS! Work to get rid of the ones that are already here, not bring in more. Defend the nation, stop giving it away.

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NO MORE FOREIGN WORKERS! Work to get rid of the ones that are already here, not bring in more. Defend the nation, stop giving it away.


Moscow slammed the "worst case scenario" after Erdogan proclaimed: "We will not leave Idlib to the Syrian regime."

With any luck, the long planned Russian offensive against Turkey will begin, and the restoration of Constantinople will follow. The eastern orthodoxy has never given up reclaiming their old holy site, which Islam has tarnished.